Aires: Long time, no talk Foz.  What's the good word?  Hear the news about BJ Whitmer from this weekend's Ring of Honor show?

Fozzie: I heard about the accident. It's sad and tragic when you hear about things like that. One of the things that I think gets lost in a lot of people is how dangerous this profession is. Sure, they can do things that inspire awe, and make you jump out if your seat with elation, but one wrong move, a bob instead of a weave, and you're looking at life a little differently. I'm glad he has some movement back, and I hope he has a full recovery. 

 Aires: You hate hearing about things like this.  The one thing everyone loves about ROH is that they still let their guys be unique with their move sets and do things that can be seen as a little dangerous.  Just about every "dangerous" move in wrestling is banned from the WWE (granted any move can be dangerous but you know what I'm saying), and this is exactly why.

Wrestling is dangerous.  Period.  I just hope Mike Bennett doesn't get in trouble at all, or ROH changes anything because of this.

Fozzie: You hear people say that WWE lost its edge, but in reality, they've done so much to protect the talent.  And that is really the most important factor. This why the attitude era will never be duplicated. The fans claim they want edge, but they fail to realize the horrible outcomes of this edge. Sure, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy it, but looking back, and in Mick Foley's own words, I wouldn't want anyone to go through that again. It's tough on a wrestlers body to take the normal bumps, and with all the advancements in neurological studies, a wrestler us more protected then ever before. I'm pretty sure that Foley wishes he could take those bumps back. And do I have to even mention Voldemorts name?

Aires: Well the Attitude Era wasn't good because of the edge.  TNA is a perfect example of that.  The Attidude Era had compelling storytelling, a great roster, and unique characters.  TNA has crap storytelling but still tries to be edgy.

Mick might take back some of the bumps, but I'm sure he also understands that it's what brought the edge TO the quality storytelling.  Both of those things coming together is what created the perfect storm.

ROH is quality.  We both know this.  The spot was just dangerous, and Mike Bennett botched it.  It's a part of the business.  It looked terrible.  I'm sure Mike feels absolutely horrible about it, but the second they decide to ban the move because it has hurt people a handful of times out of the thousands is worked perfectly...that's when the terrorists win.

Fozzie: You have a point, and I agree, partly. I think that any move to the head or neck should be CAREFULLY performed. Undertaker has done the Tombstone for years without injury, yet it only took a misstep from Owen Hart to almost end Steve Austin's career doing the same move. 

And I agree with your opinion that Bennett probably feels terrible over what happened, same way Zema Ion felt over the Sorensen injury. Accidents do happen, and  no matter how many times you practice the same spot, you never know of that's the time your going to slip up. Remember, HHH tore his quad planting his foot, but they're not going to ban that. I think it's ok to start limiting the more dangerous moves and let the wrestlers do their storytelling with a better sense if safety. 

Aires: Well it's like when Cena and Punk did the piledriver spot in their classic from earlier this year.  Such a great match that had me say "holy sh*t" when I saw them set up for it and actually do it.  Limited, like you said, is the key.  Not banning.  As "cool" as it was going to look, there was several things that BJ and Mike could have done on that ring apron that could have been safer.  Work smarter, not harder.

Luckily, everything worked out and BJ is going to be fine.

Fozzie: And that's the best news of them all, isn't it? I'm glad he's going to be alright. 

Aires: For sure.  What else we got for today?

Mark Henry was interviewed by Green Bay's local paper in preparation for Monday Night Raw being there tonight.  Mark said that his fake retirement speech was one of his top promos of his career, right up there with his Undertaker eulogy from 2006, and his "addicted to women" speech with Chyna back in his Sexual Chocolate days.  If only they would have realized his potential on the mic and in the ring as a killer...oh....several years ago.  (NODQ)

Former WCW star Bill Goldberg had an interview with a radio station in Miami where he talked about making a return to the ring, and not harboring any ill will towards Ryback for being a total rip off of him. Hmm, a guy who was famous years ago, has currently lost all relevancy, AND has an ego big enough to think that he’s the only person to ever play a specific type of character?!? Dry your panties, Dixie. (NoDQ)

According to his twitter account that I stopped following months ago, Matt Hardy was stopped by TSA at the airport due to...having too much money in his carry on.  I was shocked when I heard this story since he was stopped for money and not pills, drugs, or booze.  But then again, the TSA guys obviously just caught him before he bought his stash. (Rajah)  

Dixie Carter took to twitter to show support for Kurt Angle following his announcement that he’s going to rehab. I wonder if she’s going to also apologize to the fans around the world who developed drinking problems trying to watch the shame spiral that has become Impact Wrestling. (NoDQ)