Happy Monday to you all. I know Thomas Briggs led with the Dolph Ziggler concussion story on Thursday and so am I. Why? Because Ziggler's the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and his health is a big deal. Plus, there really isn't a whole lot to talk about in terms of big news items coming from this weekend.

On Friday, a story on WWE.com appeared about Ziggler with comments from the World Heavyweight Champion. Of course if it's on WWE.com who knows what is really true. I'll put WWE.com parts of the story in italics with my thoughts immediately after.

“I didn’t even remember Monday until I watched Raw when I got home,” the champion revealed, in reference to the injury, which he sustained when he interfered in a match between Jack Swagger and Big E Langston. “I don’t even remember traveling from Raw to SmackDown. I don’t remember Tuesday. I remember AJ and Big E taking me to the airport on Wednesday morning.”

If that is true about not even remembering those days that is pretty scary. The part about AJ & Big E taking him to the airport is good for storylines, but I don't know if they are close enough friends to be doing that.

While Ziggler’s suffered concussions before in his career, he said this was by far the worst.“I didn’t know what day it was; I didn’t know what month it was.” he said. “I’ve had a couple of concussions before and just had a headache. I’ve never not remembered entire days, like someone in a movie.”


He continued, "WWE arranged for a Phoenix Suns doctor to see me. By the time I saw him, he said a CT scan was not necessary. He diagnosed me with retrograde amnesia. I’m going to see him again in a couple of days. I may need [a scan] then."

Hopefully he's been looked at and things are better than him because that's pretty scary. He can't wrestle again until he passes imPACT testing.

"When I asked, over and over, what happened, AJ told me that Swagger kicked me in the head," said Dolph. "Apparently, all I said was ‘classic Swags.’ As for Del Rio, even a zombified me is more charismatic than Del Rio. I don’t get him. Maybe because he’s closer to my Dad’s age."

Del Rio is 36 years old. Ziggler is 33 years old this year. Closer to his dad's age? This is why WWE.com "stories" are always questionable to me. Obviously he was trying to make a joke, but if somebody is only three years older than you it's not a great joke. Ziggler's a funny guy. Not in this instance, though.

Ziggler was off the house shows this past weekend. Will he be on Raw? I have my doubts about it. But if his health has improved I can see it happening.

Will he be wrestling at Extreme Rules on Sunday in a triple threat match for his World Title against Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio? I doubt it. I think they can change it to a #1 Contender's ladder match with the winner grabbing a contract that is hanging from the ceiling. It would likely be a Del Rio win setting up a future match against Ziggler when he's feeling better.

Keep an eye on this Ziggler story. Hopefully his health improves quickly because I think I can speak for all fans when I say we want to see the World Heavyweight Champion performing in the ring. He's one of the best in the world.



- Japanese wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi retired this weekend. Some details here from F4WOnline.com. If you've ever watched Japanese wrestling (known as puroresu) you know his name. He's one of the best ever. For the last twenty years he was arguably the biggest name in wrestling over there. He's had so many great matches over the years against the likes of Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, The Great Muta and so many more.

One of my favorite matches that ever took place in Ring of Honor was Kobashi's match with Samoa Joe in 2005. It's one of the most physical brawls I've ever seen. By this point, Samoa Joe was one of my favorite wrestlers in America and Kobashi was established as a Japanese legend, so when it happened it was a dream match for a lot of fans especially those of us that follow wrestling online.

There was a time in my life when I watched a lot of Japanese wrestling in the late 90s and the early 2000s. I lost my interest in it over the last decade or so, but when I think of Japanese wrestling the name Kenta Kobashi is one of the first that comes to mind.


- This isn't news, but I don't care. Last week on Raw, Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman destroyed the office of Triple H. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, here's a video of Lesnar's attack done in the style of The Office - the popular comedy show on NBC that is in its last season.

The part that said "The Rock (Live via Poster)" was my favorite. That doesn't mean I'm anti-Rock. I just thought it was clever. Well done.


- TNA President Dixie Carter spoke to Sky News Radio in the UK about meeting WWE's Stephanie McMahon earlier this year:

"It was actually a very sad meeting. We met at the church at Ric Flair's son's funeral. She and Hunter were there, and the three of us had never met before. I was there with Sting and we were just kind of put in this back room waiting for each other. It was a very interesting meeting. They're lovely people; I just wished them luck personally. They had a big weekend with WrestleMania coming up, and I did so publicly. Look, I have a different philosophy than maybe other people do. I think competition is healthy; I think to not want to have competition is absolutely ludicrous. I think it's better for the fans, it's better for the product and it makes us all work harder. And if we want to grow wrestling to be as big as it can be globally, I think that's important. So, she did respond. I think there were a lot of tweets between the fans, but she did respond in a very kind manner." (WrestlingINC)

Why is she talking about competition? She thinks TNA competes with WWE? No. That's like saying the CFL competes with the NFL because they are American football leagues. Just because you're in the same profession doesn't mean you are competition. It just means you're a wrestling company.

They are not competing for the same talents because TNA can't afford to pay talents as much and they are on a much smaller scale than WWE. You know why WCW competed? Because they had the money to do it. TNA isn't making WCW money. I don't know if they're making any money. The point remains they are not competition.

I'm sure Dixie's a nice lady, but she should refrain from saying dumb things in the future. Remember when TNA put Impact on Mondays? That didn't work out well. Think before you speak. 


- Tonight on Raw, WWE is advertising a "face-off" between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. It doesn't feel like the first time. Also being advertised is Chris Jericho in a dance off against Fandango. Yawn. I don't even know if Jericho can "save us" from this angle. Here's a WWE.com Raw preview if you're interested.

Can't they advertise actual matches for Raw? Shouldn't that matter? I know it's crazy of me to think that, but I can't help it.


- Lastly, I was a guest on the Sleazy and the Fatman (like them on Facebook) online radio show this past Friday. You can download the show right here (it's a mp3 file) or use this youtube link to listen to it.

I come on at the 33:45 mark if you're interested. The audio didn't turn out that great although we did talk for about an hour. I know it sounds like I was in some studio, but it was really just a room and I used the same headset on Skype I always use. So I'm not sure what's up, but that's what happens with internet audio sometimes. They're good dudes who know they're stuff so give it a listen, like it, subscribe and support them.

That's all for this week. I was originally going to write the Raw Deal column live tonight, but since my favorite hockey team - the Toronto Maple Leafs - have a game seven (win or go home) tonight against the Boston Bruins I need to watch that. That means I'll catch Raw after the game and will likely post the column on Tuesday by about 12pmET at the latest. See ya then. Have a great week.

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