I've never been one to give a whole lot of respect toward WWE's Hall of Fame, since I take it about as seriously as I do pretty much all other award shows. In my eyes, getting nominated for the Hall of Fame is slightly more prestigious than winning a Slammy. Some might call that a bit harsh, but the Slammy's have a category for facial hair of the year, and the Hall of Fame has Drew Carey as a member. It kind of evens out.

However, I also recognize that I'm in the minority in thinking this, because a lot of people are showing interest in possible Hall nominations:

From NoDq

King Kong Bundy is teasing that he’ll join Mick Foley as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2013. Bundy posted the following on Twitter-

If this is true it would be typical WWE. It seems like all you need to get in the Hall is a few WrestleMania appearances, be a McMahon loyalist, or appear on a game show where you hold a skinny microphone. If Brooklyn Brawler doesn't get inducted I'll be f**king shocked.

Still, there are a few other people with more storied careers that are going into the Hall. Mick Foley was finally announced as the headliner for the class of 2013:

From WWE.com:

On Saturday, April 6, 2013, three-time WWE Champion, New York Times best-selling author and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame … right here, in New York City’s Madison Square Garden!

My feelings towards my favorite professional wrestler ever getting inducted into something that I've openly mocked on numerous occasions can be summed up in the following quote;

"I still think awards are stupid, But they'd be less stupid if they went to the right people."

Congratulations on your stupid award Mick. It went to the right person. Have a nice day.


Santino suffered a neck injury at a house show on Friday night. Word is that this will have no effect on his career long term, considering the neck is not a place where you can put a sock designed to look like a snake. (Lords of Pain)

Jake Roberts recently did an interview where he talked about living with DDP, yoga, being the first guy to recognize Steve Austin's greatness, and how Vince McMahon is bigger for wrestling than Moses. Sobriety has really made Jake Roberts seem like a f**king whack job. Remember when he was peeing on people ringside? He used to be so charming! (Rajah)

​Last night a bunch of old people gave dumb accolades and useless and unimpressive titles to a bunch of prima donnas who weren't even considered for the big time. That's right, TNA Genesis happened! *Hit in the face with a pie, dragged off stage by giant hook, mauled by angry dogs, beaten to death with Ben Affleck's Golden Globe* Th-th-that's all folks! (TNA Wrestling)

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