It's the second last day of April and the first day of a new week. Let's get into the Monday Headlines.

The big story is that John Cena has apparently suffered an injury to his right Achilles tendon. If you don't know where that is, it's on the heel of your foot. It's a painful injury if it's torn. In Cena's case, though, we don't know that much info about it yet. From has learned that WWE Champion John Cena sustained an injury during WWE's European tour. The WWE Champion injured his right Achilles tendon while battling Ryback.


The injury raises questions about the scheduled match between Cena and Ryback at Extreme Rules on May 19. What lies ahead for the Cenation leader? Does this put Ryback one step closer to capturing the WWE Title?


There are no details yet about Cena's expected recovery time, however the WWE Champion confirmed on Twitter that he will be at Monday's Raw.

Then they plugged Raw and that was it. Cenation leader? Ugh. So stupid.

For more of an "inside" perspective, here's Dave Meltzer from F4WOnline/Wrestling Observer:

Regarding John Cena, the injury is legitimate but it's not clear exactly what the injury is or the severity of it.  The injury took place at a show seven days ago in Geneva, and he worked house shows on it so it's not like an Achilles tear which would have put him down for nine months.  He will be at TV tomorrow night.  It may be the injury Sting suffered last year on the European tour.  It's tricky because with C.M. Punk out, that would be the two top full-timers gone, and Punk shouldn't be wrestling on his knee the way it is.


My initial reaction to the story was that maybe it's a work. The reason why they would put up a worked story is because it would make Cena vulnerable heading into the Extreme Rules match against Ryback. If fans believe he is hurt then they may be more inclined to buy the pay-per-view to see a title change.

As it turns out he has a sore Achilles tendon, so it is legit. To what degree is he hurt? We don't know. He can work through it, but I wouldn't expect him to work on television and his house show schedule may include more tag matches to keep him from putting too much pressure on it. If you'll recall, Edge suffered a torn Achilles in 2009, missed about seven months and came back to win the 2010 Royal Rumble. It's also the injury that NBA legend Kobe Bryan suffered a couple weeks ago that will keep him on the shelf for 6-8 months.

If it was a torn Achilles tendon he wouldn't be able to wrestle. It would also leave a huge void in WWE programming since they are so dependent on Cena. For now he'll fight through the injury. Good luck to him.

What happens if the injury worsens? Simple. Put the WWE Title on JTG because he's Just That Good. His time is now.




- The Rock's new movie Pain and Gain earned approximately $20 million in theatres in its opening weekend according to It's not a huge amount, but for something that isn't a major blockbuster it's still a very good number that I'm sure he's happy about.

Rock also has Fast and the Furious 6 coming out soon, which will be a huge blockbuster because people don't care about movies with a good plot. All they want are cars that go fast. That's all that matters, dummy. Don't worry about that Rock guy. He's going to be just fine.

I like Rock, but I'd rather see Mark Henry in a movie where he destroyed various objects and yelled "that's what I do" repeatedly. Because that's what he does.


- We have some news on WWE Network, which is really just WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and WWE CFO George Barrios spouting off the same gibberish they always say about the network.

WWE held their shareholders meeting on Friday with little fanfare and no new major reveals about anything, including the WWE Network. One shareholder in attendance noted that the meeting was kept unusually short, about an hour long. Vince McMahon was also described as short and dismissive with people asking questions.


Vince still feels the success of the WWE Network is certain. Vince also laughed off a question about The Rock not wrestling again and said WWE is happy with ratings and the third hour of RAW. WWE CFO George Barrios spoke and said WWE will triple their revenue through the Network and monetizing their social media. (WrestlingInc)

Regarding three hour Raw, it's a money maker for WWE. USA Network pays them to produce Raw. Since they are already doing two hours, WWE doesn't mind doing three hours because they can make money from doing it. The show quality has definitely suffered, but I doubt WWE is too angry about it.

Of course they're going to be optimistic about the Network. They're also going to be vague about it because they're probably worried about it even though they won't say it publicly. Do I think we'll see the Network launched in 2013?

Well said, Mr. Ambrose.


- In barely clothed women news, TNA released a video of their Knockouts without a lot of clothes on. Why? Because the T doesn't really mean "total" and the A doesn't really mean "action" in the name of the company. That's why. Here's the video:

It should be noted that of the nine women that TNA has on that site, seven of them worked for WWE (ODB was in OVW if you didn't know) before they went to TNA. Only Velvet Sky (the current champion who throws the worst clotheslines in wrestling) and So Cal Val (who doesn't wrestle) are TNA "home grown" products. For photos of the Knockouts visit

In other TNA news, Brooke Hogan is still a terrible performer. At least her boobs are bigger than her dad's. So that's something.


- Lastly it seems like I'm always putting up clips to WWE Films movie trailers in Headlines every week. It's not my fault. They keep releasing movies! This one is called "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" and it stars Randy Orton. It's released on DVD & Blu-Ray on June 4.

Orton's big line: "When do I get to see your face so I know whose ass I'm going to kick?"

If you buy the movie Orton will call you to say: "When do I get to see your face so I know one of the six people that paid for this movie?"

He's thoughtful like that.


That's all for me this week. I'll be back tonight at 8pm ET for a live edition of my weekly WWE Raw Deal column. Hopefully it's a good show.

Have a great week, my friends. Or don't. It's up to you.

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