I’m not super pumped about this year’s WrestleMania. I’m pretty excited about the trip, because I’ll be spending a few days with a few of my favorite people in the world, and I’ve never been to New York before. But I’m not particularly jazzed about the card, for a number of reasons.

The first of these is that I’ve already seen Rock-Cena and Triple H-Lesnar, and I didn’t particularly care for either match. I think all four guys would have benefited from fresher pairings, and I don’t think anyone who is going to watch the show is paying to see these matches. I’ve also already seen Punk-Undertaker. The rest of the show, aside from Swagger-Del Rio (which should be fine), seems a little thrown together, so really the only match I was actually excited to see was Mark Henry vs. Ryback. So when I read the following, I was momentarily CRUSHED.

From Cageside Seats:

WWE ran a house show in Norfolk, Virginia, last night (March 23, 2013) and Mark Henry was reportedly injured during his match against Kane. Various reports coming out of the show note that the match was cut short and the dreaded "X" sign was used due to an apparent leg injury. Henry was able to finish the match but he limped to the back and the severity of his injury, if there is one, is not known. Let's hope the oft injured "World's Strongest Man" didn't hurt himself bad enough to mess up his HOSS FIGHT against Ryback at WrestleMania 29 on April 7 in New Jersey.

I don’t know what happened to Mark Henry circa Summer 2011, but it was the BEST POSSIBLE THING. Since then, my goal in life has been to personally witness the induction of every WWE Superstar into the Hall of Pain. Unfortunately, Mark is a big dude, and he gets hurt a lot. And that hurts me. I want Mark Henry to be the most angry, wig-splitting, ass-kicking monster on my television, but that can’t happen if he breaks himself. So, for entirely selfish reasons, I hope Mark Henry isn’t injured. Also, because I don’t ever want anyone (read: most people) to be injured, I hope he’s not hurt. I’m psyched for the World’s Strongest Man vs the World’s Most Airbrushed Man to tangle violently, and I will be very sad if it doesn’t happen.

(Monday Morning Edit from John: Henry worked the house show on Sunday, so it looks like he'll be okay. Wouldn't surprise me if he was on a limited schedule before WrestleMania.)

In other news

Hulk Hogan says a lot of things to get attention, and I know this. But there are things that he says that wouldn’t really matter if they were true or not, and on those things I tend to believe him—like when he says he and Randy Savage made up a short while before Macho died. And when he says he wanted to “f**k [Ultimate Warrior] as a bad guy.” I don’t know if he actually meant, like, make sexy time, because I think that’s Iron Sheik’s thing. But how awesome would post-Mania VI have been if Hogan won and we pretended like Warrior never existed? *gazes longingly into the distance, wishing for happier times* (Fighting Spirit Magzine)

TNA Champion, Bully Ray, (that’s weird, huh?) apologized for unnecessarily berating a fan, and insinuating that the fan enjoyed sexual activities with members of the same sex. It’s 2013, ok? If you have to resort of a homophobic diatribe to make people hate you, you should probably think about calling it a career, or at least take some improve classes. I’m not mad a Bully Ray for the things he said, because he was trying to be despicable. I’m irritated that, of all things, that was the worst possible insult he could come up with, and that’s what’s not ok. It’s clearly indicative of what Bully Ray’s opinions on homosexuality are, and it’s small-minded, and it’s stupid. Insulting people is cheap and easy and boring, and it’s what stupid bullies (imagine that) do when threatened. And I guess that’s all I have to say. (Instinct Magazine)

Super long-time referee, Jack Doan, has been released, but I dunno why. Maybe he used company health insurance to get LASIK. Get it? A blind referee joke? Heh? Heeeh? *dodges rotten vegetables thrown by Andrew Johnson, who also uses a cane to pull off stage* (PWInsider)

Tom Pritchard wrote about WrestleMania stuff, including why incorporating Paul Bearer’s death in the Punk-Undertaker story isn’t really offensive. Also, seriously, if you’re offended by it, lighten up a little. (The Doctor’s Note)

That’s all for me this week. Soo…ok bye.

-Jacob (@chacobian)