RVD Returns to the WWE at MITB! (SEScoops)

Fozzie:  I am not that excited to see RVD come back. I've still got his wretched TNA run stuck in my head. What makes us think that a return to WWE is going to suddenly make him relevant again.

Ayers:  Because it wasn't his fault that TNA screwed up his run there.  It was the company's fault.  They got him in a contract for a limited amount of days.  To fully push him to where he would need to be, and to make storylines matter, they would have had to pony up a lot more money.  That's why he vacated the title.

The video they played during Payback which announced his return did more than his entire run with TNA ever did.  It will be great to have someone else in and around the main event scene that can actually wrestle.  Plus there are a ton of fresh feuds that could brew there.  Punk, D-Bry, and Ziggler would all be fantastic match-ups with the Mr. Monday Night.

Fozzie:  Yeah but he looked like he had zero shits to give during the run. At least make your matches compelling and worth the time it takes to watch it. You can blame TNA all you want, but when it comes down to it, put effort into it, especially when you have limited dates.

And he didn't vacate the title, Kenny King beat him for it.

Ayers:  I think one last run in the WWE is what he has wanted all along.  Go out on top.  The difference between TNA and WWE is if Rob Van Dam half-assed his way around like he did in TNA (regardless who's fault it was), he would be gone quick.  I'm sure both sides know what is expected, and I'm sure RVD is ready to be on the world's top stage again, in front of thousands every day, and finish his career the way only he can.  The Whole F'N Show is going to make a huge impact (pun intended) to the roster, and the company as a whole.

I think the question remains.  HOW will they use him?  Will he just be a top guy?  Will he be a Jericho role and just help others?  A mid-card guy?  Aligned with Heyman or another person/team?  How do you see RVD being used?

Fozzie:  I don't see him being a top guy unless they align him with Heyman or make him a part if that story. Aligning himself with Heyman makes him a heel, and I doubt that he's going to do that.

I'm just bothered by the immediate reactions of the Internet people. A lot of them were excited for his return, but I wonder how many of these people lambasted (college word) him for his TNA run. The double standard if this situation is outstanding. How come it's cool for the old guys to go back to WWE, and be considered great, but when they're in TNA, they are old and past their prime?

Ayers:  There's a difference here.  I don't remember a lot of people being down on RVD when he went to TNA.  The only reason anyone was down on him was BECAUSE IT WAS TNA.  It's the equivalent of Tony Gonzalez deciding that instead of coming back to play for my Falcons this year, he decided he would go play with a bunch of fat drunks at the local community center.

RVD has always been a huge fan favorite, and the last thing anyone wanted to see was for him to a) go somewhere else, or b) go to a smaller promotion that no one watches.

Fozzie:  First off, there really is no difference between the Falcons and community center drunks, except one group is painful to watch and the other likes to get drunk at a community center.

Second, if you're a fan if RVD, shouldn't you be glad that he's wrestling anywhere? I know if Taker ever went to TNA to become The Mortician, I would still watch what he did because I'm a fan.

Lastly, I present to you my Sting theory. There are a LOT of misguided fools who seem to think that there is money and excitement in a Sting/Taker WM match in the year 2013. That's insanity. Sting/Taker would be good until the bell rang, and it would turn into a pile of horseshit starring the Undertaker. I use Sting as my example because despite the fact that he wears a t-shirt to the ring and the movie that inspired his gimmick is almost twenty years old, people still want to see him in WWE. That's ok, I'll pass.

Ayers:  Difference is, RVD can still move around, and isn't 82 years old like Stinger is. Plus think how much money WWE will save now that they can just cut Ryback's singlets in half and let RVD use them!

Fozzie:  I guess we will just have to wait and see which RVD shows up at MITB. If it's the unmotivated slacker, we are going to have a painful summer.

Ayers:  Unmotivated slacker during the summer?  Welcome to every person, ever.

What else we got this week?

- Third generation superstar Curtis Axel won his first singles title at Payback, defeating the Miz and Wade Barrett for the IC belt. Axel openly wept upon winning the title, and while some say that it's because his father, Mr. Perfect only reached this level if success, I think it has more to do with the fact that we will never see a sequel to the "Rap is Crap" study. (WWE.com)

- In an interview with X-Pac himself, Sean Waltman, Sean talked about his match with Shane O’Mac at WM15, and how he was completely against it until Shane worked his freaking ass off, and got a ton of respect from him.  While the interview was actually pretty decent, I just really, really miss Shane McMahon. (InsideTheRopes)

- A fan in the crowd of Payback was apparently wearing a shirt that informed us of him being a "Chris Benoit guy". No truth to the rumor that he had just come from killing his wife and child.

- Mark Henry sent out three tweets late last night that seems to hint at retirement statement coming soon, possibly at Raw tomorrow night.

Whether you loved or hated me in my career.I was all ways there for you.i appreciate u all. Good or bad I will live forever with u the fans.


I found a place.


#raw #wwe I have spoke to my family and hope to talk to all of you fans tomorrow live from Grand Rapids. Guys Father Time is undefeated.

Hopefully, the family he talked to was his and Mae Young’s hand, and Henry continues to do what he does.  Hate to lose someone who just recently found their niche. (Rajah)

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