Fozzie: So it looks like Leaping Lanny Poffo has finally lived up to his other moniker by finally agreeing to allow the WWE to induct Macho Man Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame all by his lonesome, instead of part of the whole Poffo family. I for one have been playing Pomp and Circumstance while speaking in a raspy voice and snapping into various Slim Jim's to celebrate. How about you, buddy?


 Aires: The normal elbow drops from the top of various objects around town.

But I'll play devil's advocates bit. We know that Savage wanted the whole family go in. Would you still induct him even though he basically said no?

Fozzie: Ummm, a doyyyy. That’s a no-brainer. But I would put the family in separately, so technically they all go in at the same time. Truth be told, if it wasn't for Savage, Lanny would only be in due to the "Nikolai Volkoff rule". Some may know it as the "Koko B. Ware" rule. Savage absolutely deserves a spot by himself, and I think Lanny realized that. 

Aires: Do we really need to have people in the Hall of Fame that are already in! Just seems like such a waste. Are they flung to have to build a separate wing just for multiple-time winners.

Who do you want making the big speech about Macho King? I know the obvious contemporary choice, but there are a lot of interesting people.

Fozzie: DDP would be a good choice to induct him, unless they have his brother do it. Or Steamboat. Or Flair. I'm pretty sure you were referencing Punk as his modern day contemporary, and I have no doubt he would do Savage justice, but I think it really should be someone who had a previous history with Savage. Not Hogan though. F**k that guy. 

Aires: On the other hand, who accepts on his behalf?  His brother said he wanted nothing to do with a Hall of Fame induction, so they would need someone to induct him, and then someone else to accept it.  Obviously if we are talking best rivals, or people that were monumental in his career (that are still alive), then having Flair and Steamboat up there makes a ton of sense.  Unfortunately for you, Hogan makes sense as well.

 Maybe Lex Luger?  I'm sure that'd go over reeeeeeall well.

Fozzie: The man who killed Elizabeth? No thanks. 

Aires: Yeah...or maybe bring the rumors to light and have Stephanie McMahon do it.

Fozzie: Or, you know, not. 

Aires: Well you are just NO fun today. Don't be bitter that the Giants suck. What else we got for today?

Fozzie: We got five turnovers so far is what we got. Oh, you mean wrestling news. I know I got a writing buddy who is going to meet the red-headed goddess of my dreams, Christy Hemme,  and didn't have the decency to invite me and/or pay for my airfare and potential bail. 

Aires: Yeah, I'll be backstage and front row at the Impact tapings in a few weeks. I don't want to even think about what you would do knowing i get to meet Christy Hemme. Jeff Hardy will be there too, but I'm sure he'll be drawing or making some music.

Fozzie: If you don't bring a #hirefozzie sign, I may be forced to thrash you. 

Aires: Might see what I can do.


Yesterday, by a large margin, Wrestling was once again reinstated into the Olympic games, starting in 2020.  If you remember, when it was first announced in February that wrestling would not be a part of the 2016 Games, the outcry was massive.  It's now been added back, and obviously several pro wrestlers hit social media to show their support.  It's funny that one of the base competitions that has been around for centuries was taken out, yet dancing around with a ribbon was still there.  Makes sense.  (

Speaking of Hogan, Monday Headlines’ favorite son was interviewed by the ST. Louis Post-Dispatch recently, and was asked about various things TNA, and of course about John Cena. You’re going to have to read that part for yourself, however, as I couldn’t get past the part where Hogan said that  the biggest problem in TNA was him “keeping people from going into business for themselves.” Oh sweet hypocrisy, how I do love thee.  (

Just goes to show you how big John Cena has become for the WWE as an ambassador.  WWE recently canceled an overseas tour of Spain in November because of Cena's injury.  Offering refunds to shows where he does not appear is one thing (and that happens quite often when he does not make an event where he is scheduled), but cancelling shows completely?  I'd be pissed if I was going to one of the shows in Spain.  Not because it was canceled, but because I was promised no John Cena and then they took away everyone else, too.  (