Hello ladies and germs. Welcome to Monday headlines. I know you guys are used to having this posted earlier in the day, but I worked late last night. Also, Mike isn’t here for our usual ramblings because he is in St. Louis having license plates stolen off his car or something. So, that means you guys are stuck with me today. Ha ha. Suckers. Now, on to the fake news. (All news courtesy of NODQ.com because I’m too lazy to search anywhere else.)


Not So Incredible

Former WWE/ECW “star” Justin Credible’s family was robbed recently while the former Aldo Montoya slept through the whole thing. The robbers allegedly tied up his elderly parents and his brother, and threatened to shoot them if they made any noise. Eventually the thieves made off with five dollars and his mother’s cell phone, which is exactly what he was paid by Paul Heyman for his work in ECW.


Irish Irony

WWE star Sheamus said recently that he used to be bullied in school as a kid, and that kids who are bullied should step forward and not feel ashamed of it. Sheamus then continued  by saying “except the fatties and the nerds, they need to stop thinking they’re better than me” before Brogue Kicking a one legged kid who beat him at checkers. (FYI: I made the last part up.)


Please Hogan, no

Hulk Hogan teased on twitter that he is preparing for another go “around the block”, this time against Bully Ray, who said that he wants to fight Hogan when he is done with Sting. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Hulk Hogan should never step foot inside a ring as an active competitor ever again. He had his run and it’s time to let it go. I understand that his ego needs to be fed, and that’s cool, but if you go to a TNA show and you give him that loud pop, or chant “You still got it” at him, then you are part of the problem, and should probably just stay home in the future. Hogan is washed up and well beyond the point of “still having it”. Please don’t encourage him.


DDP Hearts Bryan

Diamond Dallas age said in an interview that he caught Raw recently and was impressed with Daniel Bryan and compared him to Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit saying that Bryan’s love for what he does shows in his work, and if Bryan never made it to WWE, he would still be talking about how he tore it down with Punk in Iowa. (ROH) I agree with his assessment. Bryan’s passion for what he does is way obvious and you can tell that he does it all for the fans. There is no sarcastic joke for this. Sorry, guys.

That’s it for me this week. I will see you back here over the weekend for my Impact review. Until then enjoy all the wonderful writing form the staff here at TJRwrestling!