Fozzie: SummerSlam thoughts?

Mike: Great PPV.  Solid matches, really good use of filler matches between long matches.  That end was somewhat predictable but yet, still crazy.

Fozzie: I think Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan were tremendous. I would have preferred that Bryan walked out as champ, but that's a minor gripe. This paints Bryan as the baby face underdog hero we need right now. 

Mike: Bryan chasing after the title is a lot better than him being champion.  Just keep him in the spotlight though.  Let's also not forget the great Del Rio/Christian match.  I feel like that match could go somewhat unnoticed with the main events we had, but it was a damn good match.

Fozzie: That card delivered everything it should have. It's going to be electric for Raw tomorrow. Plus, by screwing Bryan out of the title, the WWE just made themselves millions in revenue from people who will pay to see Bryan finally overcome his nemesis. 

Mike: The question lies, where do we go from here?  Did HHH and Orton BOTH go heel?  Do they align with McMahon, or have their own agenda?  Who helps Daniel Bryan out against the Corporation?

Fozzie: I think this is Daniel Bryan's fight. He doesn't need a teammate or a partner. They have a chance to really make Bryan THE guy. I hope they don't drop the ball by having Kevin Nash text himself again. 

Mike: I guess Stephanie is still a face in the entire family though.  It's interesting, really.  Going to more interesting to see that two of the biggest faces (in the WWE's eyes), Cena and Sheamus are on the shelf.  Time for Punk and D-Bry to take over

Fozzie: I think they can carry the brand if they had too. Punk is already established, and Bryan just got screwed out of his dream. The fans love this story. They are going to pay to see what happens next to the newly minted heroes. 

Mike: And we are now in a position where Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are running the WWE.  Question is, where does this leave Brock Lesnar, and who challenges Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title?

Fozzie: Good questions. I think Punk and Brock will go at it again soon. As for the WHC, I think it would be great if Cody stepped up. 

Mike: I was wondering the same thing.  I'm just wondering if Rhodes will get pushed.  I feel like he lost a lot of mojo tonight, seeing how he lost that amazing mustache.

Fozzie: Sampson he is not. I think he's going to be just fine. 

Mike: Raw should definitely be interesting.  Obviously this sets up Bryan vs. Orton for the title at Night of Champions.  Could be another quality match, and continue to shine that light on Daniel Bryan Danielson.

Fozzie: Please don't call him that. It's terrible. But yeah, NOC is going to be incredible. 

Mike: They have a solid summer going with top storylines.  Hopefully they can build on it through NOC and on towards the next 
"big" show, Survivor Series...even though there has not been a good Survivor Series show in years.

Fozzie: I think creatively, they've found their stride. If it leads to better programming then I am all for it. 

Mike:  It did lead to us getting a Total Divas reality show.  So hooray better programming!

Fozzie: I hate you.

Mike: There's the Fozzie we know and love.

Fozzie: Wakka Wakka bitch. 

In Other News:

At SummerSlam Axxess this weekend, two people made a lot of splashes when promoting the new WWE 2K14 video game.  Ric Flair was taken off stage after telling awesome road stories and seemed intoxicated.  The Nature Boy?  Drunk?  Nooooo. (24Wrestling) The 2nd was The Ultimate Warrior, who returns to the realm of the WWE for the first time in decades.  How does he start his first public stint with the WWE?  By dropping four f-bombs in the first 30 seconds on stage.  Good to know he's as crazy as ever. (Rajah)

Did you happen to see the black eye of Del Rio when he came out for his match? Well, apparently there was a brawl involving Drew McIntyre and Alberto Del Rio before the event. Details are sketchy, but it was first believed that they were fighting each other, but now it looks like Drew came to the rescue of Del Rio who was being assaulted my two assailants. We here at Monday headlines salute Drew’s efforts in fighting someone who wasn’t his hot ex-wife. (NODQ) (This story was broken by, but I couldn’t find the exact link.)

Wondering where Primo and Epico have been?  Of course you haven't, but here's an update anyways.  The tag team is being repackaged currently and will be brought back in the near future as a matador-style team.  What does this mean exactly?  Who knows.  I don't know why they don't just bring back the Mexicools and go the full-blown stereotype route. (Rajah)

Brooke Hogan, daughter of reality TV star Linda Hogan, was fired from her job within TNA wrestling, as the company claimed that her role as Knockouts GM had run it’s course. Money also played into it, as one source was quoted as saying that Brooke’s contract was “A luxury we can’t afford right now.” So many jokes, so little time.  READER PARTICIPATION: Finish this joke and next week you can get your name mentioned in this column. Congrats to Daniel Stockwell for his “I’m a Katie Vick Guy” joke from last week’s headlines.