Ok, guys, since there wasn't much "news" over the weekend, I feel like I have to address this silliness.

First of all, that photo annoys the crap out of me. I can't accuratly express in words how much I hate the nWo or the idea of the nWo reforming in 2012. I understand that Kevin Nash likely tweeted about it in an attempt to "work the marks," and that's fine. But this has led to all the idiots speculating that CM Punk will lead the newest incarnation of a faction that debuted SIXTEEN YEARS AGO, and I hate hate hate it. I loved the nWo in 1996, but there is no universe in which it would work, now. I'm not going to waste words by explaining why. I think it's pretty clear, considering every off-shoot of the group has failed, primarily because EVERYONE EVER is nWo 4 life. In a recent blog, Good Ol' JR had this to say about it.

From JRsBBQ:

A follower of @JRsBBQ on Twitter asked if I thought @CMPunk would reform the nWo. I have no idea if this topic is any thing more than speculation based on my friend Kevin Nash having some fun with the subject on Twitter. Bottom line is that I don't know but I would be surprised if Punk headed up a faction at this time because he seems to be such a solitary man. The only way that I see that ever happening at this stage of Punk's career is if he had complete control on who comprised the group.

Paraphrased: No, it's a stupid idea, so shut up about it.

In other news...

"Some are speculating" that WWE put off treating The Great Khali's acromegaly, because they were exploiting his size--basically. These same people really want WWE to be held accountable for every health issue for everyone. The article I read mentions that Andre the f**king Giant may be "best remembered" for his role in The Princess Bride, instead of his 20-year pro wrestling career. Sounds about right. (ABCnews)

Based on the events this past weeek on Raw, Charlie Sheen may be at SummerSlam...if WWE pays him enough. I wouldn't pay that moron to wipe my butthole, and you can expect me to be very unhappy about it in my 25 Years of SummerSlam review of this year's show if he is there. (IGN)

The Boogeyman was never happy that Donald Trump wasn't afraid of him, I guess because if Booker T was, the Donald should be? He also mentioned that he wanted to eat roaches and maggots, but owners of arenas wouldn't let him, so he had to stick to worms. He can eat all the nasty sh*t he wants, now, as long as he doesn't show back up on my TV wit his big stupid Flava Flav necklace. (Lords of Pain)

Sable was backstage at Raw last week, because Brock Lesnar HATES being away from his family because he is 1) a controlling asshole who doesn't trust his wife or 2) a big baby. She's not planning a return to WWE, which is fine; I don't want to watch Vince McMahon try to sex her on my TV ever again. (PWPix)

Randy Orton returns from his 60-day suspension this week, I guess. I didn't miss him. (PWTorch)

In case you missed it, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam appeared in a video about Angle's attempts to get to the Olympics in other events, besides wrestling. It's hilarious, and it's 10,000% better than any of Angle's (or RVD's) movies. (Funny or Die)

That's all for Headlines. I'll be back tomorrow some time (or maybe early Wednesday) with 25 Years of SummerSlam: 2005. Read it. It's kinda fun. Now, get back to work.

-Jacob (@chacobian)