I don’t think it’s really a surprise to anyone that Vince McMahon is batshit crazy. The man is a genius, but he is totally insane. If you look at all of the things he’s done in the last 100 years that he’s been in WWE, you can very easily see that he loves his company and will do anything to make other people think it’s the very best ever in any category. Did you know?? WWE’s TV shows had more viewers last week than the History Channel, ETWN, TBS (aka the Tyler Perry Channel), and MTV4-EN ESPANOL COMBINED.

Anyway, the point is, Vince wants everyone to know how awesome and tough WWE (he) is, so apparently this happened.

From NYPost.com

Talk about a clash of titans.

Billionaire WWE CEO Vince McMahon challenged UFC president Dana White to a fight – either in the UFC or at WWE Wrestlemania, White admitted to Canadian news outlet RDS (via MMA Mania) this weekend. White turned down the challenge, because he felt the 67-year-old McMahon was “too old.”

“Vince wanted to fight me -- swear to God,” White said. “He called me up, said, ‘Let's do it. We can do it in the UFC, or let's do it at WrestleMania.' And I said, ‘You are crazy.'”

The Wrestling Observer backed up White’s claim, reporting that McMahon wanted a fight between himself and White as the co-headliner at Wrestlemania XXVII in 2011. It’s unclear if McMahon was hoping for an actual mixed martial arts fight, like the ones in White’s UFC, or a WWE-like scripted match.

“I've always said it and I'll say it again, I respect Vince very much,” White said. “But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody."

McMahon, still in excellent shape for his age, has taken the WWE ring in a wrestling match as recently as this month. White, 43, used to be a boxer and boxing instructor.

Both men have taken their respective companies to prominence due to their bombastic personalities and made boatloads of money in the process. White’s net worth is estimated at more than $150 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, while McMahon is worth a little more than a billion.

There has been some crossover between the UFC in the past. Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar rose to fame in WWE and is now back with the pro wrestling organization. Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn also competed in the UFC and worked for WWE.

Wrestlemania XXIX comes to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on April 7. That will be headlined by The Rock taking on John Cena. The UFC brings its own show to the Garden State on April 27. Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones meets Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 at Prudential Center in Newark.

Neither one of those cards will feature McMahon vs. White.

“If Vince hears this he's going to go nuts, okay?,” White said of his admission that McMahon challenged him. “Vince is too old. He's too old, which he won't think he is and he'll go crazy. He wanted to [fight me] one time.”

There is a video with White's comments that you can watch below.

It all makes sense now. Since White won’t fight Vince, Vince is going to make his son-in-law fight Brock Lesnar in a fake MMA fight, just to prove (read: not prove at all) that WWE is superior to MMA. I’m not really an MMA fan—I don’t really enjoy watching people actually fight for money, but I can understand why people watch. WWE and MMA should not be compared, and I don’t think they’re really reaching for the same audience anymore, so it shouldn’t really be a competition. However, people who USED to spend money on WWE stuff might have grown up and decided that real punches are cooler, so that’s where the competition comes in. WWE isn’t going to win over sports fans, because it’s not a sport. People who don’t get it won’t, and that’s that.

I don’t know what my point was…probably just that Vince is nuts and Dana White would probably break his face. I hope this never happens.

In other news

DDP’s project to help Scott Hall not die has raised over $80,000 with plenty of time to spare. That’s incredible. What DDP has done to help Hall and Jake Roberts is a miracle, and I love him for it. No one else has been able to help either of those guys, but it seems like they finally committed to getting help, and living with DDP has literally saved their lives. No jokes here, just admiration. (411Mania)

The Rock—my favorite—wants to be in The Expendables 3, but he thinks it’s The Expendables 2, and he’s probably going to be in Fast Seven, which is kinda superfluous. I started feeling like Harry Potter shouldn’t have even had 7 movies, so the car racin’/women chasin’ franchise (or whatever) should have gone away by now. (Inquisitr)

This link is an article about a few of former WWF President Jack Tunney’s greatest moments, in which he essentially doles out the harshest punishments for some of the silliest stuff. It’s great. (411Mania)

Apparently Dixie Carter fired D-Lo Brown via Twitter, because she is a professional who works for a professional company, and that’s how business is done in the world of professionals? Basically, her company has been terrorized by a motorcycle gang that doesn’t really do anything motorcycle gang-y, except wear sweet vests and have, like, members and clubhouses. I’ve never been in a motorcycle club, but I think you’re at least supposed to run crank and talk about your old ladies. Anyway, Brown is fired, but the gang’s president is the champion, and Dixie is cool with that. (Lords of Pain)

TNA Knockout, Madison Rayne, hasn’t been around for a while, because she’s gonna have a kid with her super jacked husband. And she called the kid a Raynedrop, so that’s about all you need to know about the kid’s future. (Twitter)

Finally, former WWE sortastar, Rob Conway, is the new NWA champion. I don’t think that belt matters anymore. Now he’s on the same list as guys like Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and Ron Killings. (PWInsider)

That’s all for me this week. Yeah, I’m doing Mondays again. Sorry if you’re disappointed. For anybody who is reading this and submitting something for the writer search, here are some suggestions:

1) Consider what you’ll write about after you’re chosen. Writing new stuff every week is harder than it sounds.

2) Don’t force humor into your writing. If it fits, it fits, and that’s fine. Not everything has to be funny.

3) Use complete sentences, correct grammar, and appropriate punctuation. Don’t write like you speak, unless you speak real smart and good.

4) Stand out. I’m not saying those of us who came aboard in the last round of this are the best writers ever. But there was something that we contributed that made us stand out from the rest of the almost-200 submissions. Be original, thoughtful, and mildly intelligent.

5) Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Allow your personality to show in your writing, unless you have a shitty personality. If you try to write like someone else or emulate a style that doesn’t fit you, it will show. Write about what interests you, and write it in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Good luck to everyone who is submitting this week. May the odds be ever in your favor.

-Jacob (@chacobian)