Fozzie: Hey buddy. Good to have you back. I thought Dixie Carter and company had released you too.

 Aires: Yeah I hear you. Good to be back. Gut Check time, but unlike TNA, I still have a job.

Fozzie:  I seriously do not understand how that company is still in business. Or better yet, why wrestlers still want to sign with them. They can't figure it's job security when they are the at the whim of Dixie Carter and her crazy ideas.

Aires: Well I think job security used to be a big part of that company. They gave people opportunities.  That and their schedule. But now they are canning people left and right, behind on paying the roster, and losing viewers and having horrible live event crowds. Sooo...I don't really see a good side to anything.

Fozzie: Yeah. As the weekly reviewer, I have seen some pretty shit shows. But the silver lining is that they do have a somewhat decent roster, it's just they have no idea what to do with them. I've seen good matches from this company.

 But back to the main point. All the good matches in the world doesn't mean a thing if no one is watching the product. And say what you want about mainstream appeal of guys like Rampage Jackson or King Mo or whatever celebrity they want to cart out,  in the end wrestling fans are tuning in for wrestling, not shitty story lines involving non wrestlers. That's why must of the guest hosts on Raw sucked ass. No casual fan is going to stick around if the show sucks.

 Like I have said before, TNA is very capable of having exciting television. Dixie just needs to drop her Hogan/Bischoff fetish and hire someone who can actually produce a quality show. Or me. Whatever.

Aires: The thing that bugs me the most is the fact they make a huge deal of their Gut Check competition. Give Indy guys the chance to make it to the "big leagues".  But they have no idea how to use anyone effectively and they let them go. Why would anyone even TRY to make it to TNA at this point?

Fozzie: >>>>>>> I have no idea. Most of them go down to OVW and occasionally make appearances. Some don't even show back up. Then they get released. When Gut Check first started, I liked the concept, but now it's more of a chance for an Indy guy to wrestle in front of smaller crowds then they are used to, just to get on TV. Is it worth it? I wouldn't think so.

Aires: We are inching closer and closer to Shane McMahon showing up on Impact and saying he has purchased TNA. Then having a terrible main event on Raw featuring people who shouldn't remotely be in a main event.

Fozzie: Leave it to TNA to copy everything WCW did.

Aires: Better than anything Dixie, Hogan, or Uncle Eric are coming up with.

Fozzie: #hireFozzie

Aires:  What else we got today?

In other news:

The circus that is the "Jay and Mark Briscoe" show continues.  The former/current/whatever star brothers from Ring of Honor were seen front row at the WWE live event Saturday in Maryland.  There continues to be a huge buzz surrounding the two and if they are about to make the jump to WWE.  With the debut of the Wyatt family coming tonight on Raw, I don't see why the WWE wouldn't just want to go crazy and sign as many rednecks as they can.  Where's Hillbilly Jim when you need him?  (Rajah)


So this is happening.  I don't even have a joke to say about this.  Drugs, court fees, and more drugs apparently make things expensive for Sunny.  But hey, anyone that wants to lay in bed with a 40 year old ex-diva for 75 bucks who smells of Marlboro's and bad decisions go right ahead. (Facebook)

Goldberg made a rare wrestling appearance, signing autographs for fans at a local Indy show in Texas. No news on the official count, but I hear Tony Shiavone was there announcing that it was the greatest night in the history of our sport, and that each autograph signed was another victory for Goldberg, which makes him the winningest wrestler ever. (NODQ)