Morning all! Your old buddy William Math here, bringing you the news on a Monday from here on in. Heather Hickey, yes THAT Heather Hickey, has made the decision to relieve herself of her Monday duties in order to focus on her glamorous life as the matriarch of the Hickey househould. Good work Hickey, good work. Unfortunately for you chumps that means me taking over here. Let’s play nice.

The Bellas Want To Get Creative

According to, the Bella Twins have been ‘begging’ creative to introduce a pair of Divas Tag Titles for a while now. The quote reads that this would allow them to come up with new finishers, new names, and new gear. Their creative side would be allowed to flow out like the river Styx. I’ve no idea how likely this actually is, but I would be extremely surprised if it came to fruition. Seeing as WWE have only just managed to build a viable tag division on the male side of the copper penny and the Divas themselves only seem to get one or two segments at best on an already loaded TV schedule, I’m just not sure where they would fit. Fantasy booking is fun though, and maybe it would lead to a bigger presence for the Divas on WWE TV, which in turn leads to some more talent being introduced. Either that or we get subjected to an epic six-month feud between the Funkadactyls and Eva Marie/Jo Jo.

The Battle For The Hispanic Fanbase!

In what would be the logical conclusion to their Best of 83721 series, Rey Mysterio has said in an interview with WWE magazine that he wants to face Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania in a Mask vs. Hair match, a staple of Lucha tradition. ( In the interview, Rey makes reference to Del Rio attempting to take over the Hispanic fan-base, something Rey dismisses as impossible. Not taking into account the fact that Del Rio spends most of his talking time referring to the WWE Universe as dogs and god knows what else, I’d say this is pretty far-fetched. The last thing the WWE needs is a feud about who the Hispanic fan-base loves the most, especially when we all know that throne belongs to La Parka.

More Yes!, Less Masks

On the subject of Sin Cara, it seems that idea of breaking the world record for the largest number of mask-wearing folk in one building has been nixed. This makes my TJR Wrestling prediction of Mysterio vs. Sin Cara at WrestleMania a total non-starter, so bugger. via Wrestling Observer are reporting that the new idea is to get 75,000 people chanting ‘YES!’ at the same time. Whether this would be a world record or not, who knows, but it seems a heck of a lot easier to accomplish than the mask idea. It also seems like a bit of a cop-out if you ask me. If Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Championship in the main event of WrestleMania XXX, the entire wrestling universe will be chanting ‘YES!’ as loud as they can.

Blah Blah, Dixie Carter, Blah Blah

In TNA news, Dixie Carter responded this weekend to criticism regarding the debut of The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie ‘Eddie Edwards’ Edwards. Instead of making their bow as the wrestling machines they quite blatantly are, they were introduced via an uncomfortable backstage segment unveiling TNA’s annual secret identity story. A new investor is coming, and this new investor officially signed The Wolves. As Ethan Carter III pointed out on twitter, the business ethics of this are terrible to say the least. Here’s hoping Richards and Edwards don’t get caught up in this story too long, and instead are allowed to just get on and wrestle. This is TNA though; don’t hold your breath. (WrestlingInc)

Will The Last One Out Of TNA Please Turn Off The Light?

More TNA, and it seems their woes see no sign of ending. Their house show in Mobile, Alabama this weekend drew a reported 450 paying customers, according to a fan in attendance who sent in a review to PWTorch. Not a week goes by without more news of the struggles of the second largest wrestling company in North America, and it is almost worrying to see how low these attendances will plummet. Surely Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and co must see the writing is on the wall? Who will be next to follow AJ Styles out of the door?

On the subject of the Phenomenal One, PWTorch have published his forthcoming schedule.  Last night he faced off against Cedric Alexander at a PWX show in Winston-Salem, and next Sunday will see him battle Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno. With AJ seemingly 100% done with TNA, there are a huge number of fresh matches available on the independent scene. I’ll write more in depth about some of these this coming Saturday.

Get Well Shelton

Finally, via, Shelton Benjamin announced on twitter this weekend that he is taking some time off to deal with a medical issue or two. The Gold Standard has a pinched nerve in his elbow that needs to be dealt with, so some time off is his near future. Whether or not it is a result of some of those crazy, crazy bumps in the Money in the Bank, I’m not sure, but I hope he recovers and can make a return to the ring. Money in the Bank matches just haven’t been the same since he left, I can’t make any ridiculous predictions any more. Get well soon Shelton; I’m sure your Momma will help you out.

Oh, and some bloke called Bat t-shirt is back on Raw tonight. Never heard of him. I’ll see you on the twitter box (@pingvinorkestra).