I’m getting way too old for hangovers. I’ve finished work here in Wales, all pumps now set to getting ready for the big move east, 2014 version. This past weekend was all about the leaving dos, so I didn’t pay any attention to anything at all other than way too many beers. But what happened? Surely something of note must have taken place over the weekend other than Welshmen drinking too much? Let’s have a little looksee…

Well, the first major thing that is rumored to be happening, according to Rajah.com and pretty much everyone else in the entire world, is that CM Punk will be returning to RAW this evening in Chicago. Many have written about it at length so I shan’t put more than a few cents in so lets just wait and see how it all pans out. There has been a movement Twitter from various Chicago-based fans to hijack tonight’s show, much like the recent trend to chant Randy Savage, the names of the announcers and god knows what else, only on a typically Chicago-crowd noise level. Punk returning should nullify that, as well as making him probably the most popular man in wrestling for the night.

But what would the plans for him be? Well, there are two Mania options for the Second City Saint. One is back in to the original plan, squaring off against Triple H at the big one. The other is being shunted into the Batista/Orton title match. That doesn’t really make any storyline sense, as the title winning moment must surely belong to Bryan, but the flip is would Punk really come back for a match against Triple H? I’m not sure. The third option on the table is a dream match for many, against the maddest man on the planet and all round hardball, La Parka.

What else have we got? Well, Mick Foley gave an interesting interview with Star Tribune talking about his brain, concussions and his post-life plans. The subject of donating his brain to science came up, and Foley seems to be in favor of doing such a thing. It’s a little sad to think really that Mick Foley; arguably the most lovable man in the history of the sport, the Dave Grohl of wrestling, has destroyed his brain to the point of it being scientifically interesting enough to study. Also pretty saddening was Foley’s comments on his tolerance for pain, and where that’s at these days. He always had a reputation for being entirely fearless, but he comments that the thought of climbing the stairs is enough for him these days. Mick Foley in all his guises was my favorite thing during the Attitude Era, and the state of his body now is sad. To think that a human being put themselves through so much for the entertainment of others makes my hangover look a little pathetic.

I’d also be a little terrified of the results of whatever study is done on his brain. Still, interesting interview, check it out here.

In news that will surely fill Andrew Johnson with immense levels of joy, Rajah tells me that Rob Van Dam claimed via Twitter that he should be returning to action by Summer Slam. I have nothing witty or entertaining to write about him. Unless he is returning to be Sister Abigail’d into the past where he can learn to freshen up his character now and then, I’ve no interest. Still, someone might care.

In non-WWE news, British wrestler Lionheart (note: doesn’t have a Lion’s heart) suffered a broken neck taking a Styles Clash in his match against AJ Styles at a PCW Show. It’s a pretty effective move, but when it goes wrong holy balls does the Styles Clash go wrong. It’s a literal neck breaker waiting to happen. Accidents happen in wrestling though, and Lionheart has unfortunately come out of all of this with a neck broken in two places. He has feeling in his limbs though, and has recovered enough initially to tweet thanks for those sending positive messages and also thanking AJ for their match. That’s pretty sweet. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery. (WrestlingInc)

There must be something else? TNA taped their latest One Night Only show in Japan in an event billed as being TNA vs. Wrestle-1. Spoilers are available in multiple places so I won’t go posting them here. Except maybe a link about them from WrestlingInc. Maybe. TNA tend to do better in foreign markets than in the US one, so here’s hoping their performers enjoy their work in front of sizable crowds, as opposed to the pockets of confused onlookers their house shows seem to have attracted recently.

Finally, I’m running out of La Parka pictures. Next week will see the debut in Monday News Updates of a new sidekick, one who has legitimately been called the most terrifying man in the entire world. Until then, we go to twitter (@pingvinorkestra) or we go to email (haraldmath@gmail.com). Have a lovely week.