Hi everyone, this is Heather Hickey with the Monday News Update! I came across quite a few sad announcements over the weekend, both from friends on social media and from wrestling headlines. A lot of tough times. I don’t mean to get too serious here; after all, this is a site where we debate and celebrate pro wrestling. But I mention it because wrestling is entertaining, an escape from whatever it is we don’t want to think about for a few minutes. The things we get to do here on TJRWrestling – expressing ourselves and swapping opinions – have become a rewarding part of my experience as a wrestling fan.

At the risk of sounding schmoopy, thanks for making this site part of your fan experience, and I hope we can throw a bit of goofy light on your day, no matter what else your day brings.

“That’s not cheating. That’s a Greco-Roman hair pull.”
– Bobby “The Brain” Heenan


Dwayne Johnson pays his respects to Paul Walker

Hollywood actor Paul Walker was the passenger in a single-car crash that killed the driver and himself on Saturday. Known for his role in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, many of his co-stars paid tribute to him online. Having been in 3 of the 7 Fast movies with Walker, Dwayne Johnson expressed his condolences on twitter:

Dwayne’s always a pretty eloquent guy in terms of social media; I highly recommend following him, especially if you think you’re accomplishing a lot in your day and need to be taken down a peg.

I’m seeing mixed reports on how much filming was left to be done on the Fast & Furious 7 movie. At this point - and really it’s crass for us to worry about it – there’s no word on whether or how the movie will be rewritten. It seems Dwayne Johnson’s work has been long finalized on it, as he’s moved on and finished Hercules since. WrestleMania XXX is also in his queue, but we don’t know yet in what capacity he’ll be appearing. Would you like to see The Rock wrestle again? And if so, against who?


This photo was originally used by WWF Magazine in their merchandise section. I remember sending away to buy the t-shirt, and cutting this photo out of the magazine to tape on my wall. Let's all have a moment of silence for magazines that you could cut shit out of. 

Update on The Dynamite Kid

In last week’s Monday News Update, I reported on Tom Billington “The Dynamite Kid” having had a series of mini strokes, plus one that landed him in the hospital for a few days. He is home now, and his daughter Bronwynne provides the occasional update on twitter:

Bronwynne, who was born and lives in Canada (and whose aunt is Bret Hart’s ex-wife Julie, yes everyone in Canada is related to the Harts) plans to visit her father in England soon. All the best to him in his recovery. 


Where’s The Good News?

Yes, I know, it’s all serious stuff so far! But I can’t crack a joke about someone dying or someone else having a stroke. Here, let’s watch the trailer for Ted Dibiase Jr.’s documentary that he’s making about his father, The Million Dollar Man. That should be hilarious, right?

Well, maybe not so much. And they devoted a surprising proportion of that trailer to the steak.  

It seems to be a documentary about how Ted Sr. became a famous wrestler, but in the process he cheated on his saintly wife, and then found religion. On one hand, I’m down with redemption stories. Forgiveness is hard; it can change your life. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this story, especially as documented by Ted Jr. But on the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be pretty melodramatic. I’m sure you’d only need one hand to count how many wrestlers stayed loyal to their spouses, and they seem to treat The Million Dollar Man’s indiscretion as a baffling revelation. Not to diminish how crappy it would be to have your spouse cheat on you, but it’s not like there haven’t been a hundred stories like this already told. Is the religion angle what sets this apart? Maybe it’s not unique at all, maybe it won’t be a fascinating documentary, but maybe it’s just a project that the Teds wanted to do together. (WrestlingInc)


Confession: I was a Little Warrior

Holy crap, finally something laughable. The Ultimate Warrior is always good for a juicy sound bite. Let’s try to find a gem from his recent chat with Digital Spy.

On being in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Ultimate Warrior being inducted into the Hall of Fame, or me standing there at the Hall of Fame participating in it - is not going to mean anything to my goals in my life and the kind of quality of life I'm going to have, what kind of things I'm going to do, how productive I'm going to be as I move on throughout my life.

I only get this one life, so I'm not going to sit in my own pile of poop and feel sorry that I'm not in the Hall of Fame. The Ultimate Warrior character relative to professional wrestling or WWE, he's definitely a Hall of Famer. He's a Hall of Famer whether he gets into the Hall of Fame or not.”

Okay, I can’t criticize him here. That’s a pretty healthy way of looking at it, and he was very diplomatic about it too (how tempting must it be for all non-Hall-of-Famers to express their resentment by pointing out that if Koko B. Ware is a Hall of Famer, how credible is it all anyways?). Perhaps he’s playing nice because he suspects an induction in the near future, but regardless, I like how he separated the Warrior character from himself as a regular guy trying to live out the rest of his life. I totally think he fancies the Warrior character to have had a much greater impact on wrestling and the world at large than it actually did, but that’s what makes his interviews entertaining (but in a different way than his old ones were):

Please, please say Hoke Cogan one more time. Thank you.


Trying not to think about how many other fools put this on their faces.

Mask-a-rific Match Planned for ‘Mania

Rumor has it that Rey Mysterio will face Sin Cara at WrestleMania XXX, prompting bad knee and botch jokes aplenty. Neither guy has wrestled much recently, so I’d vote for keeping it short and sweet if they do book the match. Normally, I’m not one for reading spoilers or leaks, but this one stood out from a gimmick perspective: apparently WWE hopes to break the world record for the most people wearing a mask in one place, and plans to give out masks to the fans in attendance.  (WrestlingInc)

So here’s the big question: do you think this could be a good match? I have my doubts, but the smart money is on making it story-oriented, rather than performance-oriented. Wrestling fans loooove Rey Mysterio, and they can build a compelling story around him and Sin Cara if they start soon. I won’t hold my breath, nor will I be at WrestleMania, but I will always have that moment in Walmart.


That’s the news and my views thereof. Thanks again for joining me, and do not burn Ted's steak.

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