Hey TJRWrestling.com readers.

This is not a column. Instead, this is a just quick message to say that the Disqus commenting system is in place for the posts on this website. This will hopefully lead to more comments on the columns because the Facebook system was pretty limited.

Now you can easily create accounts to comment rather than doing so with Facebook. You can still comment using Facebook, try Twitter, Google Plus or create an anonymous account if you like. It's pretty accessible.

What this also means is comments on past columns are gone. That's part of what happens when you get rid of the Facebook commenting system only to bring in something new. There are some of my columns that I'll miss seeing comments on when I look back, but it's not a big deal because realistically 95% of the readers are visiting this site for our daily content anyway.

I want to thank the FanvsFan team for their great work in the upgrades to the site. There have been a lot of little changes here and there, but this one that involves the new commenting system is a big one that will hopefully keep our visitors coming back for more.

We hope you enjoy the Disqus commenting system. Don't be shy about sharing your thoughts, but please keep it thoughtful and cordial.

If you're looking for my Raw Deal column it should be posted late Monday night around 1amET or perhaps early Tuesday morning. It depends on when I have time to do it.

Why the Heenan/Flair pic? Because this post is about talking and they're two of the best talkers ever! Wooo!

Thanks you for your continued support of TJRWrestling.com.

John Canton

Founder & Editor-in-Chief