(Author’s Note: I wrote a majority of this article before the news of CM Punk’s potential return was rumored.)

I love the Chicago WWE fans. Heck, I wrote an entire article about this great city. I know I was clearly excited when I saw that a Raw before WrestleMania would be in Chicago. I was excited until CM Punk left the WWE.

You see a lot of people were none too pleased to see “The Best in the World” leave the WWE. I know I was disappointed, seeing that Punk was one of my favorites, but I was confused why he left. He seemed to leave because he wasn’t in the spotlight. However, I think I would be excited if I was in his position: fighting Brock Lesnar, fighting Undertaker, making millions and dating AJ Lee. Heck, I would be happy just dating AJ Lee.

Since Punk made the personal decision to leave the WWE it seemed strange to hear reports that fans plan to “Hijack Raw” on March 3rd. This ranks among the dumber things I have ever heard.

I don’t know about you but I never understood the concept of paying hundred of dollars to go to a show and being angry the entire time. I attended a Lewis Black stand-up comedy concert once and listened as a man heckled Black for nearly five minutes until he was removed from the concert hall.  As Black said, “Why would be pay all that money to just insult me?” This seems very similar to the same idea to boo an over three hour Raw.

This is not to say you can’t be vocal for things you like and boo those you don’t.  But attending a show to destroy the experience for everyone is going too far. I understand I got very frustrated recently after the Royal Rumble PPV but to the WWE’s credit, they seem to be doing some things right. They seem to actually be listening to us! Let us review the main reasons to not hijack Raw:


Daniel Bryan is Getting the Appropriate Respect

It is amazing how much noise we fans had to make but Daniel Bryan is finally getting some of the accolades we deserves. It only took months of chants and classic matches to get the attention of management. However even in the worse case scenario Daniel Bryan will be wrestling Triple H at WrestleMania. This is not bad match for Bryan to get and far better then it looked a few short months ago. As opposed to chanting for “CM Punk”, why not continue to support Bryan vocally all the way to the WWE title. I can think of no better way to end the WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view then with him holding that title as the credits appear. This seems more possible now because….


Batista is a Jerk Now


I mean he seems to be one in real life occasionally so why not play one on television? Batista as a conquering hero seemed to be a complete flop. A mid-40’s returning, out of shape superstar who wasn’t among the most popular to begin with was a poor choice to put into your WrestleMania main event.  The fans let management know this very early on and to their credit they listened to the fans boo again making changes for the better.

On Smackdown, Batista played the part he is perfect for: the condescending jerk who looks down at his opponents and the fans. He perfected this role during his best run in 2010 and I am glad to see him continue it now. Can you imagine a better “bully” for Daniel Bryan to deal with then this new, improved smug Batista?

Even better is what it means for the main event. There is no way in hell the WWE is going to have a heel vs. heel match for the title at WrestleMania. This means that we will get a popular face in that role. As opposed to hijacking Raw, make sure that Daniel Bryan gets that spot.


The In-Ring Work is Amazing

Seriously, how good is the in-ring product ring now? We have brilliant matches between The Wyatts and The Shield , (you are really going to boo that on Monday?) along with Cesaro tearing down the house on multiple shows and brilliant tag work from the Usos. I know we occasionally have issues with the writing of the WWE’s shows but we cannot dispute the fact this might be one of the most talented in-ring eras we have had in a long time. I know I certainly wouldn’t waste my time booing the quality work we are seeing in the ring.  Not only that but the future is quite bright as we saw with last week’s NXT show.  I understand we might now always get what we want in terms of our favorite superstars winning but we can applaud their work rate. I sure have heard many deserved, “This is Awesome!” chants in the last few months and it sure wasn’t sarcastic.


WrestleMania XXX Might Actually Be Good After All

It is weird to see people complaining about the WrestleMania card back earlier this year. I certainly had my frustrations but was forgetting the obvious truth: they enjoy making money. The WWE has a few millions reasons to not screw up WrestleMania. And the card seems to be taking shape. Cena vs. Wyatt. Taker vs. Lesnar. Daniel Bryan is in an important match. CM Punk might be on the card. And this doesn’t even take into account: The Wyatt Family, The Shield, The Usos, Cesaro, Sheamus and Christian to name a few. The card is shaping up better then I expected and it already looks better then the previous few cards in terms of quality. It took a bit of frustration from us fans but it seems hijacking a product we love would be stupid at this point.


I think we are an instant gratification society. If we don’t get what we want immediately we get angry. I know I have certainly vented my frustrations at the product in the past but I forget that the WWE is a slow turning machine. It may not always get there at the speed we want but it will get there eventually.

And if you still want to complain about something, then focus on the WWE Network. After all, I know I would hate to miss WrestleMania because of some lagging issues. Who would want to miss a WrestleMania that is going the way the fans want after all?


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