On The Aire: WrestleMania Rematch!By Mike AiresWhat up peeps.  I’m sure you all missed me. With WrestleMania fast approaching, it becomes harder and harder to not focus on the big matches.  Mr. Obvious would like to point out that John Cena vs. The Rock is one of the biggest main events we’ve had at a WrestleMania in a very long time.  But there are plenty of other matches that make this WrestleMania very special.  One sticks out to me like a sore thumb. <!--more-->Just picture it.  The rematch of all rematches.  Two guys with a past history, who have faced what seems like everyone on the roster.  Both have played up a good guy to the fans, and have also been dasterdedly, bad ass heels.  Both combatants even have some aggressive, intimidating nicknames that give them an aura of power.  Finally, both of these men put on a great match last year at WrestleMania that some people loved, and could have cared less and not watched.I’m talking, of course……of Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.What?  Who did you think I was talking about?Granted, the rematch that everyone seems to be most interested in is the Hell in a Cell finale between Undertaker and Triple H.  That matchup should be a must-see event, but it has been broken down and analyzed by everyone (including yours truly) countless times.  The “other” rematch however, has never been more dynamic, more energized, and flat out more intriguing.  The facts I listed above do serve a purpose for the World Heavyweight Championship match between Sheamus and Bryan.Rematch?  Check.  Obviously Taker and Hunter had their battle last year, but how many people remember that the dark match for WrestleMania last year was a US Title match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan?  It was a good back and forth match where the US Champion, Sheamus, defeated and defended against Bryan.  They have a history with each other, and have gone in and out of feuds over their careers in the WWE.  Good guy/bad guy?  Definitely.  At the time, Daniel Bryan was the nerdy good guy that could make people tap out, while Sheamus was just trying to beat up anyone who stood in his way, and might try some evil ways to do so.  Nicknames?  Sheamus has been referred to a Celtic Warrior and some kind of pale Super Shark, and Bryan is abtly known as an American Dragon.  Their match last year was quality and those who had a chance to see it know they put on a quality match.  Problem is…not many people saw it since it was a dark match and didn’t air live.Now Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are counting down the days until they once again square off against each other at WrestleMania.It’s amazing the paths that both of these men have come up to at this point.  They have been so similar in their short WWE careers, but their history and styles could not be any different.Sheamus didn’t even start training for wrestling until 10 years ago in the UK.  After 5 years of training and wrestling in the United Kingdom, he was signed to a developmental deal in 2007 and was on the fast track to the WWE.  He made his WWE official debut on their ECW travashamockery show in 2009.  Let that sink in.  Sheamus has only been around for a little over two years.  But his first year he went from ECW lackey over the summer, to the WWE Champion at the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view in December when John Cena tumbled through a table, causing him to lose the championship title.His reign just felt awkward.  It seemed no one took him seriously as champ, and everyone almost knew that he was not ready to be champ.  His short reign reminded me quite a bit of Jack Swagger’s World Heavyweight Championship run.  Both guys are/were capable of being champions, but it just seemed out-of-place for them to be there.  Sheamus holding the title after only being there for a few months was just the icing on the title-cake.  It became fairly obvious that Sheamus was not “over” enough as a heel at that point and was more or less a transititional champion until Elimination Chamber in 2010.  He then was subjected to mid-card for several months, including a United States title reign and a King of the Ring reign as “King Sheamus”.  He’s now ruling as a face and getting huge reactions from every city and arena he is in.Daniel Bryan’s history?  He has traveled the world and worked/trained on damn near every single continent.  He started wrestling in 1999. He was trained by Shawn Michaels at his short-lived academy, and then was also trained by the well-known top wrestlers like William Regal and Masato Tanaka.  Bryan has held titles in over fifteen different wrestling companies and organizations.  He has been given match of the year titles, wrestler of the year titles, as well as wrestler of the decade (2000-2009) title from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  Before he came to the WWE, he was probably one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the world, even including those in the WWE.  I had never seen a single match of his, yet I had heard of a wrestler named Bryan Danielson.He debuted on WWE NXT in early 2009 (coincidentally around the same time Sheamus made his debut on ECW) and had Miz as his “superstar mentor”.  They played up the fact that Daniel Bryan was obviously more talented in the ring than Miz was.  After the season, he debuted on Raw with the rest of the NXT Season 1 guys, Nexus, and destroyed everything.  But Bryan was fired shortly after when he was very rough with Cena and Justin Roberts.  He was hired back later in the year, and between then and the middle of 2011, he meddled around the mid-card and had a US championship run (sound familiar?).  In 2011, Daniel Bryan came out of nowhere to win the SmackDown Money in the Bank match at the samely named pay-per-view.  Since then, he gathered steam into the main event storylines, eventually winning the World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his contract at where else?  The Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV against a downed Big Show.  Since then, Bryan has gone full-blown heel and one of the biggest heels in the company.Both of these guys came up to the WWE for their main runs in early 2009, both have had most of their short careers around the mid-card, but at some point were thrusted into the limelight and had a title run that was fairly unexpected.  But their routes to their championships, and their route to this match could not be any different.  Sheamus was not really ready to be in a championship run in 2009, and was still learning his way around what he wanted to do in the ring.  He is fully engulfed in his babyface roll now, and the crowd eats up every thing he does.  The pale warrior is absolutely ready for another title run.  On the other side, Daniel Bryan was one of the best wrestlers in the world before he even had his first match in NXT.  But he slowly built up each year before his breakout in the second half of 2011 and into 2012.  Now he enters WrestleMania as a world champion.Their styles will clash and should make for a fantastic match.  Daniel Bryan is technical, methodical, and has pinpoint accuracy with his blows.  He is also extremely quick and nimble.  Once on the ground, he will rap you up like a Christmas present and make you tap out.  Sheamus on the other hand definitely plays up his “Great White” name.  He hunts his pray, being calculating, but extremely brutal.  He is so powerful that his punches and kicks actually look painful.  If he gets you in a corner, you can’t overpower him.  He’s just going to keep you held down and beat your ass.  Plus his Broque Kick can legit take someone’s face off.So as everyone looks forward to John Cena and the Rock yelling at each other and calling each other names, Chris Jericho and CM Punk battling over who thinks they are the best in the world, and Triple H and Taker beating the hell out of each other in their one-match-per-year, we can all look forward to a vastly underrated match between The American Dragon and The Great White.  Both of the men couldn’t even make the main card one year ago, and this year they are considered one of the main events.  It may not even end up being the best match on the card, but it goes to show that even the top billed matches at WrestleMania can be must-see.How do you guys feel about Daniel Bryan and Sheamus?  Are you fans?  Think they might have a memorable match at WrestleMania 28?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  You can also become one of the hundred(s) to follow me on the twitter.@OSUmike03Also, remember to check out Headlines each and every Tuesday with Fozzie (@FozzieMB) and myself as we discuss news from the weekend and make fun of each other.  We make each other laugh, and by that I mean I make fun of him and he laughs to cover up the crying and shame.