OTA Presents: My Top 10 Royal Rumble MomentsBy Mike AiresWhat up, Aireheads? Welcome to 2012!  After a somewhat slow news week, the first Raw started off with a bang seeing Chris Jericho return and basically have every fan in the world do exactly what he wanted them to.  But you are going to read too many things about a guy who didn’t say a single word this week that I figured you might want to focus on something else:  The Royal Rumble.  The 25th anniversary of the Rumble is fast approaching, so what better time to discuss my favorite moments from past Rumbles?  Now, with every Top 10, I remind everyone that this is my own personal views.  Due to this fact, plus the fact that I didn’t start watching the WWE until later in my childhood, there will be more new moments than old.So what moments make it?  How many non-royal rumble matches make it?  Let’s find out.<!--more-->Honorable mention (in no particular order):Mick Foley Rumbles (1998) – The #1 entrant is Cactus Jack as he brings trashcans into the ring.  Number 2 is Chainsaw Charlie, running down wielding a chainsaw, as Terry Funk and Mick Foley begin to have a hardcore match in the middle of the rumble.  Cactus is eliminated shortly after.  The 16th entrant is Mankind…who eliminated Chainsaw Charlie and is taken out by Goldust shortly after.  Entrant #28?  Dude Love.  30 Men…3 Mick Foley alter-egos.Mr. McMahon Wins by Doing Nothing (1999) – Vince would enter the rumble as the #2 participant, squaring off against arch nemesis and number one entrant, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  They didn’t last very long in the ring as both guys took to the outside under the bottom rope and took their fight to the grounds of Arrowhead Pond.  McMahon briefly returned to the ring, only to slide out again to go join the commentary team.  He would not return to the ring until Austin was the only one left, and had help from Rock and Mankind to eliminate Austin and win the Rumble.Screw You, TNA (2011) – In the biggest Rumble in history, with 40 participants, the WWE fans got two surprise entries during their match.  At #21, “CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKAAAAAAA” boomed through the speakers and out walked Booker T.  He had not been in a WWE ring in over 3 years.  Then at #32, the truck revved up and out walked Kevin Nash in his “Diesel” get-up.  The crowd went nuts for Nash, who had not been seen since late 2003.  Neither man lasted long in the Rumble, but both have still made an iMpact in their returns to the company.#30 Finally Wins (2007) – In the 20th anniversary of the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker won his first and only Royal Rumble match (he has appeared in ten now).  He also was the thirtieth entrant into the match, making him the first person to win the Rumble from the last entry position.  Seeing how getting the #30 slot was always the most preferred position, the fact that it took 20 years for someone to win from there is surprising.Yokozuna’s Fat Traps Taker (1994) – Yokozuna and Undertaker had been feuding for a bit, and it culminated in the very first Casket Match.  Yokozuna was found to have a fear of caskets, and needed the help of several other wrestlers to finally trap Undertaker in the casket.  Once the casket was locked and was being wheeled out, smoke started pouring out of it and a video of Taker vowing revenge.  The casket proceeded to explode and someone resembling Undertaker was lifted to the rafters.Now numbers ten through four are all fairly close to each other.  I stand by where I have them, but it was a tough decision for them:10: John Morrison, the New Spider-Man? (2011) – Having 40 men in the Rumble was stupid, but it was still a surprisingly good Rumble that had one of the most amazing moves I’ve ever seen.  Morrison was thrown over the top rope but stayed on the apron.  He was smacked to go to the floor, but instead flew to the guardrail, dug his feet into the side climbed up, ran around and then jumped over to the steps leading to the ring.  His feet never touched the floor, and he reentered the ring and the match.9: The Beginning of Awesome (2000) – The 2000 event saw the first ever Tag Team Tables match, which pitted the damn Dudley Boyz against Jeff and Matt Hardy.  Both teams saw plenty of carnage, that included chairs and ladders into their repertoire before Jeff Hardy swanton bombed Bubba Ray Dudley through a table from atop a balcony in the stands.  It was the beginning of these teams (plus Edge and Christian) becoming the forefront of destructive (and amazing) tag team matches.8: The High Walls of Jericho (2001) – A ladder match for the Intercontinental Title was set up to be the finale in a feud between two of the best workers in the industry: Champion Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.  The match went back and forth for several minutes before Benoit attempted a dive through the second rope and found his face inside a steel chair.  Towards the climax, as both men were ascending the climbing apparatus, Jericho turned Benoit around and applied the Walls of Jericho to him on the top of the ladder.  It was amazing.  It helped Jericho win the match, and the IC Title.7: Rated R-Rumble (2010) – In July of 2009, Edge tore his Achilles’ tendon, which for a lot of athletes is a year-long recovery, if not a career-ending injury.  It seemed the injury was not going to end Edge’s career and that he would be back fairly quickly around WrestleMania.  At the Royal Rumble, the countdown reached zero for the 29th participant and Edge’s music hit.  I almost shit.  He speared everyone; got Sweet Chin Music’d back inside from the apron, and eventually eliminated Cena to win the Rumble.6: Brooklyn’s Bad Ass Arrives (2000) – Kurt Angle, undefeated at the time, was to face an unnamed opponent in the first match of the PPV.  There had been hints of who it might be, but when the lights went out in Madison Square Garden, and former ECW Champion Taz(z) made his way out, the crowd went nuts.  The local boy Tazz and Angle went on a suplex spree for a little over three minutes before Tazz got Angle in the Tazzmission and caused Kurt to pass out thusly ending Angle’s undefeated streak.5: Can You See Me? (2008) – The Rumble had a few favorites going in, none of which were John Cena.  Cena tore his pectoral completely off the bone in October 2007, leaving him out of action until the summer of 2008.  Or so we thought…Cena became a surprise entry into the Rumble at #30, and proceeded to win the whole damn thing by FU’ing Triple H over the top rope.  Unlike some other returns mentioned (like Edge’s), no one at all thought Cena was coming back three freaking months after tearing his pec.  It was not only cool to see him back (at that point he was still interesting), but amazing to see someone come back that quick.4: The Hurt-Back Kid (1998) – Shawn Michaels (the champion) and The Undertaker had been in a heated feud for a while that saw the debut of Kane and HBK/Taker having the first Hell in a Cell match.  At the Rumble, they had a casket match for the Championship.  The match was a back and forth contest that saw all of DX as well as Kane all make their presence felt.  It was an amazing match.  However during the match, HBK was back body dropped to the outside and landed awkwardly on the casket.  It caused him a crushed disc and two herniated discs in his lower back.  This injury cost him 4 years of his in-ring career.  Who knows what HBK could have accomplished had he not got hurt.3: I Wish I Could Go for That Long (2004) – Chris Benoit entered the Rumble as the #1 entrant.  He fought until the very end and had eliminated 5 guys when it was down to him and the Big Show.  At this point, Benoit had been in the match for over an hour.  He was able to flip Show over the top rope and win the Rumble becoming only the 2nd person to do so.  He was the first person to decide to switch brands to compete for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship on Raw.  He won it at WrestleMania.2: HBK Is #1 (1995) – This is my favorite Rumble match ever.  I’m sure it has something to do with it being one of the first wrestling tapes I ever owned.  Plus, it had HBK and the British Bulldog enter as #1 and #2, and end as the last participants in the match.  The Final 4 participants were Davey Boy Smith, HBK, Lex Luger, and Crush. Michaels eliminated Luger, while Smith eliminated Crush.  Smith threw Michaels over the top and started to celebrate, but only one of HBK’s feet touched the ground as he held on.  He got back in the ring and threw the Bulldog out, winning the Rumble and becoming the first to do it from the #1 position.1: Mankind’s Worst Day (1999) – Not only my favorite Rumble PPV moment, but one of my favorite matches ever.  Mankind was the Champion and was about to face The Rock in an “I Quit” match.  Mankind had a good start to the match, but the rest was basically Rocky taking Mankind around and beating the dog shit out of him.  DDTs on concrete, getting hit into the electrical hub of the arena, a Corporate Elbow onto a steel chair, and then several of the most wicked, loud, and unbelievable chair shots ever seen.  A passed out Foley somehow screamed “I QUIT” but we found out later it was a taped recording.Well there’s the list.  It was hard to place a lot of these.  The Rumble PPV has always been my favorite event of the year.  Great matches to go along with one of the more unique and fun matches all year: The Royal Rumble.  Plus, I played the Royal Rumble SNES game so much that it was borderline sick.What are some of your favorite moments?  Let me know in the comment section below.@OSUmike03