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Since leaving the wacky world of professional wrestling behind, CM Punk has been… thriving?  As hard as it is to imagine, CM Punk seems to have achieved happiness.  According to SEScoops, former WWE stars CM Punk and AJ Lee got married last week in Chicago.  The two had been dating since the fall of 2013, when both were still employed by the WWE, and they announced their engagement last month on a national Cubs broadcast.  

The wedding is notable for a couple of reasons.  Both Punk and Lee were top performers in their respective divisions in the WWE, they were involved in a storyline relationship before they began dating in real life, and both are hardcore fan favorites.  CM Punk was also known for being a promiscuous bachelor during his time in WWE, who seems to have sowed his wild oats.

So Punk is happy, and that’s good.  But maybe you’re disappointed that he’s no longer a part of your weekly viewing, and you miss watching him on television.  Well we’ve got some good news for you!  CM Punk will appear tonight on the newest episode of Maron, on IFC.  (Wrestling Inc)

For those unfamiliar with Maron, it’s a fictionalized comedy series based on the real life adventures of Marc Maron.  Marc Maron, of course, is a stand up comedian and a host of one of the world’s most popular podcasts - WTF w/ Marc Maron.  While Maron can neurotic, bitter, and sometimes hard to root for, he’s also one hell of an interviewer, and Maron on IFC has been consistently getting better and better.

Anyway, Marc interviewed CM Punk back in November of 2013.  You can find it HERE!  It’s a good conversation, in which Punk and Maron discover that stand up comedy and professional wrestling have plenty of similarities.  The conversation was apparently so good, that it led to tonight’s episode, which will feature CM Punk as a guest star.  So if you’ve been looking for your Punk fix since he left the WWE after the Royal Rumble, this maybe the best you’re going to get.

Let us know your thoughts on Maron.  We’re big fans of the show, and his podcast.  As for CM Punk, let's all be happy for the guy.


And now here's a little feature we like to call: Marty Jannetty TAKES ON the internet.

On Austin Aries of TNA publicly coming out...against the "6 sided ring"

This "Austin Aries" character may be a bit of an anonymous face in the mainstream, but if you ask me his opinions on the "6 sided ring" are some of the clearest thoughts coming out of that sinking ship in a long time.  Fans should NOT have the final say on what type of platform wrestlers perform their craft in.  If you ask me, Marty "Freaking" Jannetty, wrestling belongs only in a traditional four sided ring or at your child support hearings.  Antonio Cromartie knows what I'm talking about!

On WWE changing directions for SummerSlam and having Daniel Bryan wrestle Kane instead of Brock Lesnar.

Who in the hell is Brock Lesnar?  We don't get those fancy UFC pay per views at the soup kitchen.

On Batista being frustrated over fan reactions following his return to wrestling.

There was this one time when I went to a bar and punched out the owner and pooped in his urinal.  Let's just say I wouldn't expect a rosy reception if I returned 4 years later.  Know what I'm saying?  It's called a Jannetty-wisdom nugget.  You all now owe me $3.50.

On a report that WWE fired its head writer and cut part of Fandango's entrance to save money.

My boys at "Outside the Ring" tell me that the WWE was spending upwards of $250,000 a year carting around Fandango and BNB's entrance equipment around.  That's some serious cheese!  That's like 500,000 Jack in the Box tacos!  And now the WWE is against signing new talent over 30?  There goes an opportunity for a masked return.  I was going to come back as "el Marty Jannetty?"  The question mark means it may not be me.  It totally is though ;)


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  • How did Kevin Hart do as a special guest?
  • Is projectile vomit funny?
  • The Battle Royal main event was a hit!
  • Cena vs Kane in a stretcher match was a dud :(
  • Rollins vs Ziggler FINALLY gets time on Raw.
  • Ambrose vs BNB proves Ambrose's versatility.
  • The debut of Stardust was totally weird!
  • Final Raw Ratings.
  • Listener Questions:
  • 1) What's the strangest thing a parent has ever said to us about Wrestling?
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RIP Tony Gwynn