Welcome to another week of Outside the Ring news.  Two weeks ago the WWE purged some of its long tenured in-ring talent, including Drew McIntyre and the mythically awesome JTG.  This week, a major non-wrestler was released from the company.  According to PW Torch, citing PWInsider, Josh Mathews has been released from his contract.

The release is interesting for a number of reasons.  Mathews has always been solid as an interviewer and commentator.  Perhaps more importantly, he was given a prominent spot on the WWE Network.  Josh became the go-to-host for pre and post shows for Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs.  And we’d argue that he was damn good at his job.

We have always been fans of Josh Mathews.  Generally, wrestling fans like us - those who take to the internet to share our enthusiasm with others - tend to root for guys who are truly passionate about professional wrestling.  CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler aren’t just great wrestlers, they also grew up wrestling nerds, just like all of us.  Mathews was the same, and his passion for the product showed in his work.

If you were around back in 2001, for the first season of Tough Enough, you’ll remember that amidst self-centered bodybuilders attempting to get themselves over, there was little ol’ Josh Mathews, a super fan working his butt off to live his dream.  He didn’t win tough enough, those honors went to Maven and Nidia (you’re forgiven for forgetting they ever existed), but it was ultimately Mathews who achieved his true goal.  He got to spend more than a decade working for a company he loved, and that’s an amazing achievement.

Despite doing well at his job, Josh Mathews has recently been outclassed by Renee Young, and it’s impossible not to see this as a major development in her career with the WWE.  There have been rumors swirling around regarding ESPN making a play for Young.  It’s very possible that the WWE increasing her responsibilities, and possibly pay,  is their attempt at keeping her.  If that’s the case, and the reason Mathews was ultimately let go, it’s understandable.  Young is quick on her feet, knowledgeable, and good looking.  She’s absolutely the best female they’ve ever had in a similar role.  You can’t fault the WWE for making her a top priority.

So moving forward, Renee Young will host pre and post show panels for the WWE Network.  And due to her history, we know she'll excel at her job.  Are you all excited about seeing more Renee?

Finally, a fond farewell and best of luck to Josh Mathews.  He’s currently slated to do commentary on Booker T’s Wrestling Summer of Champions iPPV this summer.  (Wrestling Inc)  That should be fun.  He was also rumored to be at last night’s TNA Impact taping in New York City, to which we suggest: you’re way too good for them, Josh.  (Wrestling Inc)


And now here's a little feature we like to call: Marty Jannetty TAKES ON the internet.

On Paul Heyman telling Chris Jericho he thought that CM Punk was leaving for a while before the straightedge superstar made it official.

I think it's funny that you guys still report on this subject.  By now, don't we all pretty much have a good idea about why CM Punk left the WWE?  You guys report more about this subject than FOX News does about how bad ass the right to bear arms is.  Personally, I get it.  Punk lost his passion for the business the same way I once lost my passion for writing child support checks.

On news that Jonathan Coachman will NOT be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

Well, I wouldn't really call that a hot news item.  Sure, it means I lost a bet with a fellow hobo, but you boys at OTR could do a lot better.

On the "6 sided ring" coming back to TNA.

I'm old fashioned.  A wrestling ring has four corners dammit! It's not supposed to resemble a giant crunchwrap supreme from a fast food corporation that used to have a dwarf dog as its mascot!  Speaking of Taco Bell, can you boys spare a buck?

On Vickie Guerrero's farewell letter on WWE.com.

Nothing but love and respect.  I think it's something everyone should take a bit of time to read. Check it out HERE.


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Written by Thomas and Aaron Briggs