Welcome to another edition of Outside the Ring.  Going into yesterday, we were certain that the biggest story of the week would definitely be WWE Diva Emma's arrest (for shoplifting), subsequent firing, and almost immediate rehiring by the WWE.  It was just a wacky couple of days for her.  But nay!  The biggest story of the week, outside the ring, is the news that Vince McMahon is looking to continue major budget cuts to the WWE.

While various roster cuts made throughout the year is a completely normal thing for the WWE, the recent cuts of major names like Drew McIntyre and Brodus Clay did come as a surprise.  Many have speculated that WWE is interested in cutting costs, as the WWE Network is currently cannibalizing their PPV business, and has yet to reach the amount of subscribers required to counter PPV revenue losses.  We all knew that launching the WWE Network was going to be a costly endeavor, but it seems like Vince and Co. were far more optimistic about how quickly fans would migrate to the channel.

Despite there being a lack of runaway success for the WWE Network, the company wasn't overly worried about disappointing investors because they anticipated a hugely lucrative new television contract.  Of course, that also didn't exactly pan out.  While their new tv deal with NBC Universal is a significant increase over their previous contract, it isn't nearly as impressive as Vince McMahon promised investors earlier in the year.   

All of these disappointments are fairly minor, and compared to, say, five years ago, the WWE is certainly doing better business now.  But added together, and put against overinflated expectations, these disappointments have become a problem for the WWE.  In order to appear financially strong, Vince McMahon is now being forced to make further cuts to minimize this year's profit losses.

So here we are.  After making roster cuts a few weeks back, The Wrestling Observer is now reporting that the WWE will now make several outside the ring cuts as well.  These cuts include parts of production, and possibly personnel.  

These cuts WILL ultimately help the WWE.  Right now, they're trying to weather the WWE Network storm.  Until the Network becomes profitable, WWE will be paying dearly for their investment.  That doesn't mean launching the Network was the wrong decision, it can still be a huge moneymaker for them.  And even if the Network is ultimately a wash, it was WWE's way of staying one step ahead of a dying media - pay per view.  So these cuts are good for the short term.  Still, you can't help but feel for the wrestlers and outside the ring employees who are taking the hit for the WWE Network.  

Budget cuts suck.  They force people out of jobs, and they leave an inferior product in their wake.  Let's hope that WWE can maintain their run of pushing young stars to offset the overall negative cloud hanging over their company.  This is an important crossroads for the company.


And now here's a little feature we like to call: Marty Jannetty TAKES ON the internet.

On WWE Diva Emma's recent arrest for shoplifting an iPad case at a Walmart in Hartford, Connecticut.

You guys know how I feel about "Johnny Law," but what Emma did was straight up not cool.  Not cool damn it!  Walmart has awesome toilets to poop in when you're a man about town like myself and don't necessarily have time for life's luxuries.  Walmart is totally cool, guys.

On Daniel Bryan referring to Bo Dallas as a "Bo-ner."

Yeah I saw that!  I was lucky enough to catch the PPV at a local watering hole.  Well, I mean they had super clean windows and I could totally tell what was happening from the sidewalk outside.  I guess some folks are surprised they did the "boner" joke considering the current "PG" era.  I don't know, I thought that "boners" were implied weekly whenever Jerry Lawler spoke about John Cena.

On a recent Forbes article questioning whether John Cena as champion is financially profitable for the WWE.

Wait, you guys lost me like 3 words in.  Who in the hell is "Forbes?"  What does a financial magazine understand about professional wrestling?  If I had a microphone I'd end this "take" by farting into it.  On second thought, write that I have a microphone.  Oh, and that I farted into it.

On WWE Headquarters being evacuated after a suspicious package containing white powder was delivered.

You see… This is all just one big misunderstanding.  There was a shipping address mix up for some talcum powder I purchased.  I have… unpleasant… sweat issues.  THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!


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Written by Thomas and Aaron Briggs