This will be brief by my standards. I worked from 7am-3pm, I'm tired and ready to take a nap before watching 24, Raw and writing about Raw immediately after watching it. I wanted to cover a few things before Raw came on this evening. If you haven't seen the first two hours of 24 yet and you don't want spoilers I'll warn you that it's the last part of this post.- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, star of that awful looking Tooth Fairy movie, has publicly said he's looking to get back into WWE this summer when his movie schedule allows. In an article with the Toronto sun, he says: "The plan was for me to be the (Monday Night RAW) host (Jan. 11). But then I had to go to Mexico (to promote the movie). The idea of me going back to WWE is intriguing and exciting. I grew up in the business. Will I go back? Absolutely. The goal is to go back and do something special. I talked to Vince (McMahon) a couple of months ago and we're trying to come up with something. "After I wrap (filming of action movie) Faster, maybe in the summer I can go back."I'm a huge fan of the man and I think he's one of the greatest representatives of the business. I think, despite all the money he's made in movies, he misses performing in front of the live crowd. It will be great to see him back in WWE in the summer whether it's for a match (Cena's a possibility obviously) or just to appear a few times. Any Rock on WWE TV is a good thing. The man is an amazing showman. The link is: here.<!--more-->- I caught most of TNA Genesis. Some thoughts: It was smart of them to not have Scott Hall wrestle. He's in no condition to be performing. Waltman wasn't great, either. "The Band" is not off to a good start…I'd have rated Wolfe/Pope at about ***1/2. It was good, but I don't think it was worthy of four stars. They did click for the most part, though… Anderson's debut was very un-inspiring. Once he stops talking it's as if his star power fades…Main event was solid (call it ****1/4 similar to their TV match). I loved the angle at the end. Flair with heel Styles should be fun. It should lead to Sting coming down from the rafters to help Angle considering his history with Flair pre-TNA and with Styles in TNA.I'm disappointed that Jeremy Borash got fired on screen. He's still with TNA, but he won't be on camera. The guy has been there since day one. He does a lot for the company behind the scenes especially in terms of promoting things. Bischoff isn't a big fan of his, so they took him off TV. I disagree with the move. They should think about putting him as the ring announcer because he's good in that role although David Penzer is fine.- I'm going into tonight's Raw with an open mind. I want to like it. Last week maybe I was too bitter by giving it a 3 when it had a high point at least with that Miz/MVP promo. This week I'm going to try to be more positive. I think with Undertaker being there for a face to face confrontation with Michaels plus the strong possibility of Bret Hart being there it could be a better show than what we're used to. I never expect long matches anymore, but I hope they can tell some good stories.- For those that have asked, the guest host gig is likely to stop at WrestleMania. I won't miss it.If you're only here for the wrestling you can stop now because the next two parts are about the NFL playoffs and 24.NFL Playoffs:- Isn't it a little crazy? 32 placekicker jobs and how many of the kickers are really good all the time? A handful, maybe. I guess it makes you realize how good Vinatieri was earlier in the decade with those clutch kicks of his. There are 300 million people in America and they can't find 32 dudes to kick a ball through uprights? Funny.The Cowboys needed to give the ball to Felix Jones way more. In the 3rd, they were down 14. They run the ball twice with Jones. He gets 35 yards on two plays and they make it to the 35. Then what happens? They take Jones out. Barber loses 1 yard on the next play. Then Romo gets sacked for 7 on the one after that. Third down is incomplete, no field goal. Why take out Jones? He's young, he's got fresh legs and he was your best player in that game. He should have had 20-25 touches. Running Barber didn't work. I don't understand coaches sometimes.The same can be said about the Chargers. Sproles moves the chains. Tomlinson doesn't. Why give Tomlinson the ball way more?By the way, two straight years with a rookie QB in the AFC Championship game. Flacco last year and now Sanchez.I'm really fucking excited about Saints/Vikings next week. Been waiting on that all year.24:- I enjoyed the 2 hour season premier of 24 last night. Typical 24 season opener with Jack wanting to get out. He finally found the happiness he was looking for and then he gets back into it. I love the power walk as he goes back into CTU with the music playing. Seeing the heel from The Green Mile as the heel on this show was great. I keep waiting for Michael Clarke Duncan to pick him up by the collar. And the game show host from Slumdog Millionaire too. Good to see him. I want him to welcome us to Millionaire, though. I like the blonde chick at CTU. She scolded a dude about staring at her rack, then she has some seedy past and she appears to be whorish on top of it. Sounds like a potential future ex Mrs. Canton. Good debut. Love this show.That's that. I'll be back late tonight, by about 1am ET with The Raw Deal and then on Tuesday in the early afternoon with Commentfest, which will have a banner for the first time ever. Go for it!Thanks for reading.John Canton