This will be a random thoughts type of thing. I'll comment on whether or not I know anybody that works in WWE, some news items and then at the end I've got a couple of questions I'll reply to.- I haven't seen ECW yet (it airs Fridays in Canada although sometimes I watch it on youtube before), but I'm pleased with what I read. I think it's fantastic that they've finally pulled the trigger on giving Shelton Benjamin a title shot at Christian. The best part is that it’s a ladder match at the TLC PPV. I like that a lot. I think when you have a face vs. face match it's easier to have a gimmick match like a ladder one than it is to have a straight up match. The fans can pop for the spots rather than a particular guy. For what it's worth, I'll pick Shelton Benjamin to win that one. I'll save other picks for other matches at a later date.<!--more-->- It looks like they're pulling the trigger on Ezekiel Jackson turning face. That's good. I can see him getting moved to Smackdown if he fairs well due to SD being short on the babyface side a little bit. A big guy like him s going to get the opportunity to prove himself to Vince. And no, I don't care if he can make his boobs dance. I really don't.- The matches for the TLC PPV look like this: Cena vs. Sheamus in a Tables match for the WWE title, Batista vs. Undertaker in a Chairs match for the World Title (no idea what a Chairs match entails although I assume chairs are the only weapons they can use), DX vs. Jerishow in a TLC match for the tag titles and Christian vs. Benjamin for the ECW title in a ladder match. I assume that none of the other matches will be using a TLC type theme to them, which is fine by me. Four is enough. I'm not crazy about table matches, but I guess that's a way to make Sheamus more of a threat than he would be in a regular singles match due to the fact that Cena rarely loses.- People always ask me if I know, talk to, email or chat with anybody in WWE. The answer is yes. I'm not giving out any names. There are three current on air performers that I email with on a semi regular basis. One of them gave me high praise for my roster evaluation columns, which is how I got in touch with them. I'm not saying who it was, but it was somebody that wasn't in the top five overall. One of them has been writing me on and off for like four years when they were still training to be a wrestler. The third one is somebody that I chat with on AOLIM. And yes, they are all legit. I've checked.There are also two people that I'm in contact with that work for WWE, but you wouldn't know them by name. I've met one of them in person as recently as a few weeks ago, which was pretty awesome. I'm not giving out names, though. They ask for privacy and I respect them enough to give them that. It's pretty cool to know that your stuff is being read by people that are affiliated with WWE. I'm not going to change my writing style, though, that's for sure. I might suck up to these people more! I'm sure that will lead to some people guessing. Have fun.- The new ring announcer on ECW, Lauren Mayhew, is already gone. They had a short term deal for her and chose not to extend it. They didn't like her enough and I don't think she liked it enough. As I said to my friends on facebook, if they fired women who weren't skilled as wrestlers they'd only have about six or seven women on the roster right now rather than the 20 or so that they have. I guess there's a spot open again for chicks that look good in a tight dress. Good luck to them all.- I like the WWE Divas turkey shoot at: - Of course Mickie's photos are my favorite, but the more I see of Eve the more I like. She's absolutely gorgeous.Now for some mailbag questions. The questions will be in italics. My answers will be in regular font:You wrote a few weeks ago that Hogan was infamous for not selling a three count by kicking out at the third slap. It got me thinking. Over the years we've seen a lot of those and in many ways it's a very subtle and effective piece of ring psychology. It does create a little tension for a potential rematch. After all how decisive is this victory? What is the reason and origin of this craft in the first place? Who in your experience is the absolute master of this questionable art? What's the best one in recent memory? My personal favorite is the kick out Sgt Slaughter did on believe it or not Hogan at WM VII.Keep up the good work and regards to Ms. James-Canton.SiccoI get a lot of different types of questions. This one is pretty bizarre. I don't remember too many instances of guys kicking out after the three aside from Hogan doing it to Ultimate Warrior and also against Sting at Starrcade 1997 although that whole thing was screwed up from the start with the supposed fast count that wasn't even fast. Good job remembering the Slaughter thing. I wonder if that was why he never got nearly the same push ever again after that. I doubt Hogan the egomaniac was pleased.I think that if you're told to lay down for the three you should lay down. I don't like the kick out right after three especially if it comes after a finisher. That hurts the guy doing the pin. I guess I'm old school like that.You may get this question a lot, but what do you think will happen with the Undertaker's Mania streak? I'm kind of torn on the issue because I think it would be a great way to honor him if they allow him to stay undefeated, but I could see them wanting him to create a new "monster" to take his place by losing the streak to that person, whoever that might be.I guess my question is, what do you think will happen long term with the streak? And if someone ends it, who and how many years from now? I don't think it should be Preparation H, the Heart Attack kid or SuperCena that ends it, though those are probably the obvious choices. I think it would really make a young guy's career and turn him into the next big thing if he was the one who ended the streak.I don't know if WWE has a young monster-type star in the wings as of yet, but if they were able to get Matt Morgan from TNA I think he could turn into one of those unstoppable forces if they let it happen and if they were able to get him. To me, a top guy doesn't need to end the streak because they are already established. I was just curious as to what you thought.Matt T.I don't think the streak should ever end. I know that probably sounds lame because in the wrestling business you're supposed to have veterans lose to make the next guy. It's a streak, though. Let it live. It's weird that something like a win streak in a business that has pre-determined outcomes is so important, but to me it is.Now, if somebody were to beat him I would definitely make it a rising star type rather than an established person. I don't want to list names of current people because all signs are pointing to Undertaker/Cena this year. The best scenario would be the younger guy beats him clean, Undertaker shakes his hand, raises his arm and they really establish somebody as a legitimate top guy by doing that. Will it happen? I doubt it.I have no idea what WWE thinks about it. If it's me, though, I say don't end the streak ever. Fans like it. It's not like a champion having to put over somebody else. It's just a streak. Let it live.-----That's all for the random thoughts for today. It was going to be longer, but work kicked my ass and I'm tired. I'll try to add new content to the blog every day. I have ideas. I welcome yours. Hit the comment button or email me at with any ideas you may have.To my American readers out there, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Normally I skip work or school to watch the NFL games, but this year I won't be able to. Oh well. Not a big deal.