Feeling a bit random today...- I'm continuing to work on my 29 Favorite Moments in Wrestling History column. I have had writer's block all day, though, so hopefully I can churn it out tonight. Yes, I said churn. Like butter. The column will get posted on Thursday probably in the afternoon. It's not going to be that long. I'll write about a paragraph about each thing with some of them being longer than others.<!--more-->- I've received some emails and questions about Booker T. possibly returning to WWE. Here's what I know: His TNA contract is done. He's not re-signing with them. Word is he's coming back to WWE, but nothing is official yet. I would assume that if it happens then an event like the Royal Rumble would be a good place. Could be later than that. I have no new information on it. If I learn something more about it I will let you know.- The top three stars from Raw as voted by you, the readers:Maryse for one of the best pins ever 25%Carlito for speaking up to Cena 19%Santino for saying "John Chayna" 18%Good choices, I think. Pleased with the number of votes too. I'll be doing that every week in both the Raw Deal and Talking Smack columns.- Regarding the John Chayna thing, I got this email about it from a reader of mine:I found it pretty interesting this was mentioned so heavily; however, Santino-ism's are usually given praise (ie. Roddy the Piper). I just thought i'd throw in that funny as it was, "cena" is a word in Italian meaning "dinner" and is indeed pronounced "chena". I found it even funnier because before he debuted on WWE television and I had only see and not heard Cena's name, I pronounced it the same way.Mike C.I thought that was pretty interesting. Makes sense too especially from an Italian perspective. Had no idea that Cena meant dinner.That's all I got. More tomorrow in the new column. I hope you like it.