I'm going to try to make this a regular thing on Mondays. I'll throw in some random wrestling comments and go from there.- People always ask me to write about TNA. Honestly, though, I don't follow it as much as I used to. It's hot and cold for me. I like the PPV matches they have, but they rarely deliver the same quality on TV. I think their storylines are such that they try to do too much and involve too many people. I think it's fine that you want to create storylines for everybody on the roster, but at some point it becomes too much. It's hard as a viewer to figure out what's going on sometimes. Still, I generally like their roster and I like pro wrestling enough that I'll always give it a look. Writing about TNA on a regular basis is not something I'll be doing. Maybe I will write some kind of column when Hogan debuts, which is supposedly in January.<!--more-->- I need to see TNA Turning Point from last night. I read that Angle vs. Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness) was as good as advertised. It's pretty cool to see Angle still being able to hang with one of the top wrestlers in the world that works an aggressive style. I always worry about Kurt with his health concerns, but I know wrestling is his passion. As a fan of his I can't help but support him.- I also read that the Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels main event was spectacular too.  Their match in 2005 was pretty special, so even though I don't expect this one to be better than that if it's anywhere close then I know it was great.- WWE re-hired Sean Mooney. If you don't know him, he was a backstage interviewer about 20 years ago that always made me laugh in the sense that he came off like such a pussy all the time. I have no idea how old he is now, but I'd say he's in his 50s at this point. I read that he got re-hired through the Observer and also Jim Ross mentioned he had an interview. I don't know why I marked out for the news, but I dead. It's one of those things where you hear a name from the past and you suddenly think of your youth, I guess.- Looking forward to Raw tonight. I like WWE shows in MSG. They try more. They should try the same everywhere, but it's like their home arena, so the quality of the show is usually better. I'm a big fan of Piper too. Great talker. I'm sure he'll show up with tremendous energy too.That's all I got. I'll probably be posting some emails with some responses later today at some point although I'm not sure if I have time. We'll see.