RING KA KING REVIEW – Ep. 11 and 12 by Siddhartha SenguptaWhazzup! *shakes head vigorously like Millhouse*. The guy who’s name is worth a thousand points in Scrabble is back with the dissection of Ring Ka King.  Sorry for the late review, my exams were on so I didn’t really get the time. But my exams are over so I’ll be on time from now on. So well then as usual (I am allowed to use “as usual” even though I have been here only like 5 weeks right?) I’ll answer one or two queries before starting off with the show. <!--more--> I’ll go with your names in the comments section here at TJR and/or with your email id as seen in my mail box. The oh so frequent @Feedback asked whether TNA is broadcasted here and how they convince the audiences that this is an independently owned promotion even though they are using so many of the talent present in TNA. It’s simple actually; they don’t pay heed to that. The reason they do that is because RKK is directed at the WWE audience, which is quite huge. No one really pays much attention to TNA. The people who do watch it just scrape past it, you won’t see them go after every detail. It’s kinda still real to them so they CHOOSE to ignore what they want.Also before I start I must point out that this “season” of RKK will span over 13 weeks and we are already through 5. I don’t know how much they’ll stick to the schedule as they have already messed up a little. The idea was for it to end just before the Indian Premier League, a HUGE cricket franchise league, begins here as it is a mammoth ratings puller. Almost every show either goes into hibernation mode or is put off for a while when the IPL goes on because of the money involved and the financial success. Hell! They don’t even release major movies during that time! It’s the highest salary paying sports league in the world and the success is evident. It’s smart to take the show off during that. I wish they come back though.  With all that out of the way, let us get the show on the road shall we?EPISODE 11 – 3rd March 2012We get a recap of last week’s events where Magnus won a very average Royal Rumble. Yeah it was a Royal Rumble and not a Battle Royal. A Royal Rumble match has the involvement of the timer and wrestler entries while in a Battle Royal all the wrestlers start off in the ring. That was for the few people who didn’t know the difference and were all like “Oh! This guy just called it a Royal Rumble! What an idiot.” Harbhajan Singh comes out to the ring and welcomes us. He says he is very happy that Morgan got an opponent. He then says that he knows about the deal for the ownership of RKK and wishes that whatever decision is made is in the best interest of RKK.We cut to the back where Ram is with Jazzy Lahoria. Ram asks Jazzy for an update to which Jazzy says that there is no update as of yet but talks are going on. The fabulous four, or Magnus, Abyss, Dutt and Steiner walk in. Steiner and Magnus say that the boss is coming and Jazzy better come up with an answer and it should be the right answer. Abyss screams out, because as I said before… That’s kinda his thing. Dutt talks in Hindi for the translation cuz that’s his thing. All the while during this segment there was an ominous background music going on. Haha, that made me laugh a little.We go back to the arena for our first match. First out is “The Philippino Playboy” Zema Ion. That guy’s a playboy? Then I’m Dr.Dolittle and you are Simba, The Lion King. Yes you, what are you looking at? Just go on reading the review dammit. Out next is Paagal Parinda who is not that smooth in the ring but can carry off a few high flying moves.Zema Ion vs Pagal ParindaParinda and Zema shake hands before starting off.  Parinda with a neck scissor take down after a somersault. He follows that up with a hip toss. A few counters into a 2 count for Parinda. Crossbody off the top rope from Pagal. Springboard Missile Dropkick by PP. This early offensive barrage is only enough for two though. The Filipino is able to come back by blocking another Parinda springboard and sending him head over heels to the mat. Ion places Pagal on the top rope, looking for a super back suplex. However, Parinda elbows his opponent down to the floor, and connects with his moonsault for the three count. Disappointingly short, but Pagal Parinda has a bright future if he becomes just a little more fluent.Winner : Pagal ParindaRating : *1/2Analysis : Too short for me to assess. They should allow the match to flow. This was more about the spots than an overall match. It put over Parinda’s in-ring ability, which can be better to be honest. He’s a little stiff here and there. Zema is a good performer he needs to work on his character and his in-ring skills will do the rest.Post-match Sonjay Dutt comes out and randomly asks Parinda what he thinks of himself and goes on playing the crowd. So he just comes out after a random match and asks people what they think I guess. He asks if Parinda wants to face Dutt. Parinda says “YES! YES! YES!”, okay maybe he said yes only once. Dutt then taunts him and shoves him. Parinda retaliates with two dropkicks and a suicide drop on the outside. It’s not a good idea to make a wrestler randomly come out and start a feud, give us a reason. A storyline depends on the reasons. We were given none. Let’s see where this goes.We cut straight to the parking lot where we see a vehicle pull up. The announcers say that it might be the boss while Siddharth says that it could be someone else coming into the arena as well. Yeah right, that’s why we cut to the back and gave it air time… to show a random dude come out of a random car and do random stuff like playing poker with a secretly gay hippo. Come to think of it, that’d be good TV. Anywho we see Jeff Jarrett step out of the car in a suit and the commentators imply that he is the boss. WHAT?!?!!? JEFF JARRETT IS THE BOSS?!? WHAT A SURPRISE?!!? Eh. They also said that he was the owner of TNA (Hey Dixie Carter. How you doing?).Harbhajan Singh is with the commentators. He says that he knows that Jarrett is a successful wrestler and also a successful businessman. The commentators say that Jeff Jarrett is a very wealthy businessman and if he wants something he buys it with his money or just takes it. They put over how wealthy he is. Excuse me douche commentators? You mispronounced “Vince McMahon” as “Jeff Jarrett”. The Jarrett guy can’t even pay his talent.A nice video package featuring the rivalry between Saeed and Mickie James is shown. It put Mickie over as a legend and showed a few of TNA’s clips with James holding the title.Mickie James w/ Bollywood Boys vs Raeesha Saeed w/ The SheikhsSaeed tries to gain an illegal advantage by attacking before the bell, but James sees her coming and fends her off with forearms, before rolling her up for a two count. She continues to dominate with a shoulder block and dropkick, but Saeed counters a huracanrana with a powerbomb to take control. A curb stomp gets two. James launches a comeback with a trio of clotheslines, but the Sheiks provide a distraction to derail her momentum. Saeed gets a rollup, but Mickie kicks out and lands a neckbreaker, before crashing into both Sheiks with a baseball slide. This incites the Sheikhs to go after her in the ring, but the Bollywood Boys come to the rescue. Implant DDT gets the three for herself.Winner : Mickie JamesRating : *3/4Analysis : This one was just a little short of the first match they had. I mean Alyssa vs Mickie. Maybe it’s the gear. The involvement from the Sheikhs and mah bwoys the Bollywood Boys were carried out nicely as well. Hope all of em get more time.A video package airs featuring the RKK Champ Matt Morgan and the no.1 contender Sir Brutus Magnus. It was about their match and what they had to do. It was a compact little package which would have been good but the damn commentators ruined it by talking over it.We see Steiner come up to a cameraman, who was trying to tape the proceedings in the room with Jarrett and the other four, and slam the door to his face. Did they just recognize a camera? Wow.We see Ram with Jazzy Lahoria, again. Ram asks about the progress in the whole “company sale” matter and where all of it stands to which Jazzy says that the situation is very serious. He says he had talked to the investors of the company and they have given him the power to decide the fate of the company. They’ll have a sit down in the ring later tonight.It’s time for some tag team action.Barood and Romeo Rapta vs Scott Steiner and AbyssThis match should be a squash by every meaning of the word. I expect Abyss and Steiner to decimate and pulverize their opponents. Steiner even attacked a few audience members! I love myself some Poppa action. Abyss man-handles Barood on the outside while the terrified women in the audience look on. Meanwhile Steiner sends Rapta head over heels with a belly to back suplex, and then does the same thing off the top rope! Scott then locks Barood in the Steiner Recliner, and Abyss follows suit with the Black Hole Slam on Rapta for the three count.Winners : Steiner and AbyssRating : SQUASHAnalysis : One word. SQUASHPost-match Steiner runs over the barrier and into the crowd who flee EVERY spot Steiner is in. The floor space is a standing place so they all run away like last time. Steiner now goes to explore a bit now and climbs to the seat section as the audience there also flees in fear. Finally Steiner gets back and Abyss crushes the referee and then throws him in. Steiner hits a modified Angle Slam of the ropes. I LOVE these segments where they play with the crowd. Last week I read in the comments that it’d be good if they bring in Austin Aires. That’s a long shot, but I’d love if Bubba came over. Steiner and Bubba Ray = MONEY. Keep up the good work Poppa, people don’t call their Mommas anymore but due to your influence they’ll start calling their Poppas.We see Ram in the ring standing on a podium with two tables on each side. Nice setup. Jazzy Lahoria comes out for the negotiation. He’s alone, no Deadly Danda or whatever he’s calling his Penis (Hey John Cena. How you doing?) Jeff Jarrett comes out with his stooges. He is all smiles and even acknowledges the crowds. He puts leashes on his dogs Steiner and Abyss too. Ram says that after two weeks of rumors regarding a deal for RKK we finally have reached the culmination point as Jazzy has already received a HUGE amount of money as an offer. Ram asks Jarrett what is going on in his mind. Jarrett says that he is very impressed with the RKK executives for the job they have done with RKK considering they’re from India. Cheap heat won’t work here Jeff. Then the commentators translated it in Hindi while Jeff was talking so you couldn’t hear what he was saying. When he was audible again we heard him saying that it’s time for him to take RKK to a whole new level where he plays. Yeah, the level where Hogan runs the show and Bischoff’s son gets the spotlight and even after that WWE refuses to verify their mere existence. He says his family is in this business for a long time and asks Jazzy to let the founder of TNA and Co. take care of RKK. He signs the contract as Ram translates it in Hindi. Wait if they were going to translate it anyway why did they dumbass commentators interrupt? For their opinion> No one gives a shit. After translating it Ram asks whether Jazzy will sign the contract. Jazzy says he has thought this over a lot and says that keeping in mind only the interest of the fans and not him, he won’t go on with the deal. Sonjay whispers what he said to Jeff’s ears as Abyss starts pacing up and down before he is supposed to. Everyone gets up and Sonjay says that his boss has granted him one more chance and Jazzy says he will never sign. Steiner lays his hand on The Jazz and they pressurize him to sign. Jazzy seems terrified as Steiner lets a few “SOBs” slip while keeping Jazzy in his grasp. Sonjay goes on insisting that he sign. He refuses and Abyss starts choking him as Jarrett eagerly looks on. Jeff’s and Jazzy’s facial expressions here are impeccable. Jeff sits down in front of him and grins maniacally. Jazzy tears up the contract and throws it in Jeff’s face. Magnus and Dutt control Jarrett who looks pissed and goes to attack Jazzy. Jazzy made Jarrett take off his jacket. Johnny Ace died somewhere. Jeff apologizes and asks for Jazzy to shake his hand. He even got down on one knee (Awww. Say yes Jazzy, he’ll keep you happy… wait. We’re off track).They shake hands and hug it out, but Jeff decks him with a right (Oh the nerve of the Son of a bitch!). The others go on kicking him and stomping on him. Dutt gives Jeff a chair and he absolutely wails on Jazzy with a shot straight to the head. That looked painful, Jeff should be careful with an open head shot. Abyss chokes Jazzy as Jeff shouts at the crowd on the ropes. Jazzy is bleeding as the four hold him up. The crowd is throwing stuff at the ring, what a freaking audience! Please never change. Just as they all hold Jazzy up  “Singh is King” hits and Harbhajan comes out with Deadly Danda. He looks pissed and the crowd seems to be going crazy, you can’t distinctly hear the HUGE pop but it’s a lot of shouting. Harbhajan gets in Jarrett’s face and they shout at each other as the show goes off the air.Everyone involved in the segment did a good job with Jarrett and Jazzy standing out. Their facial expressions were great. It’s easy to hate Jarrett. He makes it easy for us, which is a good thing.  Harbhajan coming towards the end was good too. They ended the show on a high.This episode was promo heavy but if you looked at it from an Indian perspective, this was action packed. A few mark out moments. The beat down, Jarrett at his best and Steiner of course add to that the wonderful piece of acting towards the end and you got a great show. But if you look at it wrestling wise, it lacked. But sometimes you gotta let wrestling o for a show to let the story flow. All of it will end in a match anyway. Hope they keep up with the build they have conjured up thus far and capitalize on it. There’s money here.Ratings for tonight.Indian Perspective/POV Rating : 7.0/10Overall Rating : 5.5/10As I said before, a lot of mark out moments but they could have gotten it a little more correct wrestling wise.Man of the SHOW : Jeff Jarrett/Jazzy LahoriaThe onus of the final segment lay in the hands of these two and they carried it off. Jeff was a little better but Jazzy was great as the man with integrity.We’re done for this episode, watch the full episode below. Scroll down for the next one.Episode 12 – 4th March 2012We get a recap of last night’s events, with Jarrett’s attempt at the hostile takeover.Jarrett says that he is sorry and the announcers talk over him, they don’t even translate it that much. They just blabber. SHUT UP YOU SORRY IDIOTS! When Jeff is audible again we hear him say that he wants what’s best for RKK and the announcers talk over him again, shouting as well. Please fire these guys. Please. We can hear Jeff again and he wishes Magnus the best in his match and tells Harbhajan that may the best man win.We get the Ring Ka King intro video.Hollywood and Broadway vs Bollywood BoysBB Marty and Broadway start off and Marty gets the early advantage. He tags BB HBK in who plays with Broadway a little and hits him with an elbow. Broadway managed to tag Hollywood. He tagged Marty back in who ran the ropes but was caught by Broadway but Marty caught him on the outside with a right hand. Hollywood connected with a suicide dive on Marty and went back to work on Marty in the ring. Marty came back with a DDT and tagged BB HBK in somehow. HBK came in with a couple of elbows and a flying elbow. He whipped Hollywood and Broadway made the blind tag which BB HBK didn’t see and he hit a back body drop. Broadway came in and caught BB HBK off guard with a few kicks and also decked Marty who was in the ring. The Boys then managed to dodge a clothesline from Broadway and hit the double superkick for BB HBK to pick up the victory.Winner : Bollywood BoysRating : *1/2Analysis : Entertaining short match. The tag team match formula was different and it seemed to work. I wish the Boys got more time though, they deserve it. Their co-ordination is spot on and they seem like a formidable team as well.Ram is standing backstage with the “Doubles” Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog Hart who we haven’t seen for some time. Ram asks the champions for their comments on the attempt at a hostile takeover of RKK and Chavo says Jeff can’t do whatever he wants here in RKK and Hart backs him up and says that as RKK Tag Champs they have an obligation to RKK and they’ll stand by it. Ram translates it in Hindi because that’s kinda his job. The Bald Goats aka The Pathani Patthes walk in and shout out stating that they want a title shot. Wait, they are still here? Anyway, Chavo says that they can have it anytime they want and walk off because they are faces and that’s what they do.We see a video package featuring the first final of the tournament for the RKK title which Morgan won to become the first ever RKK World Heavyweight Champion.We see The Sheikhs and Raeesha Saeed with a camera and they are in Micke James’ hotel. They go to Mickie’s room. The Sheikhs and Raeesha stalk her door and knock. Mickie answers from the inside and asks who it is and they reply by saying that they are from room service. They jump Mickie and Raeesha beats the living Bejesus out of her.Romeo Rapta vs Roscoe JacksonThey shake hands as a show of sportsmanship and start off. Joe Baath just said that Roscoes is an intelligent guy.. well he is diddly and squat. Romeo has the rib region taped to sell yesterday’s attack and Jackson capitalizes on that by working on it. Abdominal stretch by Roscoe but Romeo comes back with a hip toss. He goes to the top rope and goes for a body drop but Roscoe rolls away.  Roscoe hits a cross body drop of his own from the top rope and covers him for the three.Winner : Roscoe JacksonRating : DUDAnalysis : Nothing much to it. A weak, short match.We get a video replay package of Morgan’s first title defense against Isaiah Cash. They are trying their best to build this.Ram is standing backstage with Matt the RKK Champion and he asks Matt what his thoughts are on the whole buy-out incident. Matt says he cannot focus on that, he must focus on defending the title and if he defends the title all the other things will fall into place itself. He then addresses Magnus and walks off. Ram does his jpb and translates. Morgan is doing the best with what he’s got and he is making the title seem important.We get another recap video package centering on the “it” storyline and the Four’s failures, it also covered Jarrett’s debut.Harbhajan Singh comes out to the ring. He says that we all saw what happened in the past couple of weeks here and that he was going over Jarrett’s statement tonight. He is pleased to say that Jarrett has declared his absence from this ring. He then asks us to give Jarrett a second chance and says that may the best man win tonight. I didn’t like that segment. Yesterday he was all pissed and today he is playing the devil’s advocate? Just a simple kip up would have sufficed.Magnus walks out for his championship match and the announcer’s point out Deadly Danda’s presence. The World Champion walks out next. Jeremy Borash handles the announcing duties and we see that Jeff Jarrett has bought ringside tickets and he is present there. We see his seat being upgraded and he takes a seat beside the announcers on the top of the ramp. Koobra and JB finally conclude their announcing duties. Morgan kisses his belt before the fight begins.RKK World Heavyweight Championship Match : Sir Brutus Magnus vs Matt Morgan ©A Morgan chant breaks out in the very beginning and Magnus walks down to attract heat for himself. Morgan was looking at Jarrett and Magnus jumped him from behind. He stomped and kicked him and took him outside. Magnus uses the barricade and rams Morgan’s face against it. The ref asks them to go inside and Magnus takes him inside the ring. A double axel hand, a few punches and a leg drop by Magnus as he covers him but Morgan kicks out with authority. Magnus goes to choke Morgan with his knees on the ropes and then hits him with an elbow. Magnus with an elbow drop and a cover but Morgan kicks out strongly again. Magnus goes for a slam but Morgan doesn’t allow it and makes a comeback only to be eye raked down again. Magnus goes on with a kick and a few punches. Magnus goes to the middle rope and connects with a flying elbow which is supposed to be his finisher but Morgan kicks out at two. Magnus immediately goes for a lying sleeper. The ref checks on Morgan as he raises his hands to check and lets it fall to see if he has passed away but Morgan keeps it up. Morgan finally gets some offense in after working his way out with a few punches and a clothesline in the corner after an irish whip followed by a side walk slam for a 2. Morgan catches Magnus’ for the chokeslam  but he manages to evade it and turns around only to receive a spinning lariat clothesline from Morgan. Good sequence that. He signals for the chokeslam again and this time he connects. Great choke slam. He gets ready for the Carbon Footprint but Jwala comes up to the apron and distracts Morgan (Here we go). In the meantime Jarrett walks down the aisle but Deadly Danda stops him. The camera is kept on Jarrett and we see him laughing. We go back to the ring and Morgan is still tending to Jwala. He turns around and Deadly Dada decks him with his….umm.. Danda (Stick). Magnus took advantage and nailed a sit out slam and picked up the victory.Rating : **WINNER AND NEW RKK WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, SIR BRUTUS MAGNUSAnalysis : The match itself saw Morgan being worked on for the majority of the time. Except for one rest hold they kept going, although it was a little slow. The finishing sequence was good as well. I usually don’t like overbooked title matches but this one worked. Deadly Danda’s heel turn was solid and I can also understand Jwala’s involvement.Post match Sonjay Dutt, Steiner and Abyss come down as Jeff Jarrett pays Deadly Danda with some hard cash (looked legit) inside the ring. Jarrett hugs Danda and they all pose in the center of the ring. We see all the Indian tag team wrestlers run down to the ring for vengeance perhaps but Jarrett’s army take care of em’. Oh well at least the Bollywood Boys lasted the longest. Just as they thought it was over “Singhh is King” hits and Harbhajan Singh comes out with a wicket (an item used in cricket, it’s like a long wooden hard tick whose one end is pointed. Boy that sure did sound wrong) and enters the ring as they all back down. If you look behind Harbhajan you can see that the crowd is practically jumping. They have a few words and Jarrett walks off with his stable after Harbhajan threatens him. They go near the ramp and if you look behind Jarrett you can see a couple of guys who want to jump in! What a freaking crowd! Jarrett takes off his jacket (Hey Funk Man. How you doin?) and looks to be heading onto the ring to face a pissed Harbhajan. Jarrett’s doing a good job at being an asshole. It comes to him naturally I guess. Jeff’s stable control him as Jeff has become topless. Harbhajan has also taken off his jacket. He takes the mic and says that he made a big mistake by trusting Jeff and then intensely shouts out saying that if he doesn’t take Jeff’s wicket (taking his wicket is like the same as a pitcher in baseball saying “I’ll strike you out”)  then he will change his name. He then hit the ring aprons with the wicket. Great intensity.Holy shit the last segment was effective. I loved it, it was so basic in formula but almost set us up for a mark out moment. The whole “coming to the rescue” is almost forgotten this days. It’s nice to see that they used it well here. Jeff Jarrett is a natural at being an asshole, that’s good really. I am actually surprised to see Harbhajan’s performance here, the level of intensity he showed here was more htna just commendable. It was believable; also the crowd was going nuts for him.Overall a mediocre show but it picked up towards the end. It was filled with video packages which didn’t really help much when it comes to the overall build to the Championship match. The end set up the storyline well and I am interested to see where this is headed so that’s good.Ratings for tonight.Indian POV Rating : 6.4/10 (The ending sequence garnered the points here)Overall Rating : 4.6/10 (A lone good ending segment can’t cover for a night of mediocrity)Man of the Show : Harbhajan Singh – Mainly because we didn’t see much of the other wrestlers but the level of intensity he showed was just great. Jarrett might have shared it again if he got on the mic perhaps.You can view the whole episode below this.3 Highlights of the week :1st : New RKK World Heavyweight Champion crowned in Magnus2nd: Jeff Jarrett, that just about sums it up.3rd: Harbhajans Singh’s performance in the last episode. Another good week for RKK. I wish the tag team scene would get a little more exposure though, we don’t see the Tag champs enough. Also good because it was Veera-free again! Maybe they figured out they can’t feed grass to the viewers. A lot of absent wrestlers too, Adonis for one and even the tag champs cuz I don’t consider a one-off backstage promo as a solid appearance.Well that’s it for this week, and I am sorry again for posting SO late. Damn exams. I’ll be back with the reviews in their original time slot from next week. Until then let me know what you think about the show and the reviews, post a comment below. Yes. Scroll down a little and exercise your finger muscles.Or mail me at – sendharth@gmail.comSee you next time different time, same place. “Thank you, Come again.”