RING KA KING REVIEW – Ep. 15 and 16 by Siddhartha SenguptaCome one come all, to the show which was the reason for the phrase which is now viral in the IWC, :I’d rather watch Ring Ka King”. Now I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but hey...who gives a shit? I’ll be changing the format a little as to shorten the column a little since its REALLY long. <!--more-->I won’t do play-by-play for the matches and will only highlight the major points and will add the analysis in that column as well. So yeah I’m basically ripping John’s format. I’m 17. Sue me.Episode 15 – 17th March 2012The show starts off with a recap of previous week’s events as usual.Shera  w/American Adonis vs Mahabali VeeraA Veera match, oh boy. This is Shera’s first match, it doesn’t look like he is an exceptional wrestler. Shera took the advantage early on after catching him off guard. Even Adonis pitched in a little. Veera made a sudden comeback with a hook slam and then hit the elevated spinebuster for the win. Short and worthless match., at least they are keeping the Veera matches short. That is smart on their part as the crowd is quiet hot for him so they might as well give him screen time but not display his weaknesses. He’ll get better.  This was more about the Veera-Masters rivalry though.Winner : Mahabali VeeraRating : NRAfter the match Veera grabbed a mic and yelled “Come on” and said that he’ll break Adonis’ lock. Adonis teases getting in the ring, he even gets on the apron but then walks off. Good way to get heat on Adonis. It’s basic, but as I said before, basic works when you are starting over. It actually is fun to see old school booking. Oh and also Veera’s expressions have improved a lot.We go to the “board room” where we see Ram is standing with Harbhajan, Jazzy and Jazzy’s lawyer sitting on a conference table. Ram says that Jazzy is here but Jeff is missing and just then Jeff Jarrett walked in with his lawyer and RDX alongside. Oh and BTW RDX is a sort of an explosive for those of you who didn’t know. Sonjay Dutt introduces the new champions and Jeff says that since they have all the gold that also means that they have all the power. RDX then start talking jibberish out loud as the announcers talk over them. Harbhajan calms them down and tells them that he’ll listen to both Jazzy and Jeff’s words. He also says that whatever decision is taken tonight will be the final decision and both parties will have to abide by it. He then asks if they understood, to which Jeff nods in approval. Sonjay had not translated it to him, so since when did Jarrett start understanding Hindi? Beats me.We cut to the locker room and Ram is there sitting with Baarood. He enquires about Barood’s losing streak and why he hasn’t won a single match to which he replies that his opponents have luck. He says that Jwala backstabbed him and that from now on he’ll only win. Ram says that Barood hasn’t won a single match and yet he aspires to go on a winning streak. Barood says that from his childhood he wanted to be a professional wrestler and that he WILL be India’s best wrestler. He uttered the “W” word (Oh no he de-ent!, Oh yes he did). I like Barood, he is better than most of the Indian wrestlers, you can see that he is passionate about this and you sympathize with him.Dr. Nicholas Dinsmore and TNT vs Pathani PatthesDinsmore and TNT dominated early on with Jr. Pattha acting as the face in peril. Near the end Sr. Pattha got the hot tag and came in with and awkward looking flurry of offence. The Patthes capitalized and then hit their finisher which is a weird looking head ram with the Sr. Pathan ramming Jr. Patthan  in a bulldog position into Dr. Dinsmore. BAD tag match that. Too little time and also you know you’ll be in trouble when there is a head lock in such a short match. It was a filler undoubtedly but I’d much rather have something meaningful, like the Bollywood Boys engaging in a feud with The Sheikhs.Winners : The Pathani PatthesRating : ¼*We cut to the board room where the same group of people is present as before. Jazzy says that RDX have all the gold because they cheated and thus they cannot be trusted. Why do they need lawyers if this is going to be an out of court settlement? It’s times like these when you understand that TNA is spearheading this project. RDX seem to be discussing something as they huddle up. Then they suddenly break out in laughter. What the heyull?! They then cut away from there. Jeez was that a weird segment or what?We get a replay of last week’s segment involving Romeo Rapta, Angelina Love, The Sheikhs and Raeesha Saeed.“The Outlaw” Isaiah Cash vs Roscoe JacksonThis is a revenge match apparently. Seems like a filler since there is NO feud really. At least their previous match was above average. Cash took the control early but Jackson came back with a nice looking bulldog. There was a nice sequence which ended with Cash connecting with the STO takedown or Rock Bottom (Whatever you wanna call it). After that sequence Cash kept the upperhand and even laid Jackson out with a very clean underhook suplex. These people are really talented and underappreciated. Cash applied pressure with a nasty sleeper. Cash then connected with a big leg drop after Roscoe worked out of the sleeper. That got him a two count. Cash hit a big body near the turnbuckle and got another two. Good nearfalls. Jackson finally made a comeback and hit Cash with a belly to back suplex. He then connected with a flying cross body for a two count. Jackson countered a punch into a full nelson drop for another two. They went outside where Cash made a comeback after ducking an attack. Cash pulled a lid of a trash can out and brought it in. Roscoe rolled him out of nowhere and got the win.  I decided to call out so many moves because you don’t get to see wrestlers exploit their repertoire these days. They are given a set of moves within which they work. Check this match out this was relatively short but these two men worked their asses off. They have great chemistry together and can pull off a GREAT big man vs big man match which is more than what I can say about for the likes of Abyss. Give them more time next time around, I’ll be waiting for them to surprise me.Winner : Roscoe JacksonRating : ***Post match Cash laid Jackson out with naked head shots with the lid. Looked good, and if this means that they will have their very own feud I’m all for it as this might lead to another match.Back in the board room Jeff says it has been a long week and asks his champions to lay down their championships on the table as a sign of the success they have achieved. Jeff then asks his lawyer to do the talking. The lawyer says that RDX has all the gold and says if even after this Harbhajan hands RKK’s power over to Lahoria then RDX will walk out of RKK and they won’t have any more wrestling matches. He goes on to say that if there is no wrestling match then there would be no Ring Ka King and that Harbhajan will be to blame for that. He said all of that in an aggressive tone, so much for subtlety I guess. Harbhajan says that he listened to both sides and that he’ll declare his decision in the ring.We cut to the interview area and Ram is standing there with Matt Morgan. Ram asks what his take is on Harbhajan’s decision and Matt replies by saying that just like everyone else he is watching to see what his decision will be. He then says that he will finally get what he deserves next week as he is getting a title shot with the rematch. He then said “Mujhe mera title waapas chahiye” which means that he wants his title back. Pretty fluent there Matt.Back in the arena Harbhajan Singh comes out to his theme music to reveal his decision. He says that he has made his decision and asks Jazzy and Jeff to come out. Jeff Jarrett comes out first with his lawyer. Jazzy comes out next with his lawyer as well. Harbhajan says that Jazzy thinks that since he is an honest man and also created it he deserves the control, Harbhajan also says that Jeff believes that since his men have all the gold he should have all the power as well. He says that Jeff will walk out and there won’t be any matches if he gives the control to Jazzy and if he gives the power to Jeff then RKK will go out of control. That drew a nice reaction from the crowd. He says that the fate of RKK’s control will be decided in a 10 man tag team match. He says that he named the match “The Ring Ka King World Cup”. Harbhajan then revealed that the match will take place inside a STEEL CAGE. Jeff got super pissed at this and started choking his lawyer; he then laid him out with a DDT as well to end the show.The end was ridiculously fun, adding the cage match stipulation was a great touch. Good work right there. The episode was below average overall. The show started off very slow but then picked up the pace and ended with a bang. That was an inconsistent episode right there.Ratings for tonight.Indian POV Rating : 6.3/10 (Mostly because of the excitement for the first Cage match)Overall Rating : 4.2/10 (Except for that Cash vs Jackson match there wasn’t ,much to select from)Man of the Show : Roscoe Jackson – He sold Cash's moves like a pro. Good job.That’s it for this episode, you can watch the whole thing below. Scroll down for the next episode. ******************************************************Episode 16 – 18th March 2012The show started off with a replay off the previous episode where they announced the 5 vs 5 Cage match. The announcers said that both sides already had 4 wrestlers already. Mahabli Veera, Matt Morgan, Chavo Guerrero and Bulldog Hart on Jazzy’s side and Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, Scott Steiner and Brutus Magnus on Jeff’s side. They wondered who the fifth men would be.Jeff Jarrett’s music hit and he came out with the rest of RDX and his lawyer who came a little late with a neck brace. Jarrett physically threatened him again for being late. So much for an assault and battery charge eh? Jeff took the mic and said due to a very poor legal strategy and a poor mediator in Harbhajan Singh RDX has been forced into a fight. He said that they already have the four wrestlers in their team present in the ring. The crowd chanted “Loser” at Jarrett. Sonjay Dutt then translated it in Hindi. Wait, if he was gonna translate anyway why did the announcers talk over Jarrett? Jeff then introduces his 5th wrestler, Deadly Danda who comes out to an outrageous theme song.  Surprised anyone? Well if you are, please shoot yourself. Apparently he’ll be in a match.Deadly Danda w/RDX vs Puma w/ LeopardDoes anyone else smell a squash? No? Shoot yourself again if you’re alive please. They locked up early on and Danda showed off his strength. Puma begged for forgiveness. He went on punching and kicking Puma and then soon finished him off with a World’s Strongest Slam (Yes, the Mark Henry one). They called it the Danda slam. WOW. Normal squash, Danda is just like most of the Indian wrestlers… Green.Winner : Deadly DandaRating : SQUASHPost match Deadly Danda asks where Jazzy is gonna get another wrestler like Danda.Alyssa Flash vs Angelina LoveLove was introduced as an international superstar. So is my hamster. Wait, I don’t have a hamster. They started off exchanging Hammerlocks as Love got the upperhand with a neck lock. They continued trading submissions. Good sequence right there. They finally broke off from submission mode with as Love hit a couple of hip tosses. There was a nearfall after a bodyslam. Flash is acting like the heel here. Love came back with a running facebuster after Flas was controlling most of the match. Love hit the reverse STO which the announcer called as a DDT for the win. That was an average match, Mickie carried a match better and made it seem like a big deal. Love is good too but they should have worked with bigger moves, the opening sequence was good thoughWinner : Angelina LoveRating : *1/2Post match Romeo Rapta came out and gave Love a rose and also kissed her hand, Angelina was blushing. Is that her way of saying “Get the hell outta here creep”? Well, anyway, Zoravaar came out with BIG Teddy bear and I’m talking “us” BIG not midget huge. Zoravaargave that too Angelina and kissed both her hands as Romeo looked on.RKK World Heavyweight Championship : Matt Morgan vs Sir Brutus Magnus ©I won’t do exact play by play for this match because you’d much rather watch this one. They did the intros inside the ring like they do in big matches. They took the fight outside early on and then Magnus gained the upperhand and went on working on Morgan’s left knee. He even slapped on a figure four leg lock (No woos, sorry) which Morgan countered by stretching and turning. Morgan came back in with a few clotheslines and a sidewalk slam. They got a few two counts there. Magnus connected with a nice looking DDT. Magnus hit his finisher, the flying elbow but Morgan kicked out. Another good nearfall. After a spinning clothesline Magnus decided that he had had enough and started walking out of the match. Morgan met him on the ramp and brought him back, all while selling the bad knee. Back in the ring he hit the chokeslam and was getting ready for the Carbon Footprint but Sonjay Dutt came out and grabbed a hold of his leg. Morgan head butted him out. Steiner and Abyss came out and all of them attacked Morgan causing the disqualification. I would have given this a *** star rating but the overbooked ending screwed it up. The match was going great, why’d you have to ruin it? Damn it, overbooking works upto an extent. They just ruined a good match, Morgan was selling the bad knee so well.Winner by DQ : Matt MorganRating : **3/4Post match RDX keep on beating down Morgan. Hart and Guerrero ran out for the save. Guerrero hit the three amigos on Sonjay Dutt. RDX took control after Abyss hit Guerrero with a low blow. RDX kept on beating them and Veera ran out next Veera laid everyone out. He looks more free. His reactions are better and so are his punches! He has improved, nice to see that. Deadly Danda ran out and hit Veera with his “Danda” and beat him down. Cue the entry of the fifth man for the save, its Jwala. Jazzy took the mic and said that Jwala was his fifth wrestler, that drew quite a reaction from the crowd. The wrestlers seemed unhappy as the show went off the air.AN above average episode with a good ending again. Can’t say that I am surprised at Jwala being named the fifth wrestler, I anticipated that due to what Jazzy said and since he is the only wrestler (other than Veera) who has got a decent push. Adding Jwala adds intrigue, I am happy with the decision. Much better than adding a random wrestler. Let’s see where this goes. They should have let the match go on, they didn’t need to overbook this one. They could’ve just had Magnus win by dirty methods rather than having outside interference. They could have had the brawl after the match, that disappointed me. Oh and Veera has improved a lot when it comes to being free in the ring and with his expressions. Good job sir.Ratings for tonightIndian POV Rating : 6.1/10 (Once again mostly because of the ending)Overall Wrestling : 4.2/10 (Unnecessary bad booking)Man of the Show : Matt Morgan - Sold that bad knee very, very well.Done for this episode as well. You can watch it below.It was an average week for RKK but if you look at it overall then you’ll see two big events so I guess that worked in their favor,Top 3 Highlights of the Week : 1st. Announcement of the first ever Cage Match here.2nd. Jwala being added to Jazzy’s team3rd. Veera’s improvement. (I had to recognize it. This guy was unbearable but has improved.)This is where we part for this week my friends. But don’t be sad, I’ll be back next week. Until then, comment below and let me know how you feel about RKK.Mail me at – sendharth@gmail.comUntil next time then, "Thank you, come again."