Ring Ka King Review - Episodes 5 and 6By Siddhartha SenguptaEPISODE 5 (11th February 2012)                                       We start the show with the usual graphic video. As soon as it ends, we see a recap of Matt Morgan winning the RKK Championship by beating Scott Steiner in the finals. Harbhajan Singh starts the proceedings off by welcoming us and saying that last week we saw the crowning of the first ever RKK Champion Matt Morgan but this week will mark the start of a new journey at the end of which we will find the Ring Ka King Tag Team Champions (Yay!).<!--more-->In the arena Jazzy Lahoria makes his way out with Deadly Danda (“Danda” IS a euphemism for penis, deal with it… wait, I can’t).  Siddharth Kannan says since he took a face-reading course he can interpret from looking at Jazzy’s face that he has a lot going through his mind which we will find out now. He’s trying to be too cute. Dude cut the crap, you’re just talking shit now… you’re not Bobby Heenan. Jazzy says that up until now we have only seen one-on-one action but now we’ll get double the action double the entertainment. He is obviously referring to tag team wresting, just wanted to put that out there… No I don’t think you’re stupid… IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT I THINK..wait, uhhh let’s get back to the show. Jazzy Lahoria then introduces the 8 tag teams which will part-take in the “Double Tag Team Tournament”.  His words, not mine. I sure hope it’s just a mistake and not the name of the tournament.The teams come out. First out are the Patthani Patthes, then the Bollywood Boyz (I know it’s spelt with an ‘s’ and not a ‘z’, sue me) followed by the Mumbai Cats. I liked the Cats’ performance, they seem to know what they’re doing. Hollywood Broadway are out next  followed by Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog Hart (David Hart Smith aka Harry Smith just in case you didn’t know).  Jimmy Rave and Zema Ion also make their way out with Siddharth Kannan’s favourite The Sheikhs following suit. Last but not the least (I always wanted to type that) it’s Sir Brutus Magnus and Sonjay  Dutt. Apparently according to Joe Baath “Boss” is pissed with them because the Heavyweight title slipped out of their grasp. Ooooh the suspense.  With all the teams in the ring Jazzy asks one of the Pathani Patthas how the preparations are going and the dude (according to one of the readers) says that they will win both the contest and the belt cuz they are the Pathani Patthes and follow it up with their catchphrase, which is god awful. Did I say that before? This guy looks like a baby with acromegaly. Sonjay Dutt interrupts the Goat who was just about to start his EPIC promo (#sarcasmforlife) asking him who he thinks he is. He says this isn’t ‘kushti’ (an Indian form of amateur wrestling which was the main building block for ALL contact sports and sports entertainment BTW) this is pro wrestling. He says that the Pattha thinks he is a wrestler but in all reality he actually looks like a rickshaw driver (Tell me you know what a rickshaw is… please. Thank you).The Goat makes an angry face, which looks like someone took away his mom’s tampons where he hid his 20 year old lollypops and he just realized that, and shoves Sonjay Dutt. Magnus retaliates by attacking the Goat and all of a sudden everyone starts fighting everyone! It’s a BRAWL FOR NO REASON~! Sorry Fozzie I just had to… this is TNA you understand right? RAIGGHHT?! Just don’t sue me. This is TNA’s idea of pandemonium.  They take it outside as the cruiserweights perform a few high-risk maneuvers. Suddenly out of nowhere they cut backstage where we see Jwala.You remember Jwala right? He was that guy with an “I escaped from a coal mine” gimmick last week. His vignette hyped him up well enough, let’s see.  We go to commercials.A recap of what just happened, which was the BRAWL FOR NO REASON~! (I’m so getting sued) greeted us as we returned.We go backstage where Ram is standing with Jazzy Lahoria and his Danda. Ram asks what the important announcement is and Jazzy says that the announcement is regarding the Tag Team Titles. No sooner had he said that Jwala walked in and said that he had been betrayed and asks why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the Championship tournament. Jazzy says Jwala’s job is to abide by the decisions he makes not to question them. Jwala says that the decision Jazzy took made Matt Morgan the Ring Ka King (Screw you man, call him the Champion) whereas he is much more talented and powerful than him and he wants a title shot. So apparently we have our first Indian tweener. Yay? Jazzy asks how Jwala can ask for a title shot as he hasn’t even competed once. He then says that tonight will feature a match between Roscoe Jackson (Trevor Murdoch) and Isaiah Cash (Luke Gallows aka Festus) but Jwala will also fight and it will be next. Jazzy walks off as the Danda-man gets in Jwala’s face.In the arena the announcers basically go over the same thing saying that the Tag Titles are very important and are honorable since it features so many teams. They more or less did a good job of hyping it up. They then go on to announce that Jazzy made a match between Roscoe Jackson and Isaiah Cash to decide the no. 1 contender for the RKK Championship. Really? Those two? We get a promo/recap of Morgan’s title win last week. The video package was okay at best. The graphic surrounding it didn’t help either.Jwala comes out for his match. We get the same video package they aired last week. They build up the scar he has on his left eye. He looks quite scary but he needs to work on his expressions a little. The same face for your angry and pissed off versions won’t really help.  His opponent , TNT is out next. He is a big fat dude with a Road Warrior like face paint. For the guys  who couldn’t identify him, he is none other than Savio Vega. Remember Nation of Domination? The bulky guy? Yeah , him. He also works as a trainer for the Indian wrestlers over here and the TNT gimmick has had his share of controversies over at Puerto Rico. Don’t ask me, google it.Jwala vs TNTThe bell rings and big Jwala chant breaks out. Savio or TNT goes for an impressive reverse 360 kick but Jwala dodges and they lock up immediately. They exchange arm ringers but TNT takes the early advantage. Jwala comes back with a kick near the turnbuckles and goes to work near the opposite side on TNT. Jwala then made a rookie mistake and basically called out a spot waiting for TNT to respond as he did with a rolling side drop kick near in the corner. Vega is athletic, I get it. TNT then chops Jwala in the corner as the Indian referee was stupid enough to take the count to a fast five and still didn’t DQ TNT’s ass. Maybe the green referee uniform indicates the referee’s state of talent. Jwala manages to come back into the match after dodgind a flying body near the corner and goes to work on the opposite corner. Up until now almost all the action has been concentrated near the corners. After a little bit of the same back and forth action Jwala lands his finisher which essentially is a Samoan Spike with just the spike part prolonged. He pins TNT for the win. Post match, Jwala asks for the mic, he says his name and says that he gets what he wants.Winner : JwalaRating : ¾*Analysis : A match filled with mistakes here and there. I didn’t see enough of Jwala, but it seems that he can be good. Savio Vega aka TNT is a veteran and tried his level best but it was a VERY slow match with quite a few problems. But I wish to see more of Jwala. They can use him in almost every storyline. His mic work is okay so he’ll need to work on that. Up until now he is the best singles Indian wrestler I’ve seen here. No Sonjay Dutt is not Indian.Backstage we see Sonjay Dutt on the phone with the boss as he apologizes for loosing. He then acts hesitantly and starts apologizing in Hindi. They did that so the non English speaking audience can interpret what’s going on. Magnus has a “WTF?” face on BTW, that’s funny. Sonjay asks Boss to not send “it” repeatedly. Magnus takes the phone and says that they are all sorry that the singles thing didn’t work out but the Tag Titles will be theirs and so will the control of RKK.  Sonjay goes on translating as Steiner suddenly looses it. He shouts out saying he wants control and he hates the people here. He asks for anyone, he will beat them up and storms off. Sonjay pleads to Magnus asking him to not send him. A little confusing segment that. But overall they did what was necessary.Backstage Harbhajan Singh tries to cheer up and encourage  Veera. He says that he put up a phenomenal performance. I love you Harbhajan, but you’d have to change the definition of phenomenal to call Veera that.  Veera says that he would have felt better if he was in the final to which Harbhajan says that he plays 100s of matches (not now) and he doesn’t win all of them. This was the “you win some, you lose some” routine. At least Veera didn’t talk much.Back in the arena the Sheikhs come out accompanied by Raeesha Saeed for the first quarter final match in the tournament for the RKK Tag Team titles. I just noticed their titantron video. Haha. It’s a camel walking back and forth a diagonal red and white stripe. Next out are the Pathani Patthes. I love their theme, it’s awesome.1st Quarter Final for the RKK Tag Team Championship : The Sheikhs vs Pathani PatthesJunior Pattha and Mushtafa start things off. They work with a few arm ringers and then near the ropes. Junior Pattha tags Senior Pattha in and Mushtafa tags Abdul in. Both of them exchange belly holds. Papa Pattha ets the upperhand but Mushtafa kicks him from the outside as Abdul capitalizes with a low dropkick. The Sheikhs are working on the left leg of the Pattha as they tag in each another twice. Mushtafa goes for the pin but Pattha kicks out. Mushtafa slaps him hard as Pattha kicks out and makes the tag to the Junior Pattha. Junior comes in with four scoop slams on both of them and then tosses Mushtafa out. He slams Abdul again and covers him but Raeesha Saeed distracts the ref. As junior tends to the ref the Sheikhs switch. Pattha comes back with the ref but Abdul rolls him up quickly for the win. WTF was that?Winners : The SheikhsRating : *Analysis : Another mediocre match right there. The finish was more than confusing, I mean they are NOT the Bellas. Come on already, book a clean finish.! That made the ref look like an idiot, which I’m pretty sure he is. The match itself wasn’t good. They did the same sequence over and over. It was either because of the lack of time or because the Patthas were slow. I’m satisfied with Junior Pattha’s work though.We see Isaiah Cash who says that he’ll beat Jackson and then we see Roscoe Jackson who looks like JR’s illegitimate son who says Cash caught him off guard and he’ll beat him in the fight of his life to become the no.1 contender to Matt Morgan’s title.A vignette is aired featuring a masked Indian wrestler. The camera angles were bad; they should have allowed more insight. You couldn’t tell whether he was a small dude or a jacked up guy. Apparently his name is Paagal Parinda and he is a high flyer. Paagal Parinda means Mad Butterfly.  They then mention our native Hornswoggle, Zoravaar. We see he stopped Ram and asked him to give Zoravaar a chance in Ring Ka King. Ram asks if he hasn’t learnt his lesson as of yet. He then says they can make all the fun they want off of him but if his younger brother shows up then they’ll all be in trouble. Haha, the end product will be good with his “smaller” brother.Back in the arena Sonjay Dutt and Sir Brutus Magnus make their way out followed by Jimmy Rave and Zema Ion. The announcers mention their boss and the fact that he’ll send “it” if they can’t get the job done. I know who “it” is. You should do.2nd Quarter Final for the RKK Tag Team Championship : Sonjay Dutt and Sir Brutus Magnus vs Jimmy Rave and Zema IonDutt and Rave are going to start the action as the crowd seems pumped for this match. Both the wrestlers work with the crowd a bit and then lock up. They exchange arm twisters or ringers but Jimmy Rave gains the upperhand after a running clothesline.  Sonjay Dutt again with the Ric Flair spot as he pleads for Rave to let him go, he then actually kisses his boots. He tries to get a cheap shot in but Rave counters. Dutt slithers to his corner hugging Magnus as Magnus tags himself in. Jimmy Rave tags Zema Ion in as well.  Magnus with the neck hold followed by a shoulder block. He goes on taunting the crowd and toying with Zema Ion for a bit. Zema comes back into the match with a beautiful elevated missile dropkick. He follows that up with a cross body drop for a two-count. Brutus tries the Flair spot and pokes Zema’s eyes immediately making the tag to Sonjay Dutt. Dutt runs in only to be at the receiving end of a hip toss into an arm bar. He tags Jimmy Rave in but Dutt quickly turns it around with a boot to the face near the corner. He takes Rave to their corner and repeatedly kicks him tagging Mangus in the process. Magnus works on him in the corner as the crowd is heating up quite a lot. He tags Dutt back in who shoulder rolls Rave and then performs a jumping double stomp to Rave’s face. Magnus went for the finish with a back-suplex but Rave landed on his feet. HE then slips between his legs and tags Zema Ion in who comes in with a good swinging DDT. He’s talented is Ion. Also, I’m pretty sure that was the hot tag. He goes to the top rope but Magnus tags Dutt in the meantime. Dutt jumps to the top rope but Zema pushes him down as Magnus catches Dutt. Zema then performs a flying missile dropkick on Dutt while he was in Magnus’ arms throwing Magnus down in the process. That was pretty good. He then tags Jimmy Rave in and they double team Magnus with an elevated faceplant. Jimmy Rave goes for the cover but Magnus kicks out at two. Dutt, the legal man comes back in and elbows Rave down as Magnus drops with a flying elbow off the top rope and Dutt covers for the three count. After the match Scott Steiner comes out and all three of them celebrate in the ring as the show goes off air.Winner : Sonjay Dutt and Sir Brutus MagnusRating : **1/4Analysis: That was a good tag match. It had back and forth action and a couple of nice spots. I like Zema Ion’s in ring work; some don’t which is okay with me. He has talent, not only is he a high flyer he is good on the ground as well. Rave didn’t have very much to do in the match so I can’t comment on him. Dutt and Magnus are working all their matches in typical chicken-shit smartass heel manner, not that that’s a bad thing but I’d like to see more of them wrestling. They are loaded with ability. The match was a little slow at first but they picked it up and took it to respectable heights.That was an average show. One of the matches was good while the other two could’ve been better.  It was an okay episode but squeezing three matches in a new one-hour show and expecting phenomenal matches would be stupid. They’ll get there, I hope. The debut of Jwala was a mixed bag, his character seems to be interesting and so does the overall appearance but he seems to “one-faced”. He should get better. No real storyline advancements today. They’re concentrating on the Tag Titles for now but I’d have loved to see the Champion. He is the best you got according to your storylines, so feature him more. He’s also over with the crowd quite a bit.Overall, an average episode with one good match and almost no relation to the ongoing storylines. Things could be SO much better. Hope the next episode has some connection to the storylines and is an improvement.Ratings for tonight.Indian POV Rating : 5.1/10Overall Rating : 4.4/10No featured storylines, subpar matches and the Tag Team tourney build up could be better. Seems fair.Man of the Show : Zema IonAlthough he wasn’t featured prominently, he did enough to steal this one away. But it should also tell you something when a wrestler who was featured so less is the best of the night. He also got it because there wasn’t another real contender really. Who was I gonna give it to? Veera?
That’s it for this episode. The next one is below.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
EPISODE 6 (12th February 2012)So you scrolled down, thank you my friend. Maybe you were just pressing the down button or you just wanted to go to the comments section eh? Well let’s get this shit started yo. Everybody in the 313 put your… Oh sorry I thought I was in “8 Mile”. Let’s start with the review.After a recap of the 5th episode we get the graphic bracket of the tournament progression thus far. The Bollywood Boys come out. Quite an entrance right there, they got their personal dancers and also agood theme music (not the generic crap). They remind me a LOT of The Rockers, the long haired boy is in full HBK mode even busting out the same moves. He’s carrying it off well, could I compliment him anymore? I mean I just mentioned him and Shawn Michaels in the same sentence. Yes I love Shawn, he was the best performer. I’m pretty sure creative told them to watch old WWF tapes and study the Rockers, they ate it down. The short hair dude must hope that he doesn’t end up to be Marty.  Their opponents are next, Mumbai Cats come out prowling cuz… you know.. they are umm.. cats…like a gimmick. Eh you get the point.3rd Quarter Final for the RKK Tag Team Championship : Mumbai Cats vs Bollywood BoysThe short haired Boy and one of the cats start the action off. They immediately switch it into high gear with a jump and a couple of hip tosses followed by an arm bar by the Boy. He tags Indian HBK or the long haired boy in and he immediately goes to work on the cat with a double arm toss with the other boy. The announcers SUCK… you should enunciate the names of the performers in a tag team amigo. He goes for the cover but the Cat kicks out and takes control off the match. He goes for a cover after an arm drag drop down but the Boy kicks out. He then tags the other cat in who keeps the control of the match with a couple of blows to the Boy’s back. He follows it up with an arm bar. The Boy feeds off the crowd and eventually breaks free only to have his hair dragged down by the Cat. The Cat goes for a pin but the Boy kicks out at 1. The Cat tags the other one in. This is shit confusing, they should make it clear who is which one. No one knows what the name of the star in action is. The boy retaliates by countering their double team move and driving one of the Cats into the other Cats sternum. He manages to get the tag. The short haired boy comes in with a rolling kick and an atomic drop on each of the Cats. He then bumps both their heads together and goes for the cover but the other Cat breaks it up. Indian HBK gets up and throws the Cat out of the ring and they both perform a superkick on the in-ring Cat. Short haired boy covers for the win.Winners : The Bollywood BoysRating : **3/4Analysis: I am loving the work of the Bollywood Boys. They have that 90s jive about them. Although it’s pretty apparent where their inspiration came from, I don’t have a problem with that. If it works then it’s not a problem and it’s not gimmick infringement. Any and every character related to HBK is not and I repeat NOT at all easy to carry. These guys did a phenomenal job of carrying him. Hell! Even the superkick was coordinated to perfection. The match itself was paced beautifully and they made the most of the 5-6 minutes they had. All four performers are talented especially the Boys. I want them more on my screen; they are potential main eventers and give them more time. A great start to the show BTW, the best up until now.We go backstage where Ram asks the Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion what his thoughts are regarding the two guys fighting in the no.1 contender’s match. Matt Morgan says that it took him a lifetime to win the title and he will defend it with his life regardless of Isaiah and Roscoe. Harbhajan Singh walks in and congratulates Matt and says that he knows that as a sportsman he knows that expectations and responsibilities increase every time they achieve a win and that he knows Matt will protect the title. Matt says that the title ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Ram translates it for the audience. I know what most of you are thinking about this segment. Most will laugh at Morgan’s statement but I think it was a smart move. Here me out, Morgan has really worked his ass off and hasn’t been a World champion in TNA so when he became the top dog here it really makes sense for him to say that he has worked a lifetime for this title. It also puts over the title and the Indian audience will love the fact that Morgan being an international superstar considers it such an honor and privilege to hold that title. So not only does it make sense to a wrestling fan but also to the Indians.We get a promo hyping the match between Roscoe Jackson and Isaiah Cash for the no.1 contender’s spot for the RKK Heavyweight Championship.Isaiah Cash comes out on his back followed by Roscoe Jackson. As Roscoe was making his way out Jwala comes out of nowhere and attacks him. As Roscoe was tending to Jwala, Isaiah Cash catches him off guard with a big boot. The bell has been rung in the meantime.Isaiah Cash vs Roscoe JacksonHe takes Roscoe to the ring and beats on him. He keeps control by performing an elevated back body drop. He goes for the pin but Roscoe Jackson kicks out at two. He immediately goes back to work and goes on stomping. Isaiah locks in the sleeper to wear Roscoe down. The ref checks on Jackson as he manages to keep the hand up. He tries to fight Isaiah off but he immediately regains control with a leg drop. Jackson sold it well. Isaiah goes for the headbutt drop but Roscoe manages to roll out. He goes for the elbow drop and Roscoe rolls out again. Roscoe fights back with a couple of clotheslines and a boot to the face. He then performs a sick belly to back suplex. Isaiah landed exactly on his neck, that was a good spot right there. Looked quite painful. Back from the replays Roscoe performs a cross body from the top rope for a two count. He then tries to stay in the match with a running body throw on the turnbuckle but Isaiah rolls out and hits the double handed sit out chokeslam for the pin. The announcers are calling every move wrong.Winner : Isaiah CashRating : **Analysis: To be honest didn’t expect the match to come off as good as it did. I expected a slow paced here and there match. They sure stepped it up with the amount of time they got. Two or three cool spots and smooth flowing match. Hmmmm….two back to back good matches with clean finishes. When did Ring of Honor kick TNA out and take over RKK?We get a replay of yesterday’s BRAWL FOR NO REASON~! Please don’t sue me Fozzie, I only own six mansions and 27 BMWs.Backstage we hear over the laptop talking to Steiner, Dutt and Magnus. He says that if they don’t keep up their winning ways he will send “it”. Magnus says they will keep up their winning ways referring to the tag tournament and says that they will do the same to the Bollywood Boys. Jarr…. Oops “The Boss” says he wants the control of Ring Ka King. Magnus asks Jef… oops “The Boss” (Damn it this is hard) not to send “it”. Dutt translates it all in Hindi making it look like he’s talking to the boss. I cannot take The Boss’ name because that’d be a spoiler but ALL of us know who he is. His voice is just as annoying as his wife. There’s a clue for the people who don’t know who he is.We see that Ram is backstage with Hollywood and Broadway. He says that the Tag Team tournament is heating up and he asks them about their plans for tonight. Broadway says that they are no strangers to Tag Team gold and they’ll win it again. Hollywood trash talks Chavo and Bulldog Hart and then go out as Ram walks off.  We go to commercials.Back from the break Ram is standing with Jazzy Lahoria, Harbhajan Singh and Deadly Danda. Ram asks what’s up with RKK right now to which Jazzy replies that the Tag Team Tourney is on and in the future we’ll get even better and bigger matches. Harbhajan congratulates Jazzy and says that we’ll get the tag team champions next week and walks away. Ram asks Jazzy what his thoughts are on Matt Morgan and he says that he’s a fighting champion. Out of nowhere Zoravaar the midget walks into frame. He asks for a spot in Ring Ka King. They all laugh at him. Zoravaar says it won’t be pretty if his younger brother shows up. Jazzy says his smaller brother showing up will mean even a shorter guy. Deadly Danda gets in Zoravaar’s face. We know how Zoravaar’s should turn out.In the arena, American Adonis comes out with Shera. While coming out he eyeballs the tag titles which are placed on the cool blue lit podium. He sits on a steel chair inside the ring and introduces himself again. He says that he is on a mission to prove that there is not a man in India who can break his Adonis Lock and so he has increased the reward money from 1 lakh (100,000) India rupees to 5 lakhs of  (500,000) Indian rupees. He shows us the money and he says that there is no competition for him in the ring so he and Shera searched the whole of India and found a guy. Shera translates it. HE then introduces a random Indian guy. Adonis shows him the money and asks his name which apparently is Bijoy and he is from Delhi. He invites Bijoy to sit down.  He locks the Adonis Lock in and Bijoy quickly passes out. Mahabali Veera comes out much to the surprise of Adonis and to the despair of me.  He enters the ring and takes the mic (God no). Oh and he has more baby oil on his body than Mason Ryan. They could be a tag team. He then says that he accepts Adonis’ challenge and he says it in a regal manner.  He then says that he’ll break his… lock. DUDE! NORMAL!  He says that after he wins the 5 lakh rupees he’ll distribute it among his fans or feeeeeeeens as he likes to call them. If he breaks the lock I won’t get any portion of the money apparently. They are getting agitated as Veera inflates his chest over and over again. DUDE! NORMAL! Adonis says something into Shera’s ears. Shera says that they do one challenge in one day and they also have to hit the gym so they need to go. They walk off as Veera looks on from the ring and is standing in the ring with a “Bring it on” pose. That segment set up a Veera vs Adonis feud. I love the fact that they are starting a feud here. Let us weigh the pros and cons:Pros: (1)The first ever proper feud between two wrestlers; (2) Will generate viewer interest; (3)An Indian wrestler gets exposure; (4) We get meaningful matches; (5) We get segments which mean something; (5) We finally move on from the “new promotion” feel.Cons: (1) The Indian wrestler is Veera; (2) We get more Veera segments; (3) One of the wrestlers is VEERA.Okay now that we got that out of the way, let’s carry on with the show shall we?Ram is in the locker room with Chavo Guerrero and Bulldog Hart. Ram asks Chavo what his plan is to which Chavo replies that his plan is to win; his plan is to win the tag team titles. He says that the Guerrero family was one of the great families in wrestling with another being the Harts and that is why he brought in another third generation superstar, Bulldog Hart. Bulldog says that Chavo is a great tag team partner and the fact that he has got agility and Hart has got the power and technique. He says that the only thing separating them from the tag team titles is time and Chavo approves as they walk off. Ram does his job and translates it in Hindi.We go to commercials. Not a single floor commercial spot till now. John Canton is not impressed.We get another vignette for Paagal Parinda as Siddharth Kannan asks Spiderman and Superman to step aside to make way for Parindaman uhh.. I mean Paagal Parinda. Siddharth then asks Harbhajan Singh who is sitting there with them at the announcer’s table, about next week’s title match. Harbhajan says that the match should be good cuz Matt Morgan will defend his title with all his might and Cash also is a good “khiladi” which means player.  They are treating this as a sport over here.  He says that may the best man win.  We see a graphic of the tag team tournament bracket where The Sheikhs, Sonjay Dutt and Magnus and the Bollywood Boys have advanced to the semi finals.First out are Hollywood and Broadway. Stupid-ass Siddharth Kannan just said that Hollywood and Broadway are two cities; thankfully Joe Baath more or less managed it by mentioning New York and Los Angeles. Their opponents are out next. Bulldog Hart and Chavo Guerrero come out to Chavo’s music and theme.Hollywood and Broadway vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog HartBroadway and Chavo start the action. They do the usual arm ringer roll up sequence to start it off. Chavo with a shoulder block and then a sequence of run overs followed by a dropkick on Broadway. He tags Bulldog in. Chavo Irish Whips Broadway and Bulldog lays him out with a Randy Orton-esque scoop sideslam for a two count. Broadway kicks Hart on the leg and tags Hollywood in. Bulldog with a swinging neckbreaker for another two count. Hart tags Chavo in and they perform a double team maneuver where Hart hits a backbreaker but just kept him on the knees while Chavo rolled on his head over the top rope. Hollywood comes back into the match with a bit if help from Broadway. Both of them beat down Chavo in their corner as the ref is tending Bulldog. Hollywood then tags Broadway in. Broadway goes for the cover but Chavo immediately breaks it. He then goes for the arm bar but Chavo gets out as we go to commercials. Back from the break Broadway performs the leg drop from the second rope on to Chavo’s back. Broadway then goes for Bulldog as the ref moves towards Bulldog to stop him. Hollywood and Broadway take advantage and double team Chavo while the ref is looking away. Hollywood is the legal man now as he works on Chavo with a sleeper. CHavo feeds of the crowd only to receive a dropkick after breaking out. Hollywood goes for the pin but Chavo grabs a hold of the ropes. Hollywood tags Broadway in who immediately puts Chavo in a sleeper with a few dirty moves like choking Chavo with his wrist tape.  Chavo finally makes a comeback with a spinning DDT after feeding off the crowd. Both men are down reaching for the partners. Broadway tags Hollywood in and Chavo makes the hot tag to Hart. Hart comes in with a clothesline followed by a running knee to the face. He connects with two consecutive belly to belly suplexes and goes for the cover but Broadway breaks it up. Broadway receives a sweet superkick from Hart for his efforts. He then powerbombs Hollywood after tagging Chavo in who hits the Five Star Frog Splash from the top rope for the win.  We see Chavo and Hart celebrating followed by a pre-cap of next week’s episode as they go off the air.Winners : Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog HartRating : **1/2Analysis : Good tag match which followed the basic formula. Chavo and Hart seemed to be comfortable teaming with each other and have good coordination as well. Nothing much to complain about but nothing which stood out as well.A wrestling heavy show more or less. I loved it. It was about the tag titles and they also managed to squeeze in other storylines. This episode made up for the previous one, it had good in-ring action, development in storylines and generated interest. Hopefully, they keep this up. I’m not a big fan of Veera which should be evident by now; he needs to get out of his almost robotic mould. At least a one on one feud started off. The Boss angle did see some development finally after we heard Jarr…uh.. The Boss’ voice. This should lead to a powershift storyline which seem oh so common these days since it generates interest easily. But they should not forget that these angles can go horribly wrong if the booking is not pitch perfect (see The Invasion, Punk-WWE after an extent, TNA-Immortal and I could go on). However if it is booked well enough, the angle can pull off an interesting program (see Kevin Steen-ROH, Punk-WWE to an extent and another one in PWG). So they need to tread carefully. The Tag Titles were emphasized a lot which is a very good sign. I hope they keep the good work up with the tag team scene. It has been nothing but wonderful up until now. It’s getting the same amount of attention it deserves and is shaping up to look like TNA’s once prideful Tag Team division. I hope things move towards greatness as they have definitely laid out the groundwork.Ratings for tonight.Indian POV Rating : 6.8/10Overall Rating : 7.7/10The first show where the Overall Rating was more than the Indian POV Rating. This is because the wrestling was good but some parts of the show might have been difficult for the Indian audience to comprehend. Not complaining though, this was good.Man of the Show : The Bollywood BoysIt should be the “Men of the Show”. I absolutely love them, especially the long haired one. The Indian version of the Rockers rocked it, and the whole HBK vibe was great as they managed to carry it off nearly perfectly. They deserve it.3 Highlights of the Week:1st. The Bollywood Boys with a 90s Rockers gimmick. The HBK vibe to the long haired Boy.2nd. Emphasis on the Tag Titles.3rd. Some development on the Boss storyline, finally.That’s it for this week then. Thanks for reading and feedback is much appreciated and needed. I won’t know if I was wrong somewhere if you don’t tell me with your opinions and from your perspective. Scroll down to the comments section and let your voice be heard! Too much? Yeah, I thought so.Seriously though post your opinions and if you want to talk about anything in wrestling or Ring Ka King translations, mail me at sendharth@gmail.com.Contact me on facebook if you want instant talk at http://www.facebook.com/SimplyAwesomeSiddharthSengupta.Until next time then… Oh and “Thank you, come again.”