After a week off, The SharpShooter Podcast is back!  Queue Chris Jericho screaming "Yeah Baby!"  

I know it's a bit odd to see a SharpShooter Cast article appear on a Monday, but it's June 2nd, and you know what that means - WWE's Payback aired last night!  Instead of waiting for Raw to air, and then reviewing both in and the Pay-Per-View on Tuesday, we decided to dedicate an entire episode to Payback alone today.  We figured an hour of Payback talk would be a hell of a lot more interesting than an hour of talk split amongst six hours of wrestling.  We think you'll agree.

So, enjoy our 44th episode!  Along with our in depth review of Payback, we also answer another listener question.  This one is from Jared, who took exception to our talk a couple weeks ago about foreign wrestlers typically being heels in the WWE.  We love hearing from you guys, and enjoyed discussing our favorite "foreign" wrestlers.  The term "foreign" is, of course, relative.

Before throwing to the show, here's a quick note:

Last week's show was marred by technical difficulties.  Honestly, it could've been our podcast host, and it could've been the TJR.  Whatever the case, it worked itself out a couple days after posting.  So if you stream our shows, we apologize for last week's problems.  It shouldn't happen again.  Of course, if you subscribe to the show using your favorite mobile device, you won't have to worry about streaming issues!  Be sure to read on after this week's stream for info on how to suscribe to the show.

This week's episode covers:

  • Aaron's insomnia.
  • How the WWE Network held up during Payback.
  • A review and analysis of PAYBACK.
  • Sheamus vs Cesaro continue a trend of GREAT openers.
  • Kings defeat Black Hawks - awesome Chicago crowd.
  • Rybaxel vs Rhodes Bros. is merely ok.
  • Rusev defeats Big E in a short but sweet match.
  • Bo Dallas steals our hearts.
  • BNB vs RVD proves WWE is taking mid-card titles seriously.
  • Daniel Bryan decision makes crowd go wild.
  • Cena and Wyatt finally have a memorable, but not classic, match.
  • Paige vs Fox fails to live up to television hype.
  • The Shield vs Evolution delivers BIG, again.
  • Final Payback scores.
  • Listener question: Who are our favorite foreign wrestlers of all time?


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Thanks everyone for listening to this week's show!  What did you think of Payback?  Obviously we were high on the show, despite the fact that nothing major occurred.  And a big thank you to Jared for this week's question!  Outside of performers from the United States and Canada, who are some of your favorite wrestlers?  We think we nailed it with William Regal, but there has to be hundreds of other great choices out there.