Welcome to The SharpShooter Cast's very first holiday episode!  This week we talk about WWE's Christmas Raw (featuring Good Santa vs Bad Santa) and plenty of other holiday goodness - like our favorite Christmas movies of all time.

This week we're joined by Joel Schwartz, someone we mention often on the podcast, but have yet to have on.  He's been a good friend of ours for nearly two decades, and we think he brings a great "casual fan" perspective to the show.  Yep, that means he's going to say silly things like "Paul Heyman is boring", but we love the guy anyway.

So before you meet up with family and exchange gifts, give Episode 23 a listen!  

This week we talk about:

  • An introduction to our guest - Joel Schwartz.
  • A quick assessment of Oakland Raiders fans.
  • Aaron hallucinates that he kills his entire family with a Christmas tree.
  • Our favorite Christmas movies of all time.
  • A review and analysis of the latest Christmas episode of WWE's Raw.
  • Initial opinions on the theme of the show.
  • A brief interruption - Aaron tells a funny story about trailer sewage.
  • Good Santa (Mark Henry) vs Bad Santa (Damian Sandow),
  • The Divas match was awful.
  • More fun with the Wyatt family.
  • Roman Reigns continues to reign... over our hearts.
  • Final review scores for Raw.
  • Fred Durst vs Chad Kroeger, who sucks more?
  • Who will have the greater legacy, Scott Hall or Jake the Snake Roberts?

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​Let us know what you think of this week's episode!  Did you enjoy WWE's Christmas episode of Raw?  And speaking of Christmas, what are your favorite Christmas movies?  

We can't wait to see you guys next week, when we hit a major milestone with our 24th episode!