Welcome to Episode 11 of the SharpShooter Cast!  This week's episode is, without a doubt, the biggest episode we've ever made, and we're damned excited about it.

This week we have two guests on the show.  The most notable of which is TJR's very own Marc B.  Also known as Fozzy to all you loyal readers.  Fozzy and I got to spend about 40 minutes together, talking mostly about TNA, but also about his background and his love for wrestling.  It was a fun conversation.

Also on the show this week is Adam Brito, our cousin who we've mentioned nearly every week since beginning the podcast.  Adam is with us to discuss Raw, and then review and analyze the Breaking Bad finale...

And that's really what makes this week's podcast so big.  While we review the Breaking Bad finale, it is in no way necessary to listen to.  It's at the end of the show, and if Breaking Bad isn't your thing, you can turn the show off.  That being said, why in the world is Breaking Bad not your thing?

Here's a list of topics covered this week:

- An introduction to our first guest: Adam Brito.

- A review and analysis of the September 30th episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw.

- An interview with Marc (Fozzy) B.

   - What got him interested in professional wrestling?

   - How and when he got involved with TJR.

   - Why does he think the Evil Dixie Carter storyline works?

   - Should TNA renew the contracts of Hogan and Sting?

   - Of the wrestlers who haven't been in WWE, who should TNA push to the top?

- Questions for Adam:

   - Who are his favorite wrestlers of all time?

   - What is his stance on HHH's role on tv?

- A special extra review of the Breaking Bad finale.

Here's the Stream:


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​Let us know what you think of the topics discussed!  Should TNA renew Hogan and Sting's contracts?  What did you think of the Battleground go-home show?  And hell, did you enjoy the Breaking Bad finale??

Thanks again for your continued support, and we can't wait to talk to everyone again next week!