Welcome to another episode of The SharpShooter Cast, a professional wrestling podcast from a fan perspective.  Much like the readers of TJR Wrestling, we're hardcore wrestling fans who grew up with WWE, WCW, and ECW.  And like most other fans who frequent TJR Wrestling, some of our absolute favorite wrestlers are those who make in-ring action look real, and devote their lives and bodies to entertaining us.  Guys like Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan.

Which is why this week is so tough for us.  As has been noted over the last few days, Daniel Bryan has a neck injury which will require immediate surgery.  Right now, very little is known regarding the severity of the injury.  WWE is selling the injury as career threatening, but honestly, it behooves them to do so, as Daniel Bryan's return will therefore be a larger event.  

According to online rumors, Bryan could be out four to six weeks, which sure sounds like a good scenario in that "at least it's not worse", but the extent of the injury and rehab time required will obviously be unknown for quite a while.

This week's episode covers Bryan's injury, our fears regarding his absence, and WWE's misuse of talent "depth".  We think this is one of our best episodes, and hope you'll enjoy listening.  Of course, we also review Raw!

Episode 42 covers these topics:

  • Intro - sleep deprivation.
  • Sheamus vs Sin Cara backstage brawl rumors.
  • Daniel Bryan requires neck surgery, should we be worried?
  • Listener Questions: 1) Should the WWE institute match time limits? 2) Should heels cheat more to gain heat?
  • Aaron makes a unique plea to CM Punk, but who are we kidding? CM Punk isn't listening!
  • A Review and Analysis of the 5/12/14 episode of RAW.
  • The Shield delivers a promo to an invisible Evolution?
  • Michael Cole is taking a dump on the excitement surrounding Adam Rose.
  • Who has more long-term potential, Big E or Rusev?
  • Sheamus stands out on a weak episode of Raw.
  • WWE's Top Tag Teams Countdown is totally whack!
  • Paige vs Alicia Fox was one of the best parts of Raw.
  • Nikki Bella vs Natalya was the exact opposite.
  • Daniel Bryan's role on Raw put an overall damper on the show.
  • Raw goes out in style with excellent Shield vs Evolution action.
  • Final Raw Scores.


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What are your thoughts on Bryan?  Do you think WWE is overselling the injury a bit, or do you fear for longeity of Bryan's career?  It's a fair question, and if Bryan is injury prone (history hasn't shown that to be the case), you have to wonder how cautious WWE is getting behind guys for big pushes.  Also, what are your thoughts on match time limits?  Aaron and I were split on the topic this week, and we'd love to get listener feedback.