Welcome to Episode 14 of The SharpShooter Cast!  Before we get started this week, we'd like to thank Mr. John Canton (the big cheese here at TJR Wrestling) for his participation in last week's episode of The SharpShooter Cast.  We learned something very important: JC is a lot like Vinny Mac.  He equals ratings.  Probably because he's a big deal.  He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.  

But enough about last week's show, because this week's SharpShooter Cast is even better!  This week, Aaron and I discuss our live experience at TNA's biggest show of the year - Bound for Glory.  An event in which AJ Styles reaffirmed himself as TNA's greatest wrestler ever.

After we give our thoughts on the event, Marc "Fozzy" B. joins the show to discuss the ramifications of Bound for Glory.  Yes, that makes Marc the very first guest to ever appear on The SharpShooter Cast twice!  We're very glad to have him.

So sit back and enjoy a review of Bound for Glory, and some fun banter.  We hope you enjoy the conversation!

This week's episode covers:

- A thank you to John Canton for his appearance on last week's episode.

- Is hard cider an appropriate drink for the modern man?

- Tom and Aaron discuss their experience of attending Bound for Glory live.

- A review and analysis of TNA's biggest event of the year - Bound for Glory.

- Aaron drunkenly demands that Sting remove his clothing.

- Is AJ Styles TNA's greatest wrestler ever?

- Final Bound for Glory grades.

- An interview of Marc "Fozzy" B. of TJR Wrestling.

- What did Marc think of the booking at Bound for Glory?

- Marc's thoughts on the future of TNA/Impact Wrestling.

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Let us know what you think of this week's episode.  Did you catch Bound for Glory?  Can TNA survive another couple of years?  Should Hulk Hogan be a major part of Impact every week?  As always, you participation and support is greatly appreciated.  

We'll see you all in a week!