Thanks for joining us this week, for the 46th episode of the SharpShooter Cast!  There's lots to talk about this week, as Raw was a HUGE step above the previous couple of weeks, with major storyline developments and good in ring action, plus we have a several great listener questions.  A big thank you to YOU, the listeners, for contributing to the show this week.

With that said, the intro to the show this week is about the passing of Tony Gwynn - one of the greatest pure hitters in Major League Baseball history.  As long time listeners know, we live in San Diego, California, and watching Tony was a big part of our childhoods.  In terms of childhood heroes, the only sports "celebrity" close to Tony Gwynn in our minds was Bret Hart.  The biggest difference between the two was how much more Gwynn meant to an entire city.  He was more than a sports hero, he was our city's crown jewel.

But enough of that!  Let's get down to pro wrestling!  This week we talk about how Money in the Bank is shaking out, the surprise debut of Stardust, Kevin Hart, and The Shield's continuing excellence.  Raw was a stacked show, and this week's podcast was special because of that.  We hope you'll enjoy the discussion surrounding Raw.  On to the show!

This week's episode covers:

  • A tribute to Tony Gwynn, who passed away far too early.
  • A congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs.
  • A Review and analysis of the 6/17/14 episode of Raw.
  • How did Kevin Hart do as a special guest?
  • Is projectile vomit funny?
  • The Battle Royal main event was a hit!
  • Cena vs Kane in a stretcher match was a dud :(
  • Rollins vs Ziggler FINALLY gets time on Raw.
  • Ambrose vs BNB proves Ambrose's versatility.
  • The debut of Stardust was totally weird!
  • Final Raw Ratings.
  • Listener Questions:
  • 1) What's the strangest thing a parent has ever said to us about Wrestling?
  • 2) What do we think will be the biggest storyline of the summer?
  • 3) What was behind the speedy fall of Zack Ryder?
  • 4) What are some of our favorite podcasts?

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Again, a big thank you to Matt, Jesse, Alex, and (I'm just going to call you) Jimmy for the questions this week.  It helped us fill out the show when we were having a difficult time thinking about anything outside of Tony Gwynn's passing.  Your support and contributions can't be understated.

I know we get negative feedback whenever we focus on local issues, but I couldn't resist this week.  After learning of his death, and visiting Tony Gwynn's memorial at Petco Park, I took a moment to write down my thoughts on the man.  I enjoyed being able to paraphrase those thoughts on this week's show.  Here are my complete thoughts regarding Tony Gwynn's passing:

If you're an outsider looking in, you might not understand the heartbreak that came along with the news of Tony's passing. To you, Tony Gwynn was another baseball superstar who passed away a little too early. But Tony Gwynn was so much more than a baseball superhero to San Diego.


Tony never left us. Since coming to San Diego for college, he never left, because he never wanted to. He had ample opportunity to do so when free agency knocked on the door, but he didn't. Tony was San Diego. He did amazing things on the baseball field; if you look at his career stats, certain numbers leap off the page. Some are just unbelievable. But as great as he was for the Padres, he was even better for the city of San Diego. He was a player, a coach, and an invaluable member of our community. He and his wife Alicia were true champions for multiple charities in San Diego.


We were so lucky to have Tony Gwynn choose us. He chose SDSU, and then he chose to stay with the Padres. This was his home. In terms of sports celebrities as role models, you couldn't possibly ask for more than Tony Gwynn.


We San Diego sports fans like to get down on ourselves for the city never having won a major championship, but honestly, how many cities get to be blessed with the type of star Tony Gwynn was? San Diego State University won when Tony Gwynn enrolled for college. The Padres won when they drafted Tony Gwynn in 1981. And the city of San Diego won when Tony Gwynn decided to never leave. Tony Gwynn was our championship.


He will always be loved, and missed.