Welcome to episode 25 of the SharpShooter Cast!  In honor of Old School Raw, WE went old school as well in this week's podcast, so you'll hear some flubbs, jokes, and background noise.  Good times!  

The focus of this week is on Raw, which while neglecting current storylines a bit, provided a fun trip down memory lane.  If you've listened to us in the past, you know we watched every single episode of Raw for its first several years, and have a special love for the music, look, and characters of 1990's Raw.  

If you're at all like us, you'll enjoy this week's discussion quite a bit.

So without further delay, let's get right into the contents of this week's show!

  • Aaron comes over just as Tom is finishing up with DDP Yoga.
  • Mythbusters Star Wars Special talk (and why Bobba Fett sucks).
  • A quick talk about San Diego sports.
  • Did Old School Raw live up to our lofty expectations?
  • Raw scores.
  • Ric Flair owns the building.
  • Too Cool's return was too cool.
  • Old School Raw = Father and Son(s) day at the office.
  • The absence of Ziggler and the severity of head injuries.
  • What match would we rather see? Lesnar vs Show, or Lesnar vs Henry?
  • Aaron's bad week.
  • A review of Raw's main event: CM Punk vs Roman Reigns.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts' big return.
  • Will WWE Network actually be announced this week?

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What did you think of Old School Raw?  Was Jake the Snake's return a big enough surprise for you?  And were you bothered at all by the lack of storyline progression?

Here's the biggest question of the week: If WWE delivers an over-the-top Network (in the vein of Netflix and Hulu Plus), will you buy into it?  What will it take to get your business?  Let us know and we'll discuss your opinion on next week's show!