Welcome to another episode of The SharpShooter Cast, TJR Wrestlings very own weekly, twin hosted podcast.  Rest assured, as more podcasts are created on this site, we'll get more and more creative to continue claiming we're the first.  Did you know what The SharpShooter Cast is the only wrestling podcast in the world hosted by two San Diego Chargers season ticket holders?  Pretty amazing, I know.

This week, we have a special guest join us - Sleazy from The Wrestling Show w/ Sleazy and the Fatman.  If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Sleazy's website: The Wrestling Show.  It's a great website and a great podcast that we've been honored to be a part of.  Sleazy joins us this week to talk about his history with professional wrestling, with a focus on his experiences with the independent scene.

And of course, we take a big look at Raw Country, the go home show for Survivor Series.  Here's a quick summary of our thoughts on the "Country" gimmick: it sucked.  But you might be surprised to learn our thoughts on the show as a whole.

This episode covers:

- An introduction to Sleazy and his website/podcast.


- A look at independent wrestling.

- The differences between an independent crowd and a WWE crowd.

- How Sleazy became interested in professional wrestling.

- A review and analysis of "Raw Country". Did it work as a go home show?

- Our thoughts on the Country gimmick.

- Rey Mysterio Jr's big return.

- Is the Miz's apparent heel turn a good thing for all?

- Did WWE do Big E Langston right by putting the IC title on him?

- Thoughts on Xavier Woods big Raw debut.

- Final scores for Raw.

- Questions:

- What are our top wrestling finishers of all time?

- Which is the more disappointing prequel: Dumb and Dumberer or The Phantom Menace?

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​Let us know your thoughts on this week's Raw in the comments!  Did you enjoy the Country gimmick?  And are you excited that Michael Strahan will be hosting Raw next week?

Also, seriously, which highly anticipated prequel sucked more: Dumb and Dumberer or The Phantom Menace?  And which sequel, Dumb and Dumber To or Star Wars Episode 7 are you more excited about?  

We cannot wait to hear from you in the comments.