Welcome to Episode 4 of The Sharpshooter: Pro Wrestling Podcast.  TJR's only weekly podcast.  If we're going by Star Wars rules, this is when the episodes start getting good.  

As always, The Sharpshooter is brought to you buy Thomas and Aaron Briggs, otherwise known as the Thursday Headlines guys.  Or Marty Jannetty's biggest fans.  Every week we discuss the latest Raw, and other major news in Pro Wrestling.  This is a professional wrestling podcast from a fan perspective.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments, and will address them directly on the air.  So let us know what you think!  Hit us up in the comments, or email me directly.  You can also contact me directly on Twitter: @thjbriggs.

This week, we cover these topics: 

- A review of SummerSlam's "Go home" show - Raw.

- What are our favorite Battle Royales?

- Aaron reacts to a negative comment about the podcast.

- Listener question: If we were pro wrestlers, what would our personas be?  Would we be good guys, or bad guys?

- A comparison of CM Punk and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.


Here's the stream:

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In the very near future, we'll be having guests on, in the form of our fellow TJR writers.  So look forward to that.  Enjoy the show everyone, and thank you for your continued support!