Welcome to the 54th episode of everyone's favorite podcast, The SharpShooter Cast!  Well, it's at least our favorite podcast, and that counts for something.

This week's big topic is the lead up for SummerSlam.  If you've listened to the show over the last few weeks, you know that Aaron and I will be at the Staples Center this Sunday to attend the event.  We're VERY excited.  We missed the last two years, but had an amazing time in 2011 when CM Punk main evented against John Cena.  It was one hell of a good time, and we're nearly equally excited to witness John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (I guess that John Cena guy has lasting power).  

John Cena and Brock Lesnar's interaction on Raw this week has us more hyped than ever for the SummerSlam main event.  But did Raw succeed in selling the rest of the SummerSlam card?  We discuss developments in the Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon story, and whether or not they were necessary to selling their upcoming fight.  We also take a look at Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins vs Ambrose, and much more.  Be sure to listen for our predictions for each match up!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the SummerSlam "Go Home" episode of Raw, we take a moment to speak on a couple of sad topics.  Firstly, we talk about the news of Robin Williams' untimely death.  While the SharpShooter Cast is a Professional Wrestling podcast, Robin's death mean so much to so many that it's impossible to ignore this week.  The world, including Aaron and I, are deeply saddened by his death.  And to a much less serious degree, we talk about the release of Alberto Del Rio from the WWE.  

There's plenty to this week's episode, so let's get right to it!

This week's show covers:

  • Aaron rants on Timeshares.
  • A fond farewell to Robin Williams.
  • Thoughts on Alberto Del Rio's release from WWE.
  • More comments on Ray Rice and the way Baltimore has embraced him.
  • WWE Network goes international!
  • A review and analysis of the 8/11/14 episode of Raw.
  • WWE nearly undoes everything right about McMahon/Bella storyline with awful new development.
  • Brock vs Cena hype is at an all time high! (Predictions)
  • Orton vs Reigns. (Predictions)
  • Rollins/Ambrose stipulation disappoints. (Predictions)
  • Pushing Swagger at the expense of Cesaro. (Predictions)
  • Tom compliments Portland crowd.
  • Wyatt vs Jericho interview segment discussed. (Predictions)
  • Hulk Hogan's birthday bash!
  • Listener question: What are our favorite WWE video packages?
  • Is WWE hypocritical for cutting budget and employees while also signing big international stars?
  • Would WWE be forced into pushing a talent if they had relentless fan support?

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Let us know what you think of this week's show!  Did Raw sell you on SummerSlam?  And for those of you living outside of the United States, are you excited about the WWE Network.  God knows the WWE has been selling the Network hard for the last six months, are you sold?  And finally, are you sad to see Alberto Del Rio released?  What did you think of the end of his career with WWE?  A big thanks once again to Mike and Jesse for the questions.  Keep them coming guys, and we look forward to discussing wrestling with you next week!