Join us for the newest episode of the SharpShooter Cast!  This week we talk about our Fourth of July celebrations, Raw, and answer several listener questions.  Seriously, you guys came through for us this week, as we had six questions from five listeners.  It's a very fun episode.

Because this was our 49th episode, we're gearing up for yet another big milestone episode next week.  And while fifty episodes is major, fifty-two is certain to be even bigger, as it represents a full year for us, something we didn't know was possible when starting the show.  So it's fun to look back on our early episodes, critique them, and think about how far the show has come.  In this episode, Aaron does exactly that, as he apologizes for our most infamous episode yet.

In our main discussion, which continues in one of our listener questions, we discuss Roman Reigns' seemingly inevitable push.  He has stood tall to end the show in each of the past two Raws, and WWE is giving him more and more valuable air time to prove his worth.  We discuss whether he is read for that push (as compared to his contemporaries, such as Seth Rollins), and if WWE is making the right move by pushing him now.  Making major new stars is always a balancing act, and it feels like WWE is approaching things the right way in the case of Roman Reigns, or so we hope.

Also, how fun was Raw last night?!  While the in ring action and fun wrestler returns weren't as good (or there at all) as last week, the Montreal crowd more than made up for the show's shortcomings.  The response for Roman Reigns, Bret Hart, and Chris Jericho were all wonderful.  In this week's episode, we talk about how a great crowd can make even a lackluster show great.

Anyway, on to the SharpShooter Podcast!

This week's episode covers:

  • Intro - Paul McCartney coming to San Diego.
  • Fourth of July talk.
  • Aaron apologizes for a past episode.
  • A review and analysis of WWE's Raw.
  • Is Rusev regressing?
  • Should Randy Orton have gone clean over Dean Ambrose?
  • The Montreal crowd brings their A game.
  • Bret Hart returns to screw-city.
  • Are the Usos cool?
  • Raw ends with a disappointing main event.
  • Final grades.
  • Listener questions! 1) Is the WWE Network worth owning? 2) Better method for going over clean - pin or submission? 3) Who will win the IC title at BattleGround? 4) Should WWE pull the trigger on Reigns early? 5) What are some in and outside the ring storylines that never got a pay off that you wish would have?

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As always, a big thank you to all who listen, and especially if you've contributed to the podcast.  This week Jimmy, Daniel, Mitch, Mike, and Samuel all gave us plenty to talk about.  And a thank you to Paul, who motivated Aaron to go back and listen to episode 8, and reflect on our history.  We very much appreciate everyone who has helped us improve the podcast, whether through criticisms, questions, or comments.  Thank you.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode?  Were you as happy with Montreal as we were?  And is WWE moving too quickly with Roman Reigns?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!