Welcome to the 39th episode of the SharpShooter Cast.  After a week in which we discussed the life and times of The Ultimate Warrior, things are back to normal for us on the Podcast.  This week, we focus on the latest Raw, who we thought stood out, and our opinions on how Extreme Rules is shaping up.  Here's a bit of a spoiler: we're really looking forward to the "Special Event".  That's what they're called now, didn't you know?

Just by looking around the internet, it's easy to see that many fans we're let down by last night's Raw.  Combined with last week's show, it seems the WWE has definitely entered its post-Mania lull.  We, though, decided to give this week's Raw a bit of a pass.  The most exciting development heading into Raw was Daniel Bryan - our beloved champion - making his return.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

Daniel Bryan's father - Bud Danielson - sadly passed away several days ago.  Bryan was made aware of his passing after returning from his honeymoon.  Although he worked Raw, clearly he was booked in a way that would allow him to take additional time off, allowing him to grieve with his family.  In this way, WWE did the best it could given the circumstances.  

We offer our deepest condolences to Daniel Bryan and his family.

This week's episode covers:

  • Tom and Aaron discuss farts.
  • Why Aaron does the podcast.
  • Thoughts on a WWE produced Sting DVD.
  • Josh Reddick dresses up like the Ultimate Warrior.
  • The WWE Network's special on the Ultimate Warrior.
  • Jim Ross rants on heels.
  • Review and Analysis of the 4/21/14 episode of Raw.
  • Daniel Bryan painfully makes it through opening segment.
  • Bray Wyatt delivers fantastic promo.
  • Sheamus and Wade Barrett steal the show.
  • RVD defeats Cesaro.
  • Raw was filled with... filler.
  • The Return of Evolution is explained.
  • Eric Young is the TNA champ?
  •  Cheladas are great on Sundays!
  • Final scores for Raw.

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What did you think of this week's show?  Now that Extreme Rules has its top three matches booked - Evolution vs Shield, Bryan vs Kane, and Wyatt vs Cena - are you excited?  And what do you think of Wade Barrett's performance this week?  Thanks for listening guys and gals, and we look forward to delivering our 40th episode to you next week!  There's sure to be all kinds of surprises.