Welcome to the 19th episode of The SharpShooter Podcast!  As all you Stephen King fans out there know, nineteen is a VERY special number.  What?  You don't read Stephen King's novels??  Well trust me, nineteen is a big deal.

It would stand to reason, then, that this would be a big episode for the SharpShooter Cast as well.  And it is!  This is our very first Pay Per View Roundtable episode.  Instead of reviewing and analyzing Raw this week, we'll be discussing Survivor Series, and reviewing EVERY SINGLE MATCH of that event.

Joining us this week to review Survivor Series are TJR favorites Andrew Johnson and Marc "Fozzy" B.  So without further adieu, let's get to this week's show!

This episode covers:

- An introduction to this week's format.

- Listener Question: Will WWE actually crown a unified Champion?

- Roundtable Review of Survivor Series 2013.

- Thumbs up/Thumbs down from the review crew?

- The Shield and Real Americans vs The Rhodes, Usos, and Rey Mysterio Jr.

- Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel.

- Team Total Divas vs Team True Divas.

- What's wrong with WWE's Divas division?

- Mark Henry vs Ryback.

- John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio.

- CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family.

- Randy Orton vs The Big Show.

- Final thoughts on Survivor Series 2013.

- Listener Question: Was Mr. Kennedy underutilized by the WWE?


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Let us know what you thought of Survivor Series in the comments.  And what do you think of the state of WWE's Divas division?

One last time, a big thank you again to Andrew and Marc, who helped make the show fun today.  We had some technical issues that were frustrating, but Andrew and Marc were great, and we look forward to having them on again in the future!