Angry at this week's episode title?  Well, give this podcast a listen, and hopefully all will make sense.  MANY fans were irritated last night over Chicago's attempt to "hijack" Raw.  But their attempt largely failed due to some masterful story telling by the WWE (beginning with the excellent Paul Heyman).  They manipulated the Chicago audience by delivering everything that they wanted to see... with the lone exception being CM Punk.

Despite Chicago's failed attempt to ruin Raw, they showed up again to deliver great responses to the Usos, Dolph Ziggler, Aaron Paul, and most of all - Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan was a made man last night in Chicago, and thanks to the crowd's adoration of him, the heat on HHH and Stephanie McMahon has never been hotter.  

Put simply, Chicago could've been a disaster for the WWE.  Instead, it was a darn good show, all without Punk.  Listen to our thoughts on the show!

This episode covers:

  • Adam Muema needs to get help.
  • WWE Network on in the background.
  • Aaron's thoughts on the first week of the WWE Network.
  • A review of NXT ArRIVAL.
  • What can WWE do with Sami Zayn?
  • How long should young talent remain in developmental?
  • A review and analysis of Raw in Chicago. CM Punk doesn't come home.
  • Stephanie McMahon and HHH are awful.
  • But is that a good thing?
  • Daniel Bryan and the art of getting yourself over.
  • Final Raw scores.
  • Listener question: What are some of our favorite and least favorite Wrestlemania matches?

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What did you think of Raw last night in Chicago?  Are you ok moving forward without CM Punk?  And how should the WWE proceed with their World Heavyweight Championship match?  Can Daniel Bryan still be inserted into the match?  Is it realistic to expect any change out of WWE at this point?  Hit us up in the comments and we'll happily have a discussion on the topic.