Welcome, everyone, to the 28th episode of the SharpShooter Cast!  TJR's very own weekly podcast hosted by those Thursday News Update guys.

Let's skip the typical intro and dive right into what this episode centers on: the fury surrounding Daniel Bryan's exclusion from the Royal Rumble.  You're surely to read plenty on the topic this week, and now you can LISTEN to some opinions on the snub.  Add a little variety to your life.

Of course, because this episode was recorded on Tuesday, we not only discuss the Royal Rumble, but the ensuing Raw as well.  That means we analyze WWE's course correction in how they're handling Daniel Bryan's popularity.  

Did the WWE screw up by having Batista win the Rumble?  And did they make up for the error on Raw?  Listen to find out!

This week's episode covers these topics:

  • Tom and Aaron's adventures in golfing.
  • Being sick.
  • A review and analysis of The Royal Rumble.
  • The Royal Rumble = The Daniel Bryan Show.
  • Fans are clearly over Cena vs Orton.
  • Batista's lackluster victory.
  • Listener Question: Will the opinions of internet fans really matter when applied to WrestleMania 30's buyrate?
  • A review and analysis of the 1/27/14 episode of Raw.
  • Cleveland (doesn't) Rocks!
  • When all else fails, focus a show squarely on Daniel Bryan.
  • Aaron apologizes to listeners for his ignorance.
  • Who will be in the Elimination Chamber?
  • Final Raw Scores.
  • Listener Question: If we could choose any wrestler past or present, who would we like to see in a dream match?

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A big THANKS to Joe and The_MC for their questions this week.  We love getting your guys' feedback and responding on the air, so you're always welcome to fire away with questions and comments.

What did everyone think of the Royal Rumble?  Do you think the WWE has a plan and we should all just take it easy?  Or should they just give us more Daniel Bryan, dammit?!

Also, if you could book a dream match, who would it include?  Let us know in the comments section!  Till next week, thanks for listening!