Welcome, everyone, to Episode 16 of The SharpShooter Cast.  STILL TJR's only weekly podcast.  Hey, we have to find something to hang our hats on.  Brought to you buy TJR's Thursday Headlines guys - Thomas and Aaron Briggs.

This week, not only do we discuss Monday's Raw, but we also take a look at the "faces" of professional wrestling over the last several decades.  From Hogan to Cena in the WWE, and Flair to Booker T in the NWA and WCW, there's a lot of ground to cover.  And we answer the big question: was Triple H ever the face of WWE?

Also featured this week is a rant on hard-bristled tooth brushes, North Korea, and Kevin Nash's knees.  It's a fun episode!

This episode covers:

- Bob Filner is a total perv.

- Hard-bristled tooth brushes: menace to society?

- Why didn't Hogan ever attempt to improve his in-ring work?

- Chris Jericho vs Triple H: Was either ever "the guy" in WWE?

- Thoughts on Montreal Screwjob. (Because it's still real to us DAMMIT!)

- Sean Waltman appreciation.

- SharpShooter Cast vs North Korea.

- A review and analysis of the latest episode of Raw.

- The rebirth of Goldust.

- Will Triple H ever put Daniel Bryan over?

- Final Raw scores.

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Let us know what you think of this week's episode in the comments.  Should Triple H be considered in the same group as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena?  Who do you think was WCW's greatest Champion?  And does Jeff Jarrett deserve more credit for his contributions to professional wrestling?

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