Hello everyone, and welcome to the 47th episode of the SharpShooter Cast!  It has been nearly a year since we started this project and we remain TJR's lone weekly podcast.  We're very proud of that, and think you'll enjoy this week's packed episode.

Raw this week was significant for a number of reasons.  Sure, it was the Money in the Bank go home show - all the final hype for one of the most fun events of the year was laid out, and we'd argue that WWE was mostly successful in their effort.  But more importantly, this week's Raw was Vickie Guerrero's final appearance as an active roster member, and she had a hell of a last night.

WWE sadly decided to end Vickie Guerrero's career last week when the chose not to renew her contract.  Of course, it could have been a mutual decision, but we're disappointed regardless of intentions.  We love Vickie Guerrero because she was so amazing in getting people to do the impossible: hate Eddie Guerrero's widow.  She could've been the WWE's most sympathetic performer based on fan love for Eddie, but she succeeded in becoming one of the most irredeemable, annoying, and aggravating figures in WWE history.  She was just so good at her job.

Vickie's performance on Raw was perfect.  She did what she does best: annoyed others, humiliated herself, and best of all, got revenge on the most hated figure currently in the WWE - Stephanie McMahon.  It was a perfect way to end her nine year run with the company.  And it was appropriately touching.  It felt like a tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero, while also allowing fans to appreciate Vickie's very real contributions as well.

Is it too early to start campaigning to see Vickie inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame? 

This episode covers:

  • Aaron has a rough day.
  • A rant on racists.
  • The internet is full of trolls, and Tom is one of them?
  • A conversation on the recent WWE talent purge.
  • A review and analysis of the 1100th episode of WWE's Raw.
  • Was the show successful in hyping Money in the Bank?
  • Is Rollins possibly a mole? Rollins' promo impresses mightily.
  • Our thoughts on the amazing career of Vickie Guerrero.
  • The 7-man main event disappoints.
  • Washington crowd brought their A game.
  • Final Raw scores.
  • Money in the Bank predictions.
  • Listener Question: Should veteran talent be given secondary titles to put over young stars?

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Tell us what you thought of this week's Raw!  Did you enjoy Vickie Guerrero's send off?  And are you going to miss her presence on tv?  Also, give us your Money in the Bank predictions.  Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title?  And who will win the Money in the Bank Briefcase?  As always, a big thank you to Jesse for this week's listener question.

See everyone next week!