Welcome to the 33rd episode of The SharpShooter Cast, TJR Wrestling's very own wrestling fan-perspective podcast.  This is another big week for wrestling fans, as Raw had some major developments.  The biggest of which was Daniel Bryan solidifying his role for WrestleMania.  Not only is he confirmed for a match with Triple H, but if he wins (which he will), he'll be inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match as well.  Which is EXACTLY what fans have been begging to see all along.

Simply inserting Bryan into the night's main event changes everything.  Fans were once worried about how an Orton vs. Batista main event would be received, as both are not popular at the moment.  Now, the match is all about Daniel Bryan seizing the moment, and possibly being crowned at the biggest event of the year.  Looking at the card now, you have The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, Bryan vs Triple H, Bray Wyatt vs Cena, Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, and Orton vs Batista vs Bryan.  That's already an excellent card.  Add to it something with the Shield, and it's a sure fire hit.

This was an important move for WWE.  WrestleMania 30 is important not only because it's a major milestone, but because it represents the first "modern pay per view".  Fans can opt to subscribe to the WWE Network to watch the event, rather than paying $60 for the event alone.  If WWE wants a large amount of fans to buy in, they need to have a compelling card lined up, and so far, they're doing a great job of constructing exactly that.

This week's episode covers:

  • Tom reviews Smackdown for TJR Wrestling.
  • Aaron's addicted to Bates Motel.
  • WWE Network talk.
  • Daylight savings time is ruining the Briggs Bros lives.
  • A review and analysis of the 3/10/14 episode of Raw.
  • Daniel Bryan conquers the universe.
  • Occupy Raw segment leads to fans getting everything they want.
  • Was Bryan working two Mania matches always the plan?
  • Hulk Hogan announces Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale.
  • Bray Wyatt and John Cena cement their match at WrestleMania.
  • Sheamus vs Christian was Aaron's favorite match of the night.
  • Shield vs Rhodes Bros was Tom's favorite match of the night.
  • Our thoughts on the Undertaker's promo.
  • Final grades for Raw.

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Thanks for listening this week!  What did you think of this week's Raw?  Did the Occupy Raw segment work for you?  We thought it felt big enough to remain in fan memories long term, do you feel the same way?  And are you enjoying Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's work in the storyline?  Let us know in the comments!