I've been a wrestling fan for a long time, and in my tenure of writing about grown men grappling each other in their underwear I have written a lot about my irrational hatred of Triple H, aka "Mr. Win Everything All the Time Forever." I was never really a big fan of the Game even when he was at his most tolerable, but took a sharp dive into "screw that guy" terrain at WrestleMania XIX when he emasculated Booker T for daring to be a black guy. Irrational hatred is probably the strongest of hatred, and I have never hated a wrestler more passionately than I have Triple H over the years.

It wasn't just his onscreen character either. I hated the "backstage politics" talk because A) Backstage gossip in wrestling is like my least favorite thing ever B) From 2003-2008 he was the center of all of it. I'd go to shows and have to hear about how he was burying people. I'd listen to interviews of disgruntled former WWE employees talking about how Hunter kept them from breaking through the glass ceiling. Blog articles. Internet memes. He was giving the dirtsheets cannon fodder, and wrestling was becoming on par to a reality show in the amount of gossip. It was f**king endless. 

That and I just didn't find him entertaining. I could forgive all of that if for one second Triple H the character would've shown some humility, be willing to show vulnerability, something, anything, that would make me hate him less. When he put on a the suit and started running things on and off screen I thought it would be a change, but then he put his blazer on CM Punk and had put himself back in the spotlight in matches against Kevin Nash, Brock Lesnar, and Undertaker, all of which were hot garbage. It finally hit a point where Triple H would be the fall guy for everything I hate in my brain, and there wasn't much that could change that.

Then in the span of a year he reinvented NXT and made it awesome, came back as the uber-evil master of The Authority, remade himself as a hot as hell heel master extreme, had a killer match at WrestleMania that didn't rely on sledgehammer shots and finisher trading, and finally started becoming everything I've ever wanted him to be. Oh, and then there's this--

I can't believe I'm typing this, but Triple H might be my favorite wrestler now.

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