Long time TJR readers are well aware of my affinity for dogs dressed up as humans, as evidenced by my continuous efforts to photoshop in as many cute animal pics as possible into the headline banners. It's a quirk that borders on a full blown problem, since I waste hours (seriously, hours) of my day flipping through Google Images in search of wrestling-related pictures of pugs.

Well good news fellow weirdos like me! WWE.com has gone ahead and done the work for us. Below are a few favorites from a gallery of WWE Universe members' dogs either dressed up or photoshopped to look like current and classic WWE Superstars. Seriously my heart can't handle all of the cutes, and my brain can't handle all of the awesome.

At the end of the gallery (which you can find in full here) is a challenge for all WWE Universe members to tweet pics of their dogs dressed as WWE Superstars. First one to make the Damien Sandow dog will have my undying loyalty and totally make the world a better place. Also Corgi Rhodes is extremely encouraged.

He looks so determined. 

I kinda hate Zack Ryder, but I will never throw shade at a dog in shades.


It's like Benji met Hooch after he went to Doggy Hell.

*Heart grows too large, explodes*

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