I know other writers, even on this website, have used the above image but I cannot help it. The WWE’s announcement of their Network actually lived up to and exceeded the hype. It is fun to be turned into Philip J. Fry and demanding the WWE take my money as soon as possible. Here are my personal favorite reasons why:


It is a Screw You to Cable Companies











It is amazing how many hits come up if you type in “I Hate Cable Companies” into Google. A lot of Americans see their cable company as a necessary evil to getting the variety of programming we want. However, I know I am not alone in getting sick of 100 dollar a month bills, terrible customer service and unnecessary fees. Vince McMahon did us a favor in the wage to end cable companies’ rip-offs.

First, it is the beginning of the end of pay-per-view. I am sure the cable companies are a tad upset at losing millions in pay-per-view dollars. Vince is able to getting more money and not share it with cable companies. I loved Direct TV’s whiny comments about cutting out WWE pay-per-views and throwing in insults to “WWE’s declining audience”. I guess someone is upset about the future of television without requiring the cable and satellite companies to oversee it.

In 2013, Senator John McCain pushed a new bill that would allow “a la carte” buying of television. The cable companies are worried about people not being forced to buy their expensive product with dozens of meaningless channels for the content we actually want. We will all be winners in a world without cable and the WWE is pushing us towards this “a la carte” future with their online network.


Vince Finally One-Up Dana White


You know Vince has to have been at least somewhat annoyed by Dana White for years. Dana took his audience, beat his pay-per-view numbers and perfected the art of hyping a show. Heck, he even has his fighters actually like they are in a WWE shows to increase UFC’s marketability.

So White had the disadvantage of going first with his digital network “UFC Fight Pass”. Sure you got old fights but the biggest sell was seeing international fights live on the network. It was basically the old “WWE Classics on Demand” if you threw in some minor live shows on the network as well. Oh and the UFC website wasn’t even ready to go with all its features at its debut this month.

So basically Vince does everything the “UFC Fight Pass” does plus gives you an actual network, original shows and free pay-per-views. What I have to buy UFC pay-per-views and also its digital network? I think Vince bested Dana for once.


It is Actually Ahead of Its Time


According to reports, Vince McMahon could have gotten the network on television. But that would have been expensive and limited his distribution to certain expensive cable packages. But for once the WWE looked at the future of television. The future is people love streaming.

This was a banner year for streaming network’s like Netflix. They were able to produce original award winning content and get exclusive rights to hit television shows and movies. Netflix is rightfully credited for increasing the attention for Breaking Bad (the greatest show of all time) and allowing it to dramatically increase its viewership in the final season.

A lot of people are thinking the WWE Network will only appeal to existing audiences but streaming networks have been shown to grow audience bases as well. If the WWE Network works the way it promises, it will be on the right track for today and tomorrow’s marketplace.

I Look Really Smart


Because I suggested giving up on a regular network and going to streaming nearly a year ago in an article on this website. I like to think the WWE took my suggestion. Can I get a cut of the profits?




Because I just recently discovered this amazing show. It is likely the WWE’s most fun show and it hasn’t had proper distribution in the United States. This provides easy access to the show to all American wrestling fans.

It will make it a lot easier for fans to get behind NXT stars. NXT Fans were raving about Bray Wyatt for months but most WWE fans knew nothing about him. It took months of hard work on the main roster to get him successfully over. Why not cut out the middleman with easy access to future stars now?

And have you seen the live NXT show lineup for February 27? Wow!


We Can Stop Complaining About the PG Era



















We get it nostalgic fans. You like the Attitude Era better. Now you can re-watch it (especially the late 1990’s WWE) and be reminded that the quality of the wrestling wasn’t always the best all the time. I think we are living in a time of quality wrestling today and a viewing of the past can help with those nostalgic feelings. And you can watch Mark Henry get embarrassed in the Attitude Era over and over again!


I Can Catch Up on Wrestling History


I don’t have a lot to add here. I still can’t believe I will have a chance to see every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever. I have serious concerns of getting any actual work done. I hope my students don’t need their research papers graded!


Make Wrestling More Like Sporting Events


I love the first show on the WWE Network will be a Raw Post-Show. I think the WWE needs to do a better job of hyping it shows like sporting events do. The WWE fans want their weekly shows and pay-per-views to be like “events” again and I think treating them as such with in-depth analysis before and after their major shows is a great first step.


Wrestling Fans Are Universally Happy. It is Weird


I have never seen the Internet so universally happy about an announcement. I have yet to see a single complaint about the network at all. It is eerie. If Vince McMahon can cause such positivity in the most negative people in the world, I think the world is going to be all right after all.


Saves Me A Lot of Money:


As John constantly teases me, I actually paid for WWE pay-per views. I usually saw the Big Four along with another two interested cards each year. That is over 300 dollars a year. You mean I can get all twelve pay-per-views for the cost of Royal Rumble and WrestleMania? I refer you back to the Fry image.

What am I suppose to do all this extra disposable income? The mind races with excitement for all the good all wrestling fans can do with this extra money. Maybe we, the WWE Universe, can use this extra money to make the world a better place. Or buy more WWE t-shirts. One of those two options for sure.

So in conclusion, please take my money Vince McMahon as soon as possible!




Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu.  Additionally, I added a Twitter account, WWELasher as well. I would love to hear why you love the Network.